Lisichansk sector disintegrating, likely 100’s of Ukr prisoners taken, 1000’s more coming, Ukraine General Staff’s new position (not kidding) is roughly “Severodonestk? We don’t know anything about Severodonetsk, not our problem” – meanwhile, Ukr terrorism against “collaborationists” in the south accelerates, regional official blown up in Kherson, someone tell Mitch McConnell what a “real” State Sponsor of Terror looks like; Russia hints it is preparing to strike Kharkov hospital (we can assume it is being used as a command center and/or arms dump – but ohmygod they’re killing pregnant women ohmygod!!!)

Regarding the Ukraine’s campaign of Liberal-Progressive Terrorism for Global Democracy in Zaporozhia and Kherson, the above/headline photo shows the blown-up car with a body (some distance away) blurred out; below is a better shot of the body, for any doubters.

This is/was Dmitrii Slavuchenko, an activist with the (now banned in the Ukraine) eccentric oppositionist Party of Shariy, who was more recently appointed as Director of the Youth Policy Department of the Kherson Civil-Military Administration. It looks like he may have gotten out of his car and walked some distance after the explosion, before expiring.

To my few remaining readers (I don’t think many are left) on Capitol Hill and in the media—thanks for sticking around. I know my “more balanced picture of this conflict” must be painful to many of you. You know, there are two sides to every conflict.

Ukraine’s defense of Lisichansk sector is disintegrating – news coming too fast for me to update you

Word is that Russian and/or Lugansk forces may have taken the (recently decommissioned by cruise missiles) Lisichansk refinery, in which case, they would be in the southwestern suburbs of Lisichansk city already.

Not a bad performance for a corrupt, “hollow force” that has no food, no fuel, no competent officers, no radios, no professional sergeants, is just a bunch of 18 year-old drunks and heroin junky rapists…..

…..and is led by a commander-in-chief who (by all credible accounts in the British press) is dying from 4th stage cancer of the blood, lungs, skin, heart, muscles, hair, nails, spleen, appendix, scalp, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, wrinkles, nose, nostrils, sinuses, toupée, ovaries, cervix, @$$hole, navel, soul, psyche, id, ego, etc.

Below is a video of a Ukrainian platoon that surrendered in the Gorskoe-Zolotoe cauldron overnight or today. I really can’t keep up with the massive volume of “bad news for the Ukraine” as it’s coming in, but here is just a taste of what’s to come.

It was the same in Mariupol. First you see groups of tens of prisoners, then hundreds and then the whole thing comes down.

I’m not actually sure where the below photo was taken (may be near Slaviansk, not Lisichansk), but it looks like just another little NATO-Ukrainian donation (one of many many) to the Russian cause. Brandon, please send more Javelins!!! (Or NLAWS, Panzerfausts, the Swedish stuff, whatever.)

It’s clear, there has never been an army with more “direct fire” firepower than the Ukraine’s. Ever.

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