May 2022 – Page 3 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Details of the Mariupol Surrender

dreizinreport  -  May 18, 2022

According to a very reliable Russian war correspondent, who has covered Mariupol and surrounding areas almost exclusively since March, the breakdown of surrendering forces is as follows: Over 2500 personnel in total, 404 wounded, of which 55 non-ambulatory / seriously wounded, Approx. 200 refrigerated corpses, 3 Russian and/or Donetsk prisoners (one officer, two soldiers), Unit breakdown as follows: 804 of the Azov, The rest are from remnants of the 53rd Brigade, 54th Brigade, 56th Brigade, 36th Brigade, as well as non-Azov personnel of the 12th Brigade of the Interior Ministry’s National Guard (military unit 3057, formal home of the Azov)

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The Fall of the Azov

dreizinreport  -  May 17, 2022

How did the Azov come about? Why were they never a part of the Ukrainian army? Why are almost all of them bearded? What is their place in history? What is the significance of their downfall? And everything else you ever wanted to know about the Azov! Everything you ever wanted to know about the...

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Russia Helps the Ukraine Meet its Emissions Reduction Targets

dreizinreport  -  May 15, 2022

Who needs an immediate ceasefire? Russia ends Ukrainian oil refining, Don’t forget, this is about Democracy, North Lugansk and Kharkov developments, Zelensky poll, “Indiscriminate!” Comments are back up, sorry for the downtime Immediate Ceasefire??? As pointed out by Larry Johnson on his, the U.S. Secretary of Defense would NEVER call and ask Russia for an...

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Dreizin Report Special “Global” Briefing

dreizinreport  -  May 13, 2022

Gas-for-rubles is pulling down the Euro, Why the “U.S. intelligence communi-tay” relies on Ukrainian Twitter, North Donbass developments, The threat of Western artillery, And, the usual Prokofiev intro sequence that you know and love, Plus, “Stop the MAGA bullsh*t” . Your latest Dreizin Report video fix Here’s my monster video for today, covering all but the last...

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Victory Day in the Ukraine

dreizinreport  -  May 10, 2022

U.S. new aid to Ukraine rises to $40 billion, Victory Day events in the former Ukraine (JOIN THE FESTIVITIES!!!), Switchblades have failed, Even the “realists” are in Medazzaland, The Azov prepare to die like men…NOT! This ship will founder (the U.S. economy has failed, and so has MAGA) . U.S. new aid to Ukraine rises...

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Military Developments Over the Weekend

dreizinreport  -  May 8, 2022

My below video summarizes: Recent Ukrainian moves off the coast of Odessa, in the context of U.S. direct operational assistance to Ukrainian forces in this area. Developments in the Donbass, with a broader explanation of the tactical picture. Please note, in this video, when I twice said “electronic warfare”, I meant to say “signals interception.”...

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