The 2nd Dumbest Thing You Can Do

One of Russia’s longest-tenured government officials, Anatoly Chubais, who, being Yeltsin’s finance minister, was (still is) a much-despised “young star” of Russian privatization and shock therapy of the 1990s…..

…..and who was allowed (due to a commitment Putin made to Yeltsin, and/or because Putin is a “nice guy” who doesn’t purge anyone who’s not an obvious problem) to stay on in the Putin government (most recently as some kind of “climate advisor”—I suppose Chubais’ name is so toxic, he could not jump off and find a suitable private sector job)…..

……and who disappeared and “fled” Russia like a rat, within days of “the invasion”, being spotted at an ATM in Turkey and a supermarket in Cyprus, before Russia’s press lost interest and stopped with the “Where’s Waldo?” treatment…..

…..has lately made his way into the intensive care unit (i.e. he’s flat on his @$$) of an unspecified hospital in an unspecified European country, according to Russian oppositionist “celebrity chick” Ksenia Sobchak…..

…..and although suspicion immediately fell on his former employer, with police in hazmat suits sent to his hotel room to “collect evidence” (you know, radioactive sushi, poisoned doorknobs or whatever)….. 

…..the diagnosis, according to Sobchak, is Guillain-Barré syndrome, which, as every informed person must know by now, is a fairly rare but very well-established side effect of (at least) the Assstra-Zenekkka vakk-seen against the ko-rona.

Reporting on this, Western press outlets have run the obligatory “other exiled former Russian officials have been poisoned” line. Of course (and this is really, really shocking…NOT), no “mainstream” press outlet mentioned the vakk-seen angle of Guillain-Barré. (Not 1 in 100 people had ever heard of this syndrome until well into 2021, gee whiz…)

I’m guessing that, as part of his “defection” process, Chubais decided to get vakk-syn-ay-ted with something non-Russian. You know, a sort of loyalty oath to his new home. Again, I don’t know this, but it seems logical and in fact, likely. If so, It was a bad call, Ripley. It was a bad call.

Many other high-profile Russians also left Russia just after “the invasion”, including the country’s most popular TV comedian as well as a former Deputy Prime Minister who had covered the North Caucasus portfolio (no doubt the CIA loved chatting with him), both of whom “fled” to Israel (the former is of part Jewish descent, the latter has a Jewish-descended wife)…..

…..among other high-profile Russians of Jewish descent to “flee” to Israel, Europe, or even the Ukraine. (Frankly, doesn’t look good, we’ll leave it at that. Please abide by my comments policy, at bottom. I will mention that 18,000 loyal Jews died fighting for Germany in World War 1, and a comparable number died for France. Today’s small remaining Russian crop (most of them are not truly, “religiously” Jewish) is mostly dogsh*t. (Same for the fascist-aligned Ukrainian crop, incidentally, who are all Russian as there was nothing left of Ukrainian Jewry after 1943.)

Yes, to avoid what they thought would be collapse and chaos and financial ruin, they came to Israel, the world’s second or third-most Pffye-zzer’ed (or the first by a mile, if you count being booss-tted and then booss-tted again) country. You following this?

When the Pann-de-mmyk of the Vakk-syn-ay-tted (POTV) commences, Israel—with its largely un-vakk-synn-ay-tted neighbors who, uh, how shall I put it mildly, don’t like it so much—may quickly descend into World War F*cking Z.

And here’s where we come to the second dumbest thing you can do. Yes, the dumbest (I mean like, really dumb) is to get one of these sh*tty Western vakk-seenz, and to get booss-tted and then booss-tted again. The second dumbest thing you can do…..

… to be Russian, living in Russia, and leave Russia (and your career, and any goodwill they may have had for you), because you expect the place to come apart because of the war and the sanctions. LOL, sorry folks, it won’t be Russia that comes apart.

PS: Vadim Bakatin, the guy who, in the last years of the USSR, functionally neutralized the USSR’s Interior Ministry and then its KGB, making the empire’s collapse inevitable, and who then told the U.S. ambassador about the KGB listening equipment in the embassy—the listening equipment BEING the embassy, with tens if not hundreds of thousands of little sound bugs mixed into the cement, powered by the flow of air through the elevator shafts and between the walls—has just died, of natural causes, as little as one day after the Chubais news came out. I find this to be very interesting timing.

PPS: I am not defending the Russian vakk-seen, but at least it doesn’t cause Guillain-Barré syndrome. Also, Russia had just about the highest prevalence of ko-rona infection (and deaths, and natural imm-yoo-ni-tee for the survivors) of any industrialized country BEFORE they started pushing the vakk-seen, as well as one of the very lowest vakk-syn-ay-shun rates, and one of the lowest booss-ting rates… So, Russia should do much better than most, when the SHTF.

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A Special, Batsh*t Crazy Bonus Feature, For Those Who Read This Far

Below is recent footage of a birthday party for some Ukrainian girl. Given the unusual, rented venue (looks to be a “pirate ship” on a lake somewhere), clearly these are children of the elite. “Ordinary” Ukrainians would only ever see something like this on TV. Hell, I’ve never seen anything like it, myself. It may not even be in the Ukraine. But, the kids are obviously Ukrainian nationals.

The roughly 11 year-old birthday girl chants (and many of the child guests follow): “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! Glory to the nation!… Putin is a fuckwad!” (My best attempt to get the point across… Google translates the word as “fucker”, but fucker is too much in American common usage to convey the crudeness and low-class crassness of the Russian/Ukrainian word.)

Meanwhile, in the “you won’t hear about this on CNN” department, there is extensive (at this point, massive) video documentation of Donetsk and Russian sappers finding and diffusing Ukrainian MLRS-delivered lepestok (leaf), “camouflaged” antipersonnel mines throughout downtown Donetsk city in recent days.

These things are just strong enough to sever or at least destroy a large adult foot, as a small number of Donetsk residents have sadly discovered already. Can you imagine the reaction if this stuff fell on central Kiev?

Again I think back to the same Tennyson poem that I quoted from recently. “I call upon Cyrus! He comes from afar.” As I wrote then, merely being an uninvolved, ignorant, brainwashed citizen of the United States of Sure We’ve Made A Few “Mistakes” But Hey We Mean Well So Don’t Hold It Against Us…..

… not good enough anymore. There were too many mistakes already, and that was before our subhumanoid Congress stood and clapped and wore Ukro-flag lapel pins for this sh*t. The Mandate of Heaven is being withdrawn. Repent, now. This goes doubly for all Congressional staff who may still be reading me (probably not many, by now.)

Late Breaking Update

Forces under Russian command are now assaulting the gypsum plant on the very eastern edge of Soledar city limits. FYI for all you war junkies!

As Usual, Dreizin Was Right

Preliminary estimates have come in regarding Gazprom’s 2022 profits from its pipeline gas exports. (I don’t yet know about its LNG side.) Net income was around $50 billion last year, it is projected to be $80-$90 billion this year…..

…..Just about enough to begin rebuilding the (former) Ukraine east of the Dniepr, and to keep Russia’s munitions plants working at the current three-shifts-per-day indefinitely.

As I wrote to my mailing list (some archives are on this blog) back in February, January, possibly even December, Russia will do fine because even with reduced exports, it will make more money on them, and at least break even.

This is not “rocket science.” I’m sure every professional energy analyst and energy reporter (and many of you readers) understood this as well, but no one dared say it, because it was taboo to question the hate-Russia drive.

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