Signs of the Times near Washington, DC… And, Dreizin Report folds like a cheap suit, caves to reader demands for maps

Are elite Democrats burning out?

In a big sign of the times, the Ukrainian flags in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia, USA have been disappearing. It seems to me, roughly half of them have come down in the last two weeks.

This is an extremely “posh” neighborhood (in the sense of being very expensive—much of it doesn’t actually look so nice) inhabited by lobbyists and senior government contracting executives, among other “professionals.”

For those Old Town homeowners who do flags, the Republicans put up American flags and the Democrats put up rainbow flags, or BLM or Ukraine flags, if such is the flavor of the month.

What’s really unusual this time, is that the Ukrainian flags that come down, are not nearly all being replaced with the usual rainbow flags, even though it is now “Pride month.”

(For those living in Uganda or some place like that, “Pride month” is when the U.S. Federal government, most states, major corporations, universities, and the national governing bodies of the two major parties, recognize the rich contributions of homeless sexuals to I’m not sure what.)

How to explain? Of course, now that the Ukraine is “officially” losing, it’s no longer sexy; not everyone wants to shill for a loser. But, there “should” be a rainbow flag going up for every Ukraine flag that comes down.

I imagine some of these people have burned out, and reached a level of saturation with their fad causes. Trump is long gone (for the time being), Brandon is a total disaster, their Big Takeover hasn’t worked out, and they may just be tired of their own virtue signaling and political psychoses.

In short, the proportion of American flags to total flags in Old Town has gone WAY up in the last two weeks. Yes, it smells like a Republican resurgence, for what it’s worth.

Of course, much depends on when the ko-rona comes back—before, or after the midterm election. If we have another virtual (mail-in) election, all bets are off.

First map ever published on the Dreizin Report

Bellow is a map from the Telegram account of the Rybar’ collective, an anonymous group of Russians who do (among other things) geolocation of Ukrainian targets based on photos and videos, and provide an avenue for Ukrainian citizens to report on military dispositions in their locales (after which, it gets investigated and precise coordinates may be made public… and Russia’s Ministry of Defense seems to be reading.)

They also make great maps. This map, claimed to be current as of 6:00pm local time on June 19th, is taken from their Telegram account, the only changes being the addition of English transliterations of the two main place names on the map.

As you can see, Russian and Lugansk forces have advanced in the semi-open area on the left (relative to the southward current) bank of the Severskii Donets river, between Lisichansk and the industrial zone in western Severodonetsk.

What happened was that Ukrainian forces did not put up much of a fight in the residential and central portions of Severodonetsk, which Russia and Lugansk were able to secure within several days. Hence, the city was taken “relatively” (compared to Volnovakha, Mariupol, Popasnaya, etc.) intact.

The Ukraine’s regular army and some militia units fell back in panic and disgrace, after which the industrial zone in western Severodonetsk was hugely reinforced with the remnants of the Ukraine’s “special forces” (sent directly from Kiev), more reliable army elements, and hundreds of “murder tourists” a.k.a. foreign volunteers.

Now, this “into the breach” crowd is holed up in some factory buildings, immobile, and increasingly cut off from supplies and reinforcements, due to the destruction of the bridges across the river, as well as Russian shelling of the road from Artemovsk.

It’s obvious where this is going. I’m not the first to say it will be a sort of mini-Mariupol (only, a much easier one for the Russian side.) Many have asked, why do they allow themselves to be encircled, why don’t they pull out and stay out? Well, to understand this, you have to understand the Ukraine.

At the top level, the only hope was always (1) play for time, wait for Russia to collapse economically and politically (now obviously not happening), and (2) play for time, wait for direct intervention by Uncle Sam and his hegemonic bloc (likely not happening, but who knows?)

Of course, when you play for time, the only strategy is one of static defense, attrition, and pinning down the enemy so he can’t advance before encircling and reducing your various garrisons.

At the “working” level, the Ukraine’s propaganda has been so toxic and comprehensive, that many of these fools still think they are winning, or going to win. Russia’s initial, flawed strategy of spreading itself thin and trying to intimidate Kiev with (a not fully successful and certainly political impact-free) encirclement, clearly did not help dispel this belief.

(One of my very best friends here in the states, actually thinks there was a “Battle of Kiev” and that Russia lost. As you can imagine, the propaganda in the Ukraine itself has been no different.)

The same scenes, over and over

The problem with Ukrainian forces is not that they are underequipped. Yes, the militia units as well as draftee-heavy mash-up units may be so. But not the regular army. Look at this video from abandoned Ukrainian positions, somewhere north of Slaviansk.

From 0:42, you can see various portable antitank weapons (to include NATO-supplied) and ample munitions for reloading them, as well as, towards the end, three entire crates of such munitions (likely, Soviet-type rocket propelled grenade (RPG) rounds.)

Also, check out the below trophy haul from one company defensive position in Sviatogorsk, north Donetsk. Among other weapons and munitions…..

… can see five Strela MANPADS, an automatic grenade launcher with three boxes of ammo, two Javelins, many NLAW’s and/or other NATO country antitank weapons, some “Mukha”-type Soviet light antitank weapons, a recoilless rifle, two light mortars, five RPG launchers (near bottom-left), ten spare RPG’s, a line charge, and the main sections of at least three machineguns.

It’s interesting that the Russian side showed no bodies from Sviatogorsk. I’m sure there were some bodies, but, clearly not many. There’s no question that the Ukrainian force simply ran away, once Russia took the high ground and there was a risk of being pounded and overrun.

There’s also no question, most of these people are NOT fighting to the death, if they can help it. Everyone here in the states, says the Ukrainians are so brave. I’m not seeing it.

Can we expect everyone to be brave? No. I’m here at my computer screen. But, I’m not seeing much of this Ukrainian bravery that people are claiming. There is some, but not that much.

“Brave” is not about taking a few potshots at an enemy convoy, from what you are convinced is a safe, concealed position. “Brave” is fighting until you are totally out of ammo…..

…..or at least, so short on weapons that are capable of holding off the enemy, that further resistance is clearly mass suicide in the near term. Then, you retreat or surrender. That’s brave. We can’t all be brave. ISIS was brave. Ukraine is not so brave.

In every place the Russians or Donetsk/Lugansk forces really make a push for it, it’s the same. Piles of weapons (often in their original packaging) and unused munitions. The Ukrainians consistently pull back or surrender while they still have enormous means and opportunity to resist.

It seems to me, the main factors holding the Russians back, are not the wonderful fighting skills of the Ukrainians—it’s that Russians:

(1) don’t want to wreck everything, because they want most of the Ukraine for themselves, and they don’t want to rule over a desolation, over a miserable and starving population, and to have to pay to rebuild everything…..

(2) (we have considerable documentary evidence to believe this) they are keeping much of their best weaponry and a large portion of their available strength away from the front lines, so as to rotate fresh, motivated forces periodically into the theaters of operations, and as a strategic reserve in case NATO gets involved directly.

Reader comment bag

From now on, I will occasionally highlight excellent, highly perceptive comments from readers. Here is one, or most of it, anyway. (MBT stands for “main battle tank”—in short, a tank.)

Russia seems to be inflicting a defeat in detail on NATO and the EU, destroying their arm supplies without facing actual NATO troops (not that I think NATO’s troops are the be all end all). Poland and the Baltic states have allegedly exhausted all of their Soviet era arms caches. The Soviet Union left these countries vast amounts of weapons, vehicles and other suppliesWhile the Military Industrial Complex is surely excited at the prospects of replenishing these nations stocks, the simple fact is there is not enough money in the US or the EU to replenish even 1/10th of what these states have lost in their fool’s quest in Ukraine. The Abrams MBT cost about $8.5 million per tank, the T-72 is around $0.5 million, the US MIC wastes money like water (F-35 anyone?) and when inflation starts to really bite, I doubt French, German or American citizens will agree to starve in order to buy more overbuilt junk.

About the money

I will cover this in another YouTube video, but since many folks commented on the matter here, I wish to leave it in writing as well. I really appreciate all the feedback about platforms and how much you might be willing to contribute on a monthly basis. Based on the feedback, there is a clear path forward—more detail in the video.

Some a$$holes griped about me asking for money (I’ve asked for nothing yet) but at the same time, mentioning that I’m doing well financially. Well, it’s simple: I shouldn’t have to subsidize their infotainment 100 percent out of my own pocket. Also, these dumb-dumbs don’t know what things cost.

Just to stand up my bulk emailing system and integrate it with the platform hosting this site, was tens of hours of work for my technical support guy, a good friend who has been helping me for free.

So far, in total, he has done probably over $25,000 of billable work for me. I’d like to be able to pay him something. But again, it won’t be out of my own pocket.

Either I make money from ads, or, if YouTube restricts my ad revenues by up to 2/3, as it has been doing, I need to scope out the prospect for some kind of user subscription (or donation) model—simple as that.

As for what I said about paying a babysitter so I can spend more weekend time on the YouTube channel and this blog, hey, it’s a lot more than minimum wage, and she won’t show up for just an hour. Catching up with Dreizin Report stuff on a Saturday, might cost me the better part of $200.

So, a big “f*ck off” to all the juvenile d*pshits who think I should be subsidizing their infotainment permanently out of my own personal funds.

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