Trump must retire 

We’re taking a little break from the Ukraine.

In recent days, the Dreizin Report has witnessed Donald J. Trump: 

  1. Endorse the non-conservative, carpetbagger, disgusting phony “Doctor Oz” for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, 
  2. Get on the MSM and Brandon narrative by accusing Russia of “genocide”, and
  3. Give a long interview to the Washington Post, because, you know, so many good things happen when he sits down to talk with the MSM.  

Of course, Trump also never understood why some people might not like “his” vakk-seenZ so much.  

And, his social media project never took off.  It’s just a grift.  It’s obviously going nowhere.  He won’t ever have his own platform, that’s why he’s talking to the Washington Post.  

The guy was great for his time, but at this time, it’s clear he’s gone stale, and his mental laziness is in a terminal stage; he can’t break out of it even for one day.  He’s lost his touch, he’s gone.  

Blaming “his advisors” is childish.  Who selects his advisors?  Come on!  

The Dreizin Report no longer endorses Trump for anything except retirement.  

Looking at Ron DeSantis, here’s a guy smart enough to do a Ukraine aid fundraiser without getting into “genocide” or anything political.  

Clearly, it’s time to look beyond Trump.

PS:  A few words about the GOP.  Only a fool would be sure that corona’s not coming back.  My guess, it’s coming back five or ten times deadlier than ever (thanks to the VaKK-SeenZ)… Just in time for the midterm election.  As of now, the Congressional GOP leadership assume they can be AWOL, have no ideas, no agenda, and sail through to a big majority just because inflation blah blah.  These fools are in for a rude awakening.  They are on track to get played again.  

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