July 2022 – Page 2 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

There will be “Depopulation”, but there’s no “Agenda” to it

dreizinreport  -  July 6, 2022

We’ll get to the headline topic, at bottom. First: Thanks to all who left nice comments or sent me nice emails while I was taking a break. It seems most readers appreciate or at least understand the new direction of this blog. Although I wasn’t on YouTube or even this blog at the time (I...

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Please enter JACOB@DREIZINREPORT.COM into your trusted contacts list on your email account

dreizinreport  -  July 3, 2022

Hello everyone!  Just in the last few weeks alone, my blog mailing list has gained literally thousands of new subscribers, but my actual daily readership has not budged (in fact, has declined slightly) since late April. Yes, in some cases, the email providers are blocking my updates.  However, in most cases, my updates are going...

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The Corona: Brace for Impact

dreizinreport  -  July 2, 2022

In this video, Jacob speaks to his prediction for the next major wave of the KO-ROW-NAH. The video is posted exclusively on Rumble, as will be all future videos. Our hosting site is no longer allowing embedding Rumble videos so please click on link below to access. https://rumble.com/v1auo3e-2022-07-02-the-corona-brace-for-impact.html?mref=15jk98&mc=aftu3 The Dreizin Report’s Rumble Channel is now...

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Interview with a Stormtrooper

dreizinreport  -  July 1, 2022

If the Star Wars rebels took as prisoner an Imperial stormtrooper clone, and sat him down for an on-camera interview, without his armor, with a cigarette, he would come across much like this. This Azov prisoner was recently interviewed in captivity. Among other things: He is supernaturally calm and confident, cocky at times, knows he...

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