There will be “Depopulation”, but there’s no “Agenda” to it

We’ll get to the headline topic, at bottom. First:

Thanks to all who left nice comments or sent me nice emails while I was taking a break. It seems most readers appreciate or at least understand the new direction of this blog.

Although I wasn’t on YouTube or even this blog at the time (I only had a mailing list, mostly Capitol Hill staff and Republican officials/activists nationwide), I am almost the only person (now) on YouTube who said Russia would likely invade the Ukraine, that this was likely imminent, and that it would cause a price shock in oil and exacerbate the (mostly still pending) price shock in food.

Almost everyone else (other than Uncle Sam who also called it) thought it was political hysteria to deflect from domestic problems, or Putin just trolling Sleepy Joe a.k.a. Brandon a.k.a. American Brezhnev.

I’m telling you now, the war might as well be over, and it won’t matter at all to anyone, soon enough. In fact, I’ll go one up on that, and tell you that some external shock or discontinuity will end the war—or at least, high-profile Western involvement in it, which is almost the same thing, as the Ukraine obviously can’t stand on its own—well before “the Russian army moves on Odessa”, or whatever else the Nintendo couch strategists might fantasize about.

That is, Russia will take Odessa (because it’s a Russian city and has suffered long enough under forced Ukrainization and a form of military occupation) but by that point, you won’t care because you’ll have bigger problems.

That’s why I won’t cover the war, per se, any more on this blog. Simply, I am ahead of the pack, and as a reader of this blog, so are you. I’m looking to things that matter now and will matter six and 12 months from now. Just like I bought hydroxychloroquine in January (yes, January) 2020, while the Democrats were still impeaching Trump (the first time.)

(Full disclosure, I put in my order on January 31st, but that’s still January.)

The one engine of inflation that no one talks about

Like many Americans, I own too much junk, so I pay for a storage locker. I just got a notice in the mail, stating that rent on the locker will shortly rise by 25 percent. Last year, it had gone up about 18 percent. That’s 47.5 percent (compounded) in two years.

One of my daughter’s physical therapists jacked her fees up 25 percent as of last November. I’m glad for her, she’s well worth it. It turns out, she had not raised her fees in years.

This is what happens when inflationary psychology takes hold. Everyone in business thinks, “I’ve been barely getting by for years, but, hallelujah!, now I can charge more because everyone else is doing it.

As a landlord, I’ve been on this new wavelength since last year. Prior to that, I’d been “subsidizing” (more or less literally) various wonderful tenants for years. These people had been paying FAR less to rent, than it costs my wife and I to own and maintain, for years, and we were eating the difference.

So much for Karl Marx’s stoopid bullsh*t. THEY (the tenants) were parasite-ing off of US (the owners.) F*ck that! Now, we’re finally making a little money—not much at all, but it feels GREAT.

Nationwide, residential rents rose over 10 percent last year, and are on track to rise over 10 percent again, this year. This is a disaster for renters, but who’s to stop it?

All of the above things I’ve mentioned, are not well reflected in the U.S. Government’s inflation statistics. In particular, the way Uncle Sam comes to an estimate of housing price inflation within his “consumer basket”, is notoriously ridiculous, especially at a time like this.

It is based largely on “owner equivalent rent”, which surveys a set of homeowners as to what price they think their home might fetch, were it to be rented out. Of course, homeowners who are not also in the landlord business, have no idea. Most of them will err substantially on the downside, because they have done ZERO current market research (of course, they don’t need to.)

Anyway, the typical “analyst” explanation (as carried by the media) for rents going way up, is that there’s not enough supply nationwide, because not enough new houses and apartments were built in recent years. LOL. Does anyone (who is not physically blind) believe this?

What empirical evidence is there for it? How did such a massive shortage develop in just the last 18 months??? Did we get bombed like Germany during World War 2? It’s bullsh*t.

There are new developments everywhere you look. The sprawl never stopped sprawling. Even in “blue” states, construction only took at most two months off for the ko-rona in 2020. They were back to work (in overdrive) everywhere by June of that year.

It’s not a shortage, it’s a fundamental change in the business psychology of those offering the rentals, or whatever other service.

It’s the same with the alleged “labor shortage.” Did we have a mass die-off recently? No. The U.S. population did not stop growing in 2020 or 2021. Most of those who died from the ko-rona were old and not working.

And, we’ve had several million (mostly young and healthy) illegal aliens cross over from Mexico since Brandon took office. On top of that, legal immigration recovered to its pre-korona level, late last year. Where are the workers?

There’s no “shortage”. The lower end of the labor force is just more picky now, they don’t want to work for peanuts anymore, and they are less likely to stick around after they’ve been trained. The starting wage at the Panda Express in Centreville, Virginia (25 miles west of Washington, DC) is $14/hour. This type of place was paying at most $10/hour before the ko-rona.

Again, it is a change in consciousness. This obviously did not start on a dime; it won’t turn around on a dime. Sorry, high inflation WON’T subside just because the economy crashes.

If (more like, when) the economy crashes, everyone knows the Federal Reserve will “back down” and work with Congress to create more “Monopoly money”, to be handed out every which way, fueling the inflation psychology even more, making things even worse. It is a DOOM LOOP. There is no escape.

Thus, high inflation is here to stay, likely for years. And that’s not even getting into any further energy shocks, food shortages, or (as I believe) a very deadly and enormously disruptive, PANN-DE-MMYK OF THE VAKK-SYN-AY-TTED coming our way.

(When the vakk-syn-ay-tted start dying or becoming severely debilitated by the millions… THAT will be a REAL labor shortage. So far, we haven’t even begun to see a “real” labor shortage.)

Governments have no solution

It’s funny watching all these British cabinet @$$holes resign because, oh, they just found out Boris Johnson is a lush, and the Conservative party is sexually sketchy, “and under the circumstances, I cannot remain in this Government.

More like, you cannot remain in a car going off an economic cliff with no (acceptable) solution in sight. Perhaps it’s time to make peace with Russia? Nah, that would be too clean and simple.

I’ve skimmed over some (U.S.) Democrat rag sites, such as the Daily Kos. Day after day, they have ZERO content on price inflation or the economy at all. It’s all crap about the January 6th committee, how they’re finally going to get Trump, “reforming” the Supreme Court, “trans” rights, total bullsh*t.

Even the Washington Post burries (bad) economic news far off the leads. Half of its inflation-related stuff is in the opinion pages in the back of the hard copy, not even in the news section. Right now, 2:00am, on Saturday, July 8th, there’s nothing “economic” headlined on its website at all.

At the same time, Republicans (the stoopid party) have no solution. They yap about Bidenflation, but their rah-rah against Russia is half the reason that gasoline prices are where they are. And, many of them, including Mitch “the Manchurian turtle” McConnell, continued to vote for multi-hundred-billion dollar Democrat “pork” bills, even after the corona-shutdowns had ended.

We’re still seeing ret@rds on the Republican side, winning primaries or special elections on a “baseball and apple pie” platform. This crap won’t save us.

No one is talking about anything useful. There are no solutions. Just get your own house (literally) in order. As I’ve said in several YouTube/Rumble videos, if you can afford it, don’t put off any home repairs or pending appliance replacements.

Assume that by the time “it” breaks, or starts leaking, whatever, a fix/replacement will be insanely expensive or simply unavailable, and then your life will be no fun at all.

Everything you can get done now, get it done now, down to every “hard water”-crusted faucet that you-can’t-remember-or-don’t-know-how-old-it-is. Again, if you can afford it, do whatever you can afford, without going into debt.

This advice is potentially much more useful than telling you what’s going on in the Seversk-Soledar-Artemovsk axis in the soon-to-be-former Ukraine.

A Depopulation Agenda?

Regarding the “depopulation agenda” people in my comments section.  Almost none of them really believe what they’re preaching.  

What are they doing about it?  Bought a few MRE’s?  Great.  If even 10 percent of Americans across the age spectrum die within one year (or less), everything stops.  

Given the extreme specialization of labor that exists in modern societies, this would knock so many critical specialists “offline” (whether dead, sick/debilitated, or hiding in a cabin somewhere), that—among other problems—electronic payment systems would be severely snarled up, utilities would be unreliable, and some nuclear plants would simply melt down. 

To the “depopulationists”: Do you know where’s the nearest nuke plant to your house?  Do you have a plan to escape in the opposite direction of prevailing wind patterns?  Where will you go?  What will you do when you get there?  Yeah, that’s what I thought…..

Furthermore… Do you think the elites (who are behind this “depopulation agenda”) want to be downwind of a nuclear meltdown?  Do they want to go to the ATM and there’s no cash?  Call their brokers, but the markets are closed and they can’t sell?

Do they want their cooks, chauffeurs, landscapers, nannies, pool cleaners, dog walkers calling in sick, or abandoning their posts to tend to their own families as society turns into Mad Max?

Can’t fly to Aspen because there’s no fuel for the jet?  I would guess, no.  Even for the World Economic Forum crowd, that’s not something they aspire to, it’s not pleasant.

Logically, then, no one in a position of real power (not whichever rich freak built the late great Georgia Guidestones) is pitching any “depopulation agenda.”

There is a fantasy among ordinary people (it’s always been thus) that the rich and powerful are really well informed, and they must have some complex, evil agenda. 

Folks, their only evil agenda is what the crackpot Marx wrote about 170 years ago.  It’s called wealth, and holding on to wealth, and if that means holding on to power (to hold on to wealth), so be it. 

And the fact is, the more people they control, the more consumers, the more debtors—the greater their wealth.  Dead people can’t buy anything, and can’t pay interest or principal on debt.

Fact is, the elites are just as propaganda-prone, ideologically-blinded, group-thinking, trend conscious, and/or naïve and stoopid as anyone else.

And that’s why, yes, most of the World Economic Forum crowd and most of the other rich and famous (and their lawyers and accountants), really did take the VAKK-SEENZ, not saline.

(Sorry, but if you think they fake-injected themselves, most likely you’ve never been behind the scenes, never brushed elbows with power, you’ve never seen any of these people, you can be forgiven for just not knowing any better.)

Because despite all their money and influence, many of them are stoopid. As stoopid as the depopulationists.

But hey, don’t worry, we will indeed have a depopulation, some type of cull.  The PANN-DE-MMYK OF THE VAKK-SYN-AY-TTED is coming.  I don’t think it will kill anything like 10 percent, but it will kill (and debilitate) enough to turn everything totally upside-down—much, much worse than 2020.

But, there’s no agenda to it.

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