May 2022 – Page 4 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

The Script is Flipped!

dreizinreport  -  May 5, 2022

Destruction of the Ukraine’s rail system continues, Mack the Knife won’t be happy…, What happened to the script? DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? Human rights, or something else? Ruble insanity continues—USDRUB drops to near 62, RUSSIAN LIVING STANDARD ON TRACK TO RISE BECAUSE OF THE WAR—PUT A SUICIDE...

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The Supreme Court is Working for Putin!!!!

dreizinreport  -  May 3, 2022

Moooooove over, Ukraine! Ghost of Kiev gets Infinity Gauntlet-ed, Izium-Slaviansk front, DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: If Russia’s “plan” was so perfect…, Chili comes to Jesus! My statement to the RNC, Putin’s thugs infiltrate the U.S. Capitol! Again, the ruble . Folks, I really appreciate the nice emails.  I no longer have time to respond to...

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