February 2022 – Page 2 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Senate cracks on Ukraine

dreizinreport  -  February 10, 2022

Bottom falls out on “tough on Russia”? U.S. Senate backing for the “tough on Russia” agenda has just suffered a possibly fatal blow, from an unexpected direction.   “Bernie” has published an op-ed in Britain’s left-wing Guardian newspaper (evidently, our Amazon Post and New York Times wouldn’t run his pacifist views), asking for a pause on hot talk over the Ukraine.  Although...

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Brace for impact

dreizinreport  -  February 8, 2022

(The Famine Year, update 4) The top half of my below bulletin was picked up by the Gateway Pundit today, here.   Their chosen headline is a bit “off” (the U.S. won’t be fighting Russia directly), but it’s good to see some other people recognizing where we are going.  I received feedback from several farmers, and it’s not pretty.  On his...

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