June 2022 – Page 4 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Since everyone asks “what’s the Russian air force doing?”

dreizinreport  -  June 9, 2022

You can learn a lot from one short video. The below video shows what I assume to be two Russian Su-25 “Grach” ground attack jets flying very low over southeastern or southern Ukraine, soon to be part of the Russian Federation. The video has been “enriched” with a soundtrack, namely the iconic song Prekrasnoe Dalyoko...

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Sviatogorsk, last major milestone towards Russian southward advance on Slaviansk, abandoned by Ukrainian forces; **HUGE** sea change in last 24 hours in Ukrainian war outlook & propaganda—mood turns negative, resigned to more bad news, no more “rah-rah”; quasi-neocon Edward Luttwak throws in the towel, says Russia will win and Donbass should have a say in its own fate (…..sorry, it’s too late to “hand over” ONLY the Donbass.)

dreizinreport  -  June 7, 2022

Please check back periodically for further updates. And… send more Javelins!!!

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Prediction: Dem panic over economy, gas prices = media will have to walk back the Russia hate

dreizinreport  -  June 6, 2022

You heard it here first!  But in advance of that, the situation in the Donbass, and… why I don’t do maps!!! The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on Rumble here. Please follow me on – GETTR @thedreizinreport or Twitter @dreizinreport Website is not updated every day.  Our email provider is currently...

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My first guest appearance on a major YouTube show

dreizinreport  -  June 5, 2022

Please watch, if you haven’t already

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Please help me wipe pieces of my exploded head off the computer screen!!!!!!!!

dreizinreport  -  June 3, 2022

Folks, it may have been my fourth booster shot, but I *think* it was the below video that exploded my head. This video shows citizens in Melitopol’, the largest city within the Russian-controlled portion of the Ukraine’s Zaporozhia province (soon enough to be formally a part of Russia), lining up to review documents and schedule...

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Ukraine fires its “Rape Lady”

dreizinreport  -  June 2, 2022

The above photo has nothing to do with my headline—it’s a view of a house in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington, DC. This part of Alexandria houses very rich lobbyists and government contracting executives, not all of them Democrat-oriented, but the Democrats always put up their “whatever’s trending” flags, while the Republicans stick to...

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