The Woke Issue!

Today at the Dreizin Report, we get Woke!

First, a factsheet on Critical Race Theory, which I created and sent to my (much smaller than today) mailing list, before I had a blog.

What is Critical Race Theory?  How did it take over the U.S. military so quickly?  How does it relate to Intersectionalism?  Why are today’s leftists so obsessed with glorifying and propagandizing “gender-bending” persons and activities?

The answers are all here:

(This document is most relevant to an America/Canadian/UK audience, but others can use it to learn about the lunacy into which Anglosphere populations have descended.)

Wokism ends at the water’s edge (unless you are on a U.S. military base abroad, LOL)

Next, we come to Wokism as it relates to hegemonic-expansionist foreign policy. The key thing to remember is that Wokism DOES NOT APPLY to foreign policy.

That is, as an American, domestically, you may see signs of White Supremacy everywhere, it is the Number One Threat to U.S. National Security, and if some guy hangs his hand out his car window the wrong way, it must be a White Nationalist symbol…..

…..but when neo-Nazi street gangs are elevated to the status of a military unit (e.g. the Azov but not only) on the payroll of the Interior Ministry of a country that you are backing against Russia, well, you can let your guard down and relax!

When thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and militia choose to don (unofficially but nonetheless, there is evidently no policy enforced against unauthorized decorations) the skull insignia of the SS 3rd Panzer Division “Totenkopf“—the below video is one drop in an ocean, but just to give you an idea, look at his chest—that’s OK, it’s not happening, it’s a figment of Putin’s imagination.

When the shoulder patch of the largest Ukrainian armed unit (formerly) in Mariupol—which in fact operated as a business empire and a legal authority in the city, with its own prison for suspected disloyals—is a “Ukraine flag colors” version of the insignia of the SS 2nd Panzer Division “Das Reich“, well, you ignore it, no Nazis here, the Russians are nuts.

Then there’s this gem, where on the occasion of the most recent International Womens’ Day (March 9th), NATO posted on its Twitter account a photo of a Ukrainian army lady wearing a “black sun” swastika patch…..

…..which happened to be a favorite of the White Supremacist/Nationalist “Buffalo shooter” who targeted exclusively black people, last month, at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, USA, killing ten…..

…..And was also featured in the headline photo of my March 27, 2022 post on this blog.

(Keep in mind, the media tells us, “Pro-Kremlin Influencers Are Using the Buffalo Shooting to Undermine Ukraine.” LOL.)

Then we have the matter of Bandera, a west Ukrainian partisan militia leader who supervised large-scale massacres of Poles (the Volhynia/Wolyn genocide) and Jews during World War 2, and then did a fabulous job of fighting the the Soviets after the war…..

… include killing several tens of thousands of civilians cooperating (or suspected of cooperating) with Soviet authorities—sort of a Ukrainian Vietcong, you know, come to the village and chop off limbs, “horror and moral terror” like Colonel Kurtz.

(Interestingly, the Wikipedia entry on Bandera’s militia had its “Jewish” section rewritten in recent years; it now cites completely marginal, obscure, unknown, and/or ridiculous sources to paint a somewhat incoherent but nonetheless fake picture of non-involvement in atrocities against Jews.)

Since 2010, Bandera has been an official “Hero of Ukraine.”

He is the subject of the most popular song among Ukrainian nationalists, Bat’ko Nash Bandera (“Bandera is our father”), which these schoolboys or campers are singing in music class, here:

What’s funny, is this is obviously a Yiddish melody, with the opening six notes being reminiscent (in a minor key and same rhythm) of Sisu Ve’simchu Be’Simchat Torah, a song for the Jewish “Simchat Torah” holiday!!!!!

The third bar of Bat’ko Nash Bandera is also possibly identical (if you can get past the awful singing, the kids can’t quite hit the notes) to the corresponding part (“…chalom she’chalamti…”) of Israeli singer-songwriter Uzi Hitman’s 1979 hit, Elohim Sheli, which is on the same Yiddish wavelength.

LOL. It’s all good! After all, the Ukraine has a “Jewish” (of Jewish descent) president. So, I can personally certify that Bandera is totally Kosher….. Not!!!!!

There is a Russian expression, Каковы герои, такова и страна, which means, very roughly (a literal translation is impossible), “every country can be judged by its heroes.”

The thing about Ukraine, it has very little history (and almost no high literature or culture) separate from that of Russia, with the exception of its far northwest, which was under Polish or Austrian rule for perhaps 600 years prior to 1939. Thus, any effort to radically break off Ukrainian consciousness from Russia’s, always automatically runs into a vacuum, which as a rule is filled by aggressive fascism (at the vanguard at least), as there is simply nothing else.

It’s like saying “let’s make the Arabs democratic!“, and then, whad’ya know!, the sole alternative to secular dictatorship becomes Al Qaeda or (at best) the Muslim Brotherhood. Again, nothing else on the menu.

Of course, the absence of any anchor to Ukrainian national consciousness other than a feeling of “we’re not Russian, damnit!”—with a strong, well-tolerated, “crazy aunt living up in the attic” fascist wing to keep the vigor going—is understood by the more intelligent in the West, but it’s all been aggressively glossed over and “fact-checked” away, as it obviously serves U.S. interests. After all, it was open fascists who were the footsoldiers on the Maidan in 2014.

Even my Israeli cousin—who employs a number of computer programmers in Kharkov, which has been hugely Nazified since the failure and suppression of its “Russian Spring” in 2014—had, until recently, ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about any of it. As far as Israeli opinion-makers are concerned, it’s all good. Too much business at stake!

I’ve read there are (or were, before the war) around 20,000 Kharkov programmers and other infotech guys working for foreign, mostly Israeli, companies at 1/3 or less the price of Israeli labor. Why rock the boat?

On top of that, there was (is) a symbiosis or “division of labor” whereby Ukrainian Jews had (have) a far outsized role in the “commanding heights” of the economy, while the fascists and neo-Nazis were (are) allowed a great deal of political and ideological space to develop their organizations, their youth wings, and their influence in society, and neither side bothers the other at all.

It’s like two separate countries with a temporary, unspoken truce. It was always too touchy even for the Anti-Defamation League (the leading U.S. Jewish anti-hate group) to shine a strong spotlight and risk upsetting the balance.

In fact, I’ve spoken to Ukrainian expat Jews who think it is PUTIN who is “literally Hitler.” They are comfortable with their own particular “mom and apple pie” conception of the Ukraine, and they refuse to conceive or perceive of anything else going on.

If Jewry with its terrible suffering history didn’t want to make a fuss of it, or is willfully blind, how can we expect American Wokesters to care?  They obviously have bigger fish to fry—like, for example, their domestic enemies! Not to mention, as I cover in my factsheet, they’ve all been signed on with the “Empire” since about 2016, and the Empire needs the Ukraine, now more than ever.

Of course, there is no Nazism or fascism of any sort in the Ukraine. It’s a myth. The Russians made it up. The fact-checkers say so. The Nazis are Trumpers and Republicans, and only Trumpers and Republicans are Nazis, and that’s the extent of it, and that’s all we’re going to talk about, please disperse and go home.

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