From the Dept. of Interesting Timing: UK arrests Russian “spy” trying to leave country in likely attempt to gain bargaining chip to free its two safari hunters held by Donetsk; increasingly clear the natives on track to hang, cook, eat the white devil ret@rd sahibs; prepare for an epochal shock for Brit trash media; this is what happens when you leave the heathens nothing to lose – they start hanging sahibs!  Dreizin Report will be laughing its a$$ off when it happens; Governments, warn your citizens clear of Donbass safari!

Folks, bring me my spear, oh clouds unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire. It really looks like they’re going to do it. I wouldn’t bet much money on it, yet, but it sure looks that way. It seems they’re going to hang (literally) these dudes.

What’s stopping them? Everything the USA and its musically creative but otherwise trashy, drunk 3am pack-roaming, oversalted curry-slurping junior partner, the United Kingdom of England and its Remaining Colonies, can realistically do to Ivan…..

…..without turning on the car, sticking their heads deep under the hood, and decapitating themselves with the serpentine belt, they have already done.

A short drop and a sudden stop for these numbskulls (at least one of whom is damn ugly, I mean like child mole$tor looking) will be a loud signal to the remaining safari tourists to go back home, as it’s clear none of this dipsh*t army came to Slavonistan to die.

Yes, I know, some readers will think, “there will be reprisals.” But, maiming and killing of Russian and Donetsk/Lugansk prisoners has been going on since day one. Evidently, someone’s done the math and decided this helps more than hurts. Who are we to question?

Lastly, it will be a big statement that the old order is done and the U.S. Hegemonic Blog better think twice about its next move.

Frankly, I think the sooner “you” (whoever you may be) stop playing by the enemy’s rules (e.g., even naughty-naughty whitey be like untouchable), the better. I think most people have not the remotest conception of where this goes.

For one, I expect China not to mess around and go all soft (like Russia with the Ukraine) when it sets about to take back Taiwan. Keep in mind, there’s no law or convention against using nuclear weapons on rebel military targets on your own territory (Taiwan is not a country.)

***Please note, none of the snark is intended to offend my readers in the British Resistance. Please stay safe, don’t let the BBC Scanner Vans find you reading this website.***

To my dear Bulgarian and Slovak readers

You live in (or hail from) the only east European, NATO countries (besides Poland) that still supposedly have (or recently had) Soviet-built, manned, fixed-wing combat aircraft in their military inventories.

Over 100 days into its Very Special Military Operation, Russia is still shooting down 1, 2, or even 3 Ukrainian, Soviet-built, manned, fixed-wing combat aircraft, almost every day.

If you’re convinced the Ukraine did not receive any kind of aerospace “donations” from your countries, could you please suggest another explanation? I am open to suggestions. Should I be looking at Poland? The Russians seem to think it’s you.

Thank you!

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