The Script is Flipped!

  • Destruction of the Ukraine’s rail system continues,
  • Mack the Knife won’t be happy…,
  • What happened to the script?
  • DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: What’s going on in the south of Ukraine?
  • Human rights, or something else?
  • Ukrainian manpower problems

We’ll get into how the script has been flipped.  First…

Destruction of the Ukraine’s rail system continues

On Tuesday, May 3rd, Russia’s rocket forces decommissioned another six traction substations (transformers that feed power to third rails on the Ukraine’s rail system) in western Ukraine, at least three of them in or near Lvov. 

Here is one of them:

Here is another.  In this one, the electrical gear is still “standing”, but it has been completely burned out, which you can see better with a bigger view, if you click here.


I don’t know, the above locations may be repairable.  Some of the up to 20 substations attacked so far, have received new transformers from Ukrainian Railways’ reserve stash, and been brought back into service. 

However, the transformers are reportedly an unusual (Soviet) type of 25kv unit that is no longer manufactured.  At some point—and this point may have been reached already, we don’t know—there will be no more available.  And as we can see, the “bombs are still falling”, and Russia’s target list is only getting longer.

Almost all “large” items (cannon, tanks, etc.) that the U.S. hegemonic bloc hopes to bring into the Ukraine, must go by rail or else by individual tractor-trailer (the latter option being very slow, and the U.S. bloc would have to cough up the trailers.) 

Every time Russia attacks the substations, it completely gums up the entire rail system region-wide, throughout western Ukraine—everything stops. 

At some point soon, everything will stop permanently, which also means, no passenger traffic and no imports/exports beyond what can be moved by road.

(Ukrainian Railways has relatively few working diesel machines in its locomotive fleet; most of the Ukraine’s rail transport relies on electric locomotives.  Hypothetically, the U.S. bloc could “lend” the Ukraine some diesels, but the problem is, the Ukraine is on Soviet rail track gauge—European locomotives won’t be of any use.)

Not to mention, one of the rail-and-road bridges across the Dniepr (which conceptually separates eastern and western Ukraine, and over which pass fuel and munitions to Ukrainian forces facing off against Russia) had one of its supports damaged by a cruise missile this past Wednesday. 

It appears the road (upper) section is now back in service, but I’m not sure if they’ve yet taken the risk of putting the weight of a loaded train on the railroad span. 

Russia will probably assess the damage, then launch one or two more cruise missiles to finish off the bridge, as they did with a bridge southwest of Odessa some days ago.

The Odessa bridge was one of only two remaining crude oil arteries into the Ukraine. 

Oil is offloaded from ships at the Moldovan terminal near Giurgiulesti near the mouth of the Danube, transferred to railcars (Moldova has Soviet-gauge track) and sent into southwest Ukraine. 

With one of the two bridges used by these trains having been fully decommissioned by Russia, the other bridge is just a matter of time. 

When that happens, there will be no further “easy” oil for the Ukraine. 

Bringing in tanker railcars from Poland is an option, but, the oil would have to be transferred to Soviet-gauge cars at or near the border, which would take quite a bit of time and potentially (if done on the Ukrainian side, I’m not sure) open the stagnant echelon to an easy missile attack. 

As of now, refined petroleum prices in the Ukraine are spiking, there are lines at gas stations, and many stations are limiting purchases to 10 liters (about two and a half gallons.) 

The Ukraine is simply running out of juice for civilian use.  Soon enough, it will run out of diesel for its military as well. 

The above video is from a gas station in Odessa. However, what’s on the price sign in this roughly week-old video, is outdated.

Here is roughly the new market price in or near Odessa, over two dollars per liter (quarter gallon):

Here is the new price for *premium* in Dnepropetrovsk province far to the northeast, which, unlike Odessa, does not have its own refinery. Over three dollars per liter:

Note, the Slavic letters ДП stand for “diesel fuel” in Ukrainian. In both the above photos, there is no diesel fuel available (what little there is, for as long as there is, is going to the army.)

I called this in mid-late March, but I was very wrong about the timeline—I thought it would happen sooner.  Nonetheless, it will happen. The Ukraine will run dry.

Regarding the Dniepr bridge I mentioned, this is the FIRST bridge over the Dniepr to be targeted.  It likely won’t be the last. 

I said a few weeks ago that this would happen.  I did not expect infrastructure in far western Ukraine to be targeted before the Dniepr bridges, but hey, what’s a slight sequential disorder among friends? 

As I have said many times since February:  If the U.S. bloc does not cut a deal—and keeps escalating and sending in more and more junk—the Ukraine will be totally destroyed. 

(In this event, the Ukraine would become The Rump State of Western Ukraine, a European Afghanistan, and with several large and severely undermaintained nuclear power plants, to boot.)

Sadly, the U.S. bloc picked the “totally destroyed” option. 

You must understand, the destruction of the infrastructure and economy of a large, fairly modern country, cannot be done overnight. 

Even tiny Serbia was bombed for 78 days (!!!)—by a more powerful air force than Russia’s—before it caved in 1999. 

(For an endless stream of ridicule of morons who think Russia has failed because it couldn’t defeat the Ukraine in a week, see Larry Johnson’s blog at 

But the destruction is happening, and it will happen.

As Tucker Carlson said on his show a few days ago, it’s not about the Ukraine. 

It’s about preserving the U.S. hegemonic bloc, U.S. “credibility.”  The Ukraine is the tool of the moment. 

It will be discarded like a used birth control device. 

Like Afghanistan, like the Kurds.

Did anyone notice, “they” stopped talking about defending one-party dictatorship Democracy in the Ukraine?  We’ve not heard that fairy tale since March. 

Everyone knows the score.  Even the stupid aren’t THAT stupid. 

Mack the Knife won’t be happy…

Many of the smaller Wunderwaffen (wonder weapons) that the U.S. bloc had hoped to bring to the frontlines—e.g., “Switchblade” suicide drones a.k.a. loitering munitions, which were supposed to have been fielded by the Ukraine weeks ago—have had no impact…..

…..probably because most of them have been destroyed by Russia before getting to the front lines. 

Below is footage of cruise missile strikes in Lvov, from this past Tuesday.  (Or, it may be different vantage points of the same event, I’m not sure.) 

Based on the “secondary” explosion(s), you know some kind of munitions were hit—most likely, something from the NATO countries, as the Lvov area is a major “rest stop” in this “ratline.”

I don’t know what exactly was destroyed here, but the point is, this is how Russia has dealt with the Switchblades. 

So far, I have read of only TWO Switchblades being directed against Russian forces, that was some weeks ago, and both were unsuccessful.  Nothing since.  No video to speak of. 

Another Wunderwaffe false hope?

That’s OK… Send more Javelins!  That’ll do it!

(P.S.  Only thugs use switchblades.) 

(P.P.S.  Yes, yes, I know Mack the Knife uses a jackknife, not a switchblade.)

What happened to the script?

Everyone in the USA, and in Russia (going back years, as a full-scale war with the Ukraine was not wholly unexpected), assumed it would be a slow suffocation, that Russia would have limited time to win the war until it risked being brought down economically, followed by a Regime Change.   

That’s how things seemed as recently as late March 2022.  It was the conventional thinking.

Now, the script has been flipped. 

European public support for The Ukraine Narrative is sinking fast. 

German public support vs. opposition for arming the Ukraine, has gone from 60-36 (if I recall) to almost half-half, in just a month or so.  Herr Kanzler is heckled and booed at every public appearance.  The “real” inflation shock has not even started.

Having refused to pay for its gas in rubles (in other words, having refused to pay for its gas), Poland is now stealing pipeline gas meant for France and Italy.  

After briefly crashing, Russia’s ruble has gained close to 20 percent against the dollar, SINCE JUST BEFORE THE INVASION. 

Not only that, but Russia’s oil and gas export revenues have roughly DOUBLED (on a monthly basis) in the last two months.

On the military side, Russia is not running low on weapons. 

No one expected Russia to have thousands of cruise missiles, but it did, and now we find out, it has the parts on hand to keep building more on two or three shifts per day, at least partly making up for what’s being used.

In fact, the Dreizin Report has obtained surveillance camera footage from one of Russia’s cruise missile factories, where they are cranking these things out 24/7, like Khrushchev’s sausages:

(I’m sorry for the black-and-white footage.  As you may know, surveillance cameras are often limited in their color range.)

In short, what’s happened is, Russia has the time, and it’s Russia that is waiting out the U.S. bloc, not vice versa. 

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine?

Part 3 of the Dreizin Report’s recent videoblog offensive


Human rights, or something else?

In March, shortly before starting this site, I wrote to my mailing list, ridiculing Newsmax’s Greg Kelly for shedding crocodile tears over dead civilians in Mariupol. 

I said he and his kind won’t give a damn about people in Mariupol after Russia takes the place, partly because these fools are just spewing, filling airtime by chasing headlines with no shelf-life…..

…..and partly because, once Russia takes over, those civilians—like the Mariupol folk in the below video, who are giddy to mingle with Donetsk infantry scouts, in fact the dog lady tells her dog to tell the soldiers “we waited for you, you came”—become Russian, and then they’re the Enemy, and we don’t like them anymore. 

Well, who could have imagined…

In recent weeks, the Ukraine has taken off the gloves, and has stepped up its MLRS (rocket artillery) and Tochka-U ballistic missile attacks on towns and cities under Russian or Donetsk control. 

It’s not just Donetsk getting pummeled any more.

For example, Izium—since early April, the hub of Russian operations in eastern Kharkov province—has lately been wasted with Grad rockets (many bearing cluster submunitions) on a daily basis, as well as the occasional Tochka. 

I’m sure the Ukrainians think they are aiming at some military target, but as with all Grad fire into urban areas, they almost never hit anything “worthwhile.”

The below photos of Grad damage and victims were taken in Izium a few days ago.  Similar photos have been circulated of victims in Ukrainian-held areas.  But when it comes to the Ukraine shelling Russian-held areas, the Ukrainian army gets a pass—like, it’s not even happening.

The below video shows the beginnings of a mass grave in Rubezhnoe, which has largely been taken by Russian and Lugansk forces. 

Because the Dreizin Report is a “No Propaganda Zone”, I have no idea who killed these people. It could have been shelling from both sides—as in Mariupol, where Greg Kelly cried over a similar scene, begging Uncle Sam to ‘do something.’

Nonetheless, now, Lugansk forces and/or new authorities loyal to the Lugansk Peoples’ Republic are burying them.

So… Where is Greg Kelly?  Sean Hannity?  As I said, once Russia moves in, no one cares about the holy civilians anymore.  No U.S. or UK outlet will touch it.

But, it’s not just the dumb windbags of conservativism. 

I entered “Ukraine” into the search box of the website of Human Rights Watch (HRW), one of the “big two” (along with Amnesty International) human rights groups. 

Among all their Ukraine condemnations and concerns since February, I found nothing regarding Ukrainian army bombardment of Donetsk or Russian-held towns and cities.  Nothing.

Other than one late March piece about the killing of Russian prisoners—which was video-documented and received worldwide attention, so bad it couldn’t be ignored—their site hosts nothing critical of the Ukraine at all. 

Is this a surprise? 

Of course, the Ukraine war—and more recently, the revived drama over Roe v. Wade—present a HUGE fundraising opportunity for such groups, but to rake in that cash, they must be on the “correct” side of the issue. 

Everything comes down to money. 

Yet, that doesn’t explain (or does it?) why HRW’s site hosts an op-ed such as this, penned by one of its staff:  “Why Cozying Up to Russia Gets South Africa Nowhere.” 

LOL, what the hell? 

Is this human rights, or politics?

Is HRW on the CIA’s payroll now? 

I don’t know, but this war has surely been one of those “holy rollers ain’t so holy” realization moments. 

Ruble insanity continues

As of this writing, the USDRUB currency pair has just reached into the low 62 range.  This is crazy.

Yes, I predicted it—more precisely, I said it was possible, once the gas-for-rubles scheme got going—but it’s one thing to predict, and another to see.

If the ruble strengthens any more, or even stays at this level, we will have to admit that Russia’s living standard may be RISING because of the war.

What would Ms. Psaki the Bullshit Queen say about that? 

Ukrainian manpower problems

Not that Territorial Defense militia units were not already being sent to fight outside their home regions, in violation of their contracts, but the Ukraine’s legislature and president finally codified this practice into law, a few days ago.

Most of the Territorial Defense are non-draft age, substantially non-reservist men with at most a brief conscription stint as teenagers, or just as (or more) likely, no military record or training at all.

I think this new law tells you all you need to know about the Ukraine’s manpower situation. 

The Ukraine is even sending a Territorial Defense unit from Transcarpathia (on the Slovakian and Hungarian borders) east to fight Russia.

The idea of “Territorial Defense” is that people defend their own territories where they live. This is not what most of them signed up for.

If you want to know the truth, always consider what a state does (or doesn’t do), not what it says.

Democracy in action!

At the request of the Ukraine Security Service, Spanish police arrested Anatolii Sharii (spellings vary), a Ukrainian independent journalist, video blogger, opposition activist, and “joke” political party leader.

Sharii has long been a thorn in the side of the Maidan regime, and has been living in the European Union (most recently, Spain) since 2014, although he has remained deeply involved with the Ukraine.

In my opinion, Sharii’s greatest coup was bringing to global attention, through his video blog, in 2014, Ukrainian TV news footage of a Ukrainian army air defense encampment—with a complete “Buk” system in plain view—in the general vicinity of where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing was shot down. The footage had been taken and aired just a few days before the tragedy.

(Of course, it doesn’t prove anything, other than, the MSM never gave you all the facts.)

Per reports, his crime is “treason.” After his arrest, he was released pending processing of the Ukraine’s extradition request through Spain’s legal system.

It’s always nice to see Democratic countries taking Democracy seriously!

(There is widespread speculation that the Ukraine aims to trade him for the Mariupol Azov crew, seeing as how their prior suggested trade—Viktor Medvedchuk, head of OPZZh, the Ukraine’s largest opposition party, and the only large party not supporting the EU/NATO agenda, who was arrested and disappeared in late February and then surfaced in handcuffs a few weeks ago in the context of a proposed trade for the surviving Azov in Mariupol—was ixnayed by Russia. Again, this is just speculation, but it’s not totally nuts, as it does answer the question, why now?)


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