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I am enormously grateful to ALEXANDER MERCOURIS for plugging me hugely on his video blog.  I knew Alex when he was a star writer (and I was a new addition) with Russia Insider, before the editor went off the deep end, and all the good in-house people quit. 

Alex, at the time, you were right, I was wrong—Russia’s economy was in no danger zone.  Russia’s not going anywhere.

I am grateful to the FBI for no longer polluting my comments section with calls for the destruction of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Government (that I work for when not writing this blog), and even the USA itself. It only took a few “take a hike’s” from me. These guys are dumb.

They probably have me on a spreadsheet like, “First attempt, second attempt, affirmative response Y/N.” I’m on the same pay scale as these goons, as if I don’t know how they operate!

Northern front developments – and a lesson on Ukrainian PR

We will get to “Scarface” Zelensky in a moment.

According to multiple credible sources, Ukrainian forces have pulled out not only of Rubezhnoe but have also, as of yesterday, April 20th, commenced an organized withdrawal from Severodonetsk across the Severskii Donets river into Lisichansk.

Some elements are reportedly redeploying from Lisichansk in the direction of Popasnaia, which has been partially taken by Russian and Lugansk forces and is under great risk of being lost.

The Ukraine is clearly trying to plug the holes and create a more sustainable defense.

If Russian and Lugansk forces no longer have to storm Severodonetsk, that is a wonderful thing, not merely as it hosts a population of 100,000, but also as it is home to one of Europe’s largest (perhaps the largest) ammonia plants.

However, Lisichansk is so close (they are twin cities) that considerable damage to Severodonetsk is still a given unless the Ukrainians surrender wholesale.

(I should mention, Lisichansk and its entire vicinity, like Mariupol, is as Russian as can be, being one of the original centers of the “Russian Spring” in the Donbass. It’s well documented by video that roughly 2000 area residents and the local priesthood turned out for the funeral of the first three rebels killed defending the approaches to Lisichansk in May 2014. Speaking plainly without regard to “recognized international borders”, the area has been under U.S.-backed, Ukrainian military occupation since 2014.)

Also considering Russian activity in the area of Yampol’, roughly halfway between Slaviansk (Donetsk) and Lisichansk (Lugansk), it is clear the entire Ukrainian grouping in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk agglomeration is under increasingly great risk of being cut off, not immediately but at least in terms of Russian and Lugansk ground fire control of the road approaches.

Ukrainian defenses in the Donbass and south of Izium have been weakened in recent days by the liberal application of precision distance munitions, including the use of possibly as many as seven Iskander tactical ballistic missiles (perfectly accurate, supersonic delivery of up to 680kg of explosives) PER DAY against Ukrainian field targets (e.g. platoon-sized checkpoints or company base camps) in these regions.

Just to give you an idea, here is an Iskander crew in action:

Hey, what about those Javelins? I thought they were supposed to solve everything. LOL.

In recent days, I have seen an unusual number of photos and videos showing five or ten dead Ukrainian servicemen at a time, and of course, this is but the tip of the iceberg, as Russia’s professional soldiers don’t play much with their phones, and in most cases, the photos/videos are taken by war correspondents, of whom there are not too many.

(CAUTION, BODIES, SOME OF THEM MANGLED. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH. IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT, DON’T LOOK.) For example, here, here, and here is what I found **just this morning.**

There is no question that the loss ratio of Russian and Ukrainian forces in eastern Kharkov province has been at least 3:1 in Russia’s favor since late March.

The Ukraine keeps sending more and more reinforcements to the area, but you might wonder, why do they keep fighting?

Perhaps because the new guys showing up, have been convinced they are winning, that one more push and Russia will be expelled.

Does anyone think Kiev’s lies and bullshit are directed only at foreign governments and publics? They are for domestic consumption also.

In the below video, Oleksiy Arestovich, special advisor to the President, and the Ukraine’s de facto “propaganda minister”, who has been quoted and cited extensively as a source for the Anglo-American MSM, says (in Russian):

“The idea of the Ukraine, one of the main national ideas of the Ukraine, is to lie as much as possible to oneself and to others.  Because if one tells the truth, everything will collapse, and it would be necessary to invent something else.  That’s our fundamental imbalanced contradiction.”

(I don’t know when this video was taken. It may be a few years old, in which case, it’s even more “on point”, as he would have been speaking not of daily war details, but of the entire nature of the post-2014 Ukrainian state. The man is a huckster, but he is highly intelligent. Him, and the “Ghost of Kiev.”)

Meanwhile, Russia’s losses have been so “catastrophic” (Vicky Nuland said almost a month ago that it was 10,000 dead) that in about the last week, MOST OR ALL Rossgvardia units not deployed to Kherson or Zaporozhia…..

…..have been sent back to their home stations in Russia. This has been extensively documented over video, I may include some footage in my next post.

Zelensky getting high on his own supply?

Today, we highlight Saint Zelensky, who took a video of himself while inebriated, and posted it on the Internet.  Please see the video, below. 

To all Capitol Hill staff who read me—remember, your bosses stood and clapped for this clown on the jumbotron. 

I know it was a Pelosi stunt, but most of them went along with it eagerly, many of them with Ukraine lapel pins, talking about genocide and all that nonsense. 

It’s a clown show.  I was very generous with your party during the Trump years (you can look it up), but I’m never voting or giving your buffoon bosses another cent.

Why don’t they speak up for the January 6th prisoners who have been rotting in jail for well over a year, many with not even a trial date (while the State “searches for evidence” indefinitely), deprived of their Constitutional right to a speedy trial? 

I understand, they think those Deplorable Scum are not their own voters.  But the Democrats stick up for illegal aliens—the voting pool is malleable.  And, your Voting Base sees what your priorities are.

I appreciate you reading me.  Always keep in mind, Karma has not been cancelled.

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