New Thrills Await! 

  • Unstoppable Russian blob slowly eating its way down from Izium,
  • Bodies on the street are so passé—Ukraine has flashier war crimes in mind,
  • There won’t be a UN investigation or anything at all, it’s just daily “Jello on the wall”,
  • An account from a Mariupol hospital volunteer,
  • Ukraine is the greatest gift to the military-industrial complex since… Afghanistan,
  • Why sending heavier equipment to the Ukraine won’t work,
  • The Ukraine will be destroyed… and then YOUR problems begin

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Mariupol update

We’ll get to more exciting things shortly.  Below is a video of a garage full of Humvees—some intact but in need of wheels, some damaged, some being cannibalized for parts—in Mariupol.  You don’t need a translator to know the Chechen serviceman is thanking Brandon for the vehicles. 

There’s mountains more gear that has been captured by Russian and Donetsk forces, but this stood out for me, because the stuff is so obviously American. 

The below video is at least a few days old, but I didn’t have a chance to post it earlier.  It shows Donetsk soldiers “inprocessing” captives of the Ukraine’s 36th Brigade—checking them for Nazi tattoos, knives or other naughty objects, and possibly taking their ID’s, to be run against a list of nasties put together by Donetsk intelligence. 

All in all, as of this writing, at least 1460 personnel of the 36th Brigade have surrendered in Mariupol.

The only resistance is now an estimated 1500 to 2500 Azov (among them several hundred foreign nationals, who have been with the Azov for years in some cases) inside the steel factory complex, which is huge—as I understand, a square kilometer or more. 

With no civilians in the factory, Russia has begun using strategic aviation to drop very heavy ordnance on its suspected strongpoints.

Russian intelligence estimated there were 8100 Ukrainian army and marines, Azov, border guard, and state security men in Mariupol as of when the city was definitively sealed off around March 9th or so.  (This is much lower than the Ukraine’s public estimate.)  Besides those at the steel plant, the balance is now either dead, in captivity, or has successfully fled the city in small groups in a disorganized fashion. 

I need to update my April 10th estimate on Ukrainian losses. 

Izium update

I am walking back my call on a big advance to seal off the Donbass THIS MONTH.  It’s clear Russia has changed track (relative to late February) and is now taking a very slow, cautious, methodical approach. 

With large forces still redeploying or in reserve, Russia is slowly advancing south and southeast of Izium.  The goal appears to be to draw out and destroy as much Ukrainian human and material strength as possible, rather than quickly taking territory. 

On this front alone, tens of Ukrainians are being killed or taken prisoner every single day.  There is quite a bit of photo/video evidence, and it’s probably just the tip of the ‘berg. Russia also takes losses, but these are nowhere near comparable.  It is apparent that Ukrainians in this area are increasingly reservists who are, for the most part, motivated but not well trained or led. 

It’s becoming clear, the Ukraine has no more career military men (in available, ground maneuver units) to plug its various holes with. 

Attacks inside Russia

Cross-border attacks into Russia (exclusive of the Azov launching bad things across the water into Krasnodar) have stopped cold for the last 48 hours, after Russia threatened to bomb Ukrainian generals in their offices in Kiev. 

Seeing bombed-out homes and wounded children inside Russia on day 50 of the war (!!!), was NOT a good look for the Russian government.  But, that has stopped for the time being. 

In the “WTF?” Department…

Some idiot Ukrainian(s) not only signed up for the Territorial Defense militia, but brought his/their sons along for the journey.  Look at these idiots tapping away on their phones, while the boys pose with rocket-propelled grenades:

Mainlining “ordinary” war crimes through your eyeballs gets old—what new thrills await?

The Ukraine’s propaganda branch understands how to keep the world’s peasants engaged.  They know they can’t just keep showing a few bodies here, a few there, and expect the scum to remain interested.  The scum demand new sensations. 

So, propaganda branch has shifted to a “rape focus.” 

For just one example:  Below is an official release from the Ukraine Security Service, in their long tradition of, “We hacked the enemy’s phone connection, recorded them talking, and put it on the Internet.

This one is supposed to be an excerpt from a recording of an intercepted phone call between an unnamed (of course) Russian soldier and his unnamed (of course) lady friend.

The entire length of it, translated by me, goes like this:

Lady:  “And so, you go ahead there, you rape the Ukrainian broads, and don’t say anything (to me), understood?  (Giggle.)


Lady:  “Today, I…

Soldier:  “…(unclear)… You asked not to say anything to you.

Lady:  “Yes.  So I don’t know anything.  (Giggle.)  What of it?

Soldier:  “I can, yes?

Lady:  “Yes, I allow it.  (Giggle.)  Just use protection.  (Giggle.)

Soldier:  “OK.

I can vouch, the Ukraine Security Service has seen better days.  Their product was once believable. 

As I said, the propaganda focus has shifted to rape. 

Going by Ukrainian government sources, the BBC claimed that 25 females as young as 14 years of age, were held in an ISIS-type sex slave dungeon in Bucha, near Kiev, by Russian forces, and that eight of them are now pregnant. 

That was quite a bit more than a few days ago.  I’ve heard no follow-up.  There won’t be any.  They’ve moved on.  It’s simply Jello thrown at the wall. 

MSM news consumers will eat up anything, because they have no critical thinking skills.  What’s new?   

Over here, the Pentagon has picked up on it.  Its spokesman’s daily news brief recently included an item on how 50-some women have called in to a hotline to report sexual wrongdoings by Russian forces.  

Yes, I’m sure something very bad happened to someone.  But how does the Pentagon know how many women, or that there’s even a hotline at all?  The Ukraine told them.  “Believe all Ukrainians!” 

Well, if you believe this guy, you will believe anything.  This is Oleksiy Arestovich, a special advisor to the Office of the President, and unofficially, the Ukraine’s de facto “propaganda minister”, who has been quoted and cited by CNNReuters, and many, many other media.    

(Interestingly, his acting career is not mentioned on his English-language Wikipedia page, LOL.) 

Yes, he’s a rainbow, as is Zelensky, most likely.  But, that’s neither here nor there.  Some of the greatest bullshit artists in history were perfectly “straight.” 

Watch what they do or don’t do—NOT WHAT THEY SAY!

If there were “large-scale” or “systematic” war crimes committed near Kiev, the accusers and their supporters would be howling for a crack United Nations team to get down there ASAP and start investigating—especially now that Kiev is totally safe, free and clear of Russians. 

Instead, the UK beat the U.S. to vetoing a proposal from Russia to discuss the matter at the UN.  

Of course, they don’t want to discuss it.  It’s not on the legal plane.  It’s in the PR domain.  You don’t investigate PR.  

Watch what they do or don’t do, not what they say. 

I found the girl

I tracked down the pregnant Instagram model from the famous maternity ward that got hit in Mariupol in early March. 

Remember her?

She evidently left town some time ago. 

Below is an interview with her, in which she claims that she had been denied entry to, or kicked out of (it’s not clear), the first Mariupol hospital ward that she had gone to, because Ukrainian soldiers came and took it over, because it had solar batteries and they wanted the electricity. 

At the ward she went to after that (the one that got hit), hungry Ukrainian soldiers showed up and stole some of their food.  

She seems a bit vague or coy on how “they” ended up taking such good, calm photos of her, after the shelling.  I suspect someone was aware of her status as an amateur local model and beauty products promoter, and she was “persuaded” one way or another into an ad-hoc photo-op.  But, that’s just my hunch. 

What were the Ukrainian army and Azov defending in Mariupol? 

We know Ukrainian forces in Mariupol were not defending Ukrainian citizens in Mariupol.  They were defending the Ukrainian state.  The civilians were just part of the scenery.  This is not the Warsaw Ghetto where the defenders had tens of thousands of their own people at their backs, and had to feed them and so forth.  This was “survival of the soldiers” at everyone else’s expense. 

The lady at around 5:30 to 15:25 of the below video, is very well informed—it’s not clear, but she seems to have been spending her retirement as a volunteer with her local hospital.  (BTW, the subtitled English translation is not great, but it gets at least something across.) 

She makes the following claims:

  • Early in the siege, the hospital was ready for operations and expecting to take in many new patients, but the Ukrainian army came and took all the ambulances. After that, people in need, had to rely on volunteers to drive them to the hospital.
  • There was a makeshift well in her neighborhood, which many people were using to get water. The Ukrainian army didn’t like so many people milling about that area, so its tanks shot up the area, to make a point and stop people from coming.
  • A Ukrainian tank used the hospital as cover. Ukrainian mortar teams would set up near the hospital, take their shots, and quickly leave. The hospital was being used in this manner because Ukrainian forces knew their enemy would be cautious about striking back at this location.
  • When the Donetsk forces showed up, they provided bread and water, and evacuated the seriously injured and the hospice patients (presumably, to Donetsk city or to Russia.) The Ukrainian forces did nothing for anyone except themselves.
  • She had seen herself as a Ukrainian citizen; now she’s not so sure.

As I wrote months ago, the Ukraine will be the greatest gift to the military-industrial complex since… Afghanistan

What you hear on CNN about military aid to the Ukraine, has always (since 2014) been the tip of the iceberg. 

Poland is reportedly aiming to send 300 million small arms rounds to the Ukraine.  Looking at potential willing participants who might have goods they don’t need, the sheer available volume for such a “donation” of Soviet 7.62mm ammunition does not exist at present.  It must be manufactured. 

Turkey has been involved in an effort to procure this ammo throughout the developing world, then send it to Poland for movement into the Ukraine.  Among other sources, a large contract has or is being placed with the Bishkek Stamping Plant in the Kyrgyz Republic, former USSR. 

Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound” will be coming from the Ukraine—it will be a giant vacuum cleaner. 

Polish intelligence has been using professional smugglers to bring replacement Stinger missiles and many other weapons in vans and SUV’s across the Ukraine border.  Traditionally, these vehicles would be equipped with secret compartments under false bottoms or whatnot.  Now, of course, no one is checking, but the smugglers are brave and they’re available. 

Of the roughly 10,000 U.S. uniformed personnel in Poland today, at least 2000—probably some of the 82nd Airborne, as well as Patriot missile crews—are at the Rzeszow airport, about 40 miles from the Ukrainian border. 

This is the location where all NATO country arms deliveries are transferred from cargo planes to ground vehicles for movement into the Ukraine. 

The below video is most likely of the U.S. Army camp at the Rzeszow airport.  It’s not hidden, anyone can drive by and film it.  The MSM will never show it to you, because seeing this (and other camps like it) could “bring it home” and turn Americans hard against this business. 

Uncle Sam is on track to offload just about all his surplus gear onto the Ukraine.  He’s just getting warmed up.  They are talking about self-propelled cannon and hundreds of M113 armored vehicles, not to mention 40,000 rounds for the cannon, counterbattery radar stations, helicopters, you name it. 

You can see, Russia is doing so “poorly” that Uncle Sam and his hegemonic bloc are in a panic, responding in incoherent ways, doing the same dumb things over and over again. 

I mean, how’d all those Javelins work out?  Does anyone remember them?  I thought they were going to change everything! 

Sending more, larger, and heavier equipment to the Ukraine, won’t do anything, other than seal the total destruction of the Ukraine, and its transformation into a starving European Somalia with nuclear power plants. 

As I’ve written before, Russia will escalate by destroying the bridges over the Dniepr, preventing the equipment from reaching its destination, while also permanently destroying what’s left of the Ukraine’s economy, making the eastern half totally dependent on Russia for its subsistence. 

The 40,000 155mm rounds that Uncle Sam plans to send to the Ukraine, which would arm 18 self-propelled howitzers that Uncle Sam plans to send to the Ukraine, can be moved long distance only by rail.  Before that happens (or as it happens), Russia will destroy the railroad switches, bridges, or other infrastructure, or rocket or bomb the trains en route. 

Next, the 10 counterbattery radar stations that Uncle Sam plans to send, would need highly-trained crews to be effective, and to be integrated within the Ukraine’s existing artillery units. 

Problem is, the Ukraine’s existing heavy artillery units are mostly destroyed already.  Most of the personnel are dead, deserted, in hospital, in captivity, or (more likely) pinned down somewhere in a bunker in the Donbass, not utilizing their skills. 

Training new personnel is not an option—Russia has been bombing or rocketing recruit staging areas, training grounds, etc., killing hundreds and hundreds.  It’s gotten so bad that Zelensky has cancelled the spring call-up. 

At this point, no one is going to make good use of those radars.  It’s like donating tent stakes or lawn chemicals to someone who needs to change the tires on their car. 

Next item.  Russia has already destroyed over a hundred Ukrainian helicopters, over two-thirds of the fleet.  Will sending in another 11 change anything?  Very soon, there won’t be any fuel for them, anyway. 

Folks, this is not a video game. 

The USSR was able to incorporate some Anglo-American hardware and to train army, after army, after army, after army in 1941-1943 (as they were progressively destroyed or partially chewed up), in part because it had a rear area.

The Ukraine has no rear area.  Anything can blow up anywhere at any time. 

The Ukraine is also just about out of idiots who want to die for Zelensky and the Maidan cult. 

They can round up all the men they want, but there’s no more fresh, new, willing manpower that will stand and fight.  Whoever is under arms right now, is all there is.  There’s no more “bench.” 

As I have said more than once, and I said it weeks or even months before the war, it won’t be a “peoples’ war.” 

I’m NOT saying the people are all for Russia, but once the Ukrainian army (and some number of yahoo militia who don’t quite reflect or represent the public) is run down, that’s it.  The supply of fresh, motivated bodies is very limited. 

Of course, the U.S. and its bloc will keep sending more and more stuff, regardless of what happens to the stuff.  What else can they do?  Their populations don’t want to get involved directly.

The Ukraine will be destroyed… and the Four Horsemen will come to YOU

Recall the 300 million rounds. 

300 million rounds is enough to keep the war going (at least as an Afghanistan-style conflict) for several years.  As I’ve said, the Ukraine will be totally destroyed. 

I have written repeatedly, since the first days of the war, that if Brandon and the Europeans keep pushing Saint Zelensky to fight, and keep arming and escalating and raising the stakes, rather than trying to make a deal…..

… will lead to the total destruction of the Ukraine, turning it into a very well-armed, starving Somalia in Europe, with a number of severely under-maintained nuclear power plants—one or more of which will go up into the air, likely sooner than later. 

And, as has been established already, the global fertilizer shortage (made much worse by U.S. sanctions on Russia and Belarus) coupled with Ukrainian wheat going offline, means that up to 100 million Africans will need to get off the planet, or at least, leave Africa.  It will be a sight.  And this is just what we know for sure, so far. 

I’m calling it now, the Four Horsemen are coming.  This will affect you.  Some of my “VIP” readers may think they are immune, living in $1.5 million row houses on Capitol Hill or wherever.  You’re not immune.  In fact, DC will be the pits.   


Yes, we’re told it’s becoming a common cold, it will be in the background from now on.  But some of us have studied history. 

I believe what we’ve had so far, is only a preview.  I think corona is one of the “Four Horsemen.”  Right now, this horse is down by the river for a drink.  It’s coming back.  Things will come together.  I fear the timing will be perfect. 

Not only would it be far more deadly, but they will have to invent trillions more dollars, euros, etc. to pay people to sit at home again, which may turn high inflation into hyperinflation. 

And, if it comes back big as I think, the vakk-si-ney-tedd will be bludgeoned, as it’s already HOLY SCIENCE that they are much, much more susceptible to infection, because they have lost all ability to produce effective, “innate” antee-baw-dees to the pathogen. 

We lucked-out with the weak Oh-mee-krawn, but it’s just a matter of time before a much deadlier strain arises that will ALSO bypass the vakkseen-conferred antee-baw-dees, same as Oh-mee-kron did.

I mean, common sense tells you the chances of that NOT happening are very low. 

I wrote last summer that corona—with all its variants, which will never stop, there won’t be enough Greek letters—won’t cease to be a problem until most people have actually caught it hard and recovered.  The vakk-seenz were always just a temporary band-aid.

This is just common sense.    

Now, we’re in a much, much, much worse place; we know the vakk-si-ney-tedd (at least, those who took the leading brands) can’t produce “innate” antee-baw-dees. 

This is a totally man-made, predictable recipe for disaster like we’ve never seen, and I think it will come right on cue with the acceleration of inflation, food shortages, a Russia-Europe gas payments dispute, etc. 

In countries such as Russia and the Ukraine, where the majority (or close to it) are either un-vakk-si-ney-tedd OR got vakk-si-ney-tedd after acquiring natural immunity, the populations should do much better, not to mention that Russia used a viral-vector vakk-seen that may be less disruptive to the immune system. 

Of course, the Ukraine has other problems. 

But I’m sure JCrew (below) will figure it out. 

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