RINO Round Up

For those in our audience who still have one eye on America’s meaningless (at the Federal level) UniParty politics, one of our team members will be publishing a periodic round-up of “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO’s), bringing attention to the frauds who run as Republicans but talk and vote like Democrats.

This first installment is an easy intro to some of the best-known RINO’s; subsequent editions will go further “into the weeds.”

We will scour the news for late-breaking RINO news, but also ask that our American readers contribute and share any state/local RINO developments, so as to help enrich this regular weekly feature.

Our top five RINOs for the week

Mike Pence – Perhaps the biggest RINO of them all is “fly boy” and Walking Dead extra look-alike, the former Vice President. Flies love fecal matter, and the one on the head of this RINO in the photo, during the 2020 vice-presidential debate, was clearly telling the world that it landed on a big pile of it. This Walking Dead extra, is now also campaigning for the Georgia RINOs noted further below.

Without shame, at public appearances, Pence has stated that he could not do what President Trump asked of him, to “overturn” the election. He added that this request was un-American. The fact is, Trump asked Pence to perform his constitutional duty and send the electoral votes back to certain states, who were requesting a review. To think this RINO has aspirations for the presidency is comical… the Peter Principle at work.

Brian Kemp – Making the list, due to the Georgia primary being imminent (May 24th). This RINO Governor of Georgia, along with his Secretary of State henchman below, are almost single-handedly responsible for American Brezhnev (Brandon) now shuffling around the White House, in a brain fog, searching for ice cream. Their malfeasance enabled Democrats to seize control of Georgia elections by loosening mail-in voting regulations, which they had no legal authority to do, without legislative approval. Kemp’s spinelessness signaled to other RINOs to follow suit.

Kemp demonstrated zero leadership by refusing to call a special session of the legislature to review the situation. Then, even when presented with evidence of shenanigans, he refused to do anything about it.

This guy is hiding something (likely in part, his cronies’ involvement in profiting handsomely off Georgia’s embrace of a certain brand of voting machines), and does not want it unearthed. He’s now campaigning in Georgia with Bush aides and “fly boy” Pence’s former chief of staff, Marc Short. A pure establishment swamp candidate.

Brad Raffensperger – Georgia Secretary of State. If that fish-in-the-headlights, just-got-punched-in-the-head face doesn’t scream “RINO”, I don’t know what does.

This milquetoast, along with Kemp, has the nerve to face and ask voters for another four years. The havoc which their negligence and corruption have wreaked on Georgia’s elections, and the rest of the U.S., is so vast as to be hard to quantify.

To add insult to injury, when Raffensperger was (rightly) accused of having thrown the election through an unlawful and wholly unnecessary agreement with the state Democrat party to weaken mail-in voting safeguards, he ran to the Democrat Establishment media and claimed to be the victim, also leaking a recording of a deceptively-edited phone call from Trump. Then, the truth came out that setting up the agreement with the Dems was all his deputy’s doing—Raffensperger doesn’t even run his own office.

In short, this guy is an incompetent weakling who is warming a seat, letting Democrats eat his lunch and take over the state, just so (as a rich businessman) he can check “public service” off of his bucket list. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Thanks to Kemp and Raffensperger, Georgia has become a symbol of RINO weakness and corruption in the eyes of half the country. Raffensperger’s very capable primary opponent, U.S. Representative from Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, Jody Hice, is a proven conservative—we can only hope that Georgia republican voters choose wisely, also voting out RINO Attorney General, Chris Carr, in favor of his opponent, conservative John Gordon.

Liz Cheney – Always a favorite on any RINO list, is the Representative from Wyoming’s at-large district. As the sole U.S. House member for the state, she must be sent packing.

Cheney has taken every opportunity to enable Democrats, leveraging her obvious Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) illness to empower the Left’s narratives. Cheney has doubled down, at every opportunity, to further divide the country. She has served as one of only two “token” Republicans on the partisan joke that is the January 6th investigative “committee”. In this capacity, she has ignored actual facts, including the killing of two January 6th demonstrators, and other telling events of that day.

Cheney is particularly vile in that she has received big money from coastal Democrats for her 2022 reelection campaign. Essentially all of the many millions of dollars she has raised, has been from outside of Wyoming. She is clearly using her “Quisling hero” status to leverage Democrat (and out-of-state RINO) money to keep her Wyoming seat at the expense of Wyoming’s overwhelmingly conservative/Republican voters. Although deeply unpopular in Wyoming, she might still achieve this goal, due to the screwy (and obviously corruptly-intended) nature of the state’s primary elections system.

The jury is still out on former Trump critic, but now Cheney’s Trump-endorsed opponent, Harriet Hageman. Of course, the former prez has made some highly questionable endorsements. Nonetheless, at this point, an empty milk crate is preferable to this dynastic (she’s Dick Cheney’s daughter) fraud.

Dan Crenshaw – What is wrong with Texas voters? They overwhelmingly voted for this phony in the 2022 primary.

He was all “guns a-blazing” when he first ran for office, touting his military service and anti-establishment views. Since then, he has become one of the most despised RINO’s on Capitol Hill.

His collage of RINO sins are too numerous to be listed here, but for just one example, he has needlessly, aggressively ridiculed and argued with GOP activists and his own voters who have suggested there was anything whatsoever untoward with the 2020 election.

Most recently, Crenshaw denied his anti-establishment roots by voting for the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill, which is simply a giveaway to the U.S. military-industrial lobby, an institution which dominates, if not outright runs, U.S. foreign policy. Even as the U.S. border at the southern end of Crenshaw’s own state remains wide, wide open to all comers.

It is clear that Crenshaw has “higher office aspirations” and that he has pivoted towards Establishment money as the vehicle for those aspirations. He is the worst kind of opportunist. If Crenshaw is a “conservative”, we would do no worse with a Democrat in his seat come November.

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