Cooking The Books

For a few weeks already, Brandonites have spun hard to convince us that despite the economy contracting, we’re not in a “recession” so everything is great. But, they are not just talking, they are acting, with the midterm election in mind.  They’ve actually succeeded in hammering down the price of oil (for the short term) with what appear to be massaged statistics. 

On Wednesday, August 3rd, the price of West Texas Intermediate (“WTI”, the leading U.S. oil benchmark) crashed by close to six dollars per barrel, just after the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) came out with a “shocking” aggregate gasoline product supplied figure for the week ending July 29th. 

As it is, WTI had already fallen over $9 per barrel in one day, after an extremely low, unusual reading for the week ending July 8th, once the EIA’s number was published early the following week. The oil price then stabilized in the “$90’s” for the rest of the month, briefly rising back toward $100 when some better (not necessarily good) numbers came out over the next two weeks.

However, WTI, which was expected to recover (given that late July into early August is peak driving/tourism season in the USA), then fell again for the week ending the 29th, with usage dropping 7.6 percent over the prior week, and in fact, coming in LOWER THAN END-OF-JULY ***2020***, when all the blue states were still under harsh shutdowns, and tourism was in the gutter (!!!)

(In fact, the EIA’s average for all of July 2022 is just barely above the average for July 2020. You can have one legit “outlier” weekly figure for various statistical “method” reasons, but sorry, NOT an entire month.)

This led to the nearly $6 crash last Wednesday, giving WTI an “80 handle” for the first time since the “Russian invasion.”

Of course, a WTI decline translates to lower “prices at the pump”, with a roughly one-week lag. There was already considerable “relief” in July, and more is now coming… but for how long?

As the EIA figures come out, oil futures traders (some of whom are just computer programs) have to respond—no one wants to be the last out the door. So you can’t blame them for relying on Government numbers.

Yes, we are in a recession… but not a depression (not yet, anyway!) Do YOU believe gasoline use is down to a 2020 level? News from U.S. refiners and refineries is still that they are working FLAT-OUT, nothing has changed in that regard.

How long can Government statistics keep the oil price down, before reality takes over and traders start looking at other, private indicators?

Probably not long at all. But, I would guess, “the powers” are hoping to take it through THE MIDTERM ELECTION, after which… hey, who cares!

For the “visual” people out there, I created a slide based on the EIA numbers, you can download it just below (may have to click on some really tiny font, don’t miss it.) I know, folks… “journalism”, imagine that!


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(BTW, for any remaining war junkies, my Russia/Ukraine news is towards the end of this update.)

An LGBTQ-Friendly Foreign Policy

Paul Whelan is a Canadian-American (reportedly with at least two other passports, an international man of mystery!) who was court-martialed out of the U.S. Marine Corps for theft and fraud in the 2000s.

Per Wikipedia, he also appears to have lied (at various times and venues) about having a college education. In the late 2010’s, he somehow held a job as “director of global security and investigations” at auto parts maker BorgWarner.

He liked to visit Russia and—as a total sleaze and sketchball—got caught up in some ridiculous, wanna-be, amateur private espionage activity. He has been in a Russian jail since the end of 2018, now serving a long prison sentence.

The U.S. Government was never in a hurry to get him out. Yes, he’s a schittbag, but as a matter of principle, the world’s Godfather doesn’t just sit back and accept his citizens rotting in foreign jail, unless they are killers or rapists or big-time drug dealers.

It’s a rare thing when that is allowed to happen and you don’t even hear about it in the MSM for years. Especially if it’s someone locked up in a “rival” state. And, it seems the guy (although he was likely meeting the “wrong” people, and being a jackass)…..

…..was set up and entrapped to begin with, basically to be a future bargaining chip. His situation checks every box for U.S. Government intervention. Moving on…..

In February 2022, an American women’s basketball player named Brittney Griner, a perfectly upstanding but very rare, unfortunate specimen with obvious hormone problems and the body of a fit, strong man…..

…..(and yes, any lady who is at least nine inches higher and substantially broader and stronger than the average female pro basketballer, is going to excel in basketball, L.O.-freaking-L., they’ve made of her an icon, now let’s see how John Cena does in women’s WWE)…..

… arrested in Russia….. and was convicted last week and sentenced to a long jail term for carrying hashish oil vapes in her luggage while entering Russia to play ball for some Russian league during the U.S. off-season.

Oh, and Griner happens to be a member of the Let’s Go Brandon The Queervote-getter (LGBTQ+++++) community. So it’s perhaps not surprising that the entire U.S. Government (OK, maybe not the student loan division or the office that resettles wolves in Montana) swung into action to get her back stateside.

This Google-translated headline from a Russian government-funded website says it all:

Word is (I don’t think this has been confirmed on our side, but some Russian officials and analysts were talking about it), Uncle Sam wanted to add Paul Whelan to the deal…..

… exchange for U.S.-imprisoned Russian arms merchant Viktor But (or Boot), whose name is inexplicably spelled in English-language media as Bout, and who was likely the main inspiration for Nicholas Cage’s character in Lord of War.

Russia then said, “Hey, in that case, we also want to spring our assassin who is serving time in Germany for killing some exiled Chechen dude.” After all, what’s the rush? Let’s make a comprehensive deal (with the two scrubs Russia is holding, not a strong hand) and everyone walks away happy!

Uncle Sam’s first response was to say Russia’s not being serious, not making a serious offer. The second response was to “render”—to kidnap and evacuate to the USA on a CIA aircraft—a Russian alleged hacker living in Greece.

There was no known evidence or legal procedure (and no charge yet in the USA, the guy’s been straight up disappeared!), the Greek government was not consulted, and it made no protest when it found out.

(The textbook picture of “not a sovereign country”, but hey, the CIA has done this sort of thing even in Italy, so who is tiny dishrag Greece to complain? What a joke these little Euro-midget-stans are.)

Doggone!!! They really want to free that lezbyan, don’t they? Paul Whelan was quietly rotting to his heart’s content since 2018, just going about his business stitching Russian army uniforms at the North Pole, no one ever heard of him…..

…..then some alt-basketballer gets arrested in Russia and BOOM, let’s make a deal quick, or we commence stuffing Russians in duffel bags and throwing them in the trunk!!! (Who will they “render” next?)

LOL. This is what you might call an “LGBTQ-friendly foreign policy.” Hey, one thing about Democrats, they do fight very conspicuously, aggressively, shamelessly for their various tribal constituencies and for every vote, whereas most Republicans are schitt and don’t give a schitt. Which brings us to…

Really, what is a RINO?

The sad truth: “RINO” (Republican in name only) politicians do not appear in a vacuum, they appear because of RINO voters.

A longtime peculiarity of American politics (going back to the so-called New Deal Era, if not earlier) is that Republicans are usually on the back foot, and when they do have power, they often don’t seem to know how to use it.

This is why Republicans at the Federal level typically cave or hide in the bushes when faced with (what should be) a minor scandal or non-scandal….. 

…..such as the Watergate break-in that Nixon had no knowledge of when it happened, or the Collusion Delusion investigation that hamstrung Trump, or most of the various Reagan administration scandals with the exception of Iran-Contra, or Dick Cheney’s chief of staff going to jail on piddly bullshyt….. 

…..whereas scum like the Clintons and Bidens tend to get away with anything. (It seems Biden’s son MIGHT soon be charged with some minor crime that will be plea-bargained away for probation time, whoop-dee-fuckin-doo.  A “controlled implosion“, as Jonathan Turley calls it, to protect daddy and the party.) 

This actually stems from the Democrat takeover of New York and other major northeast cities shortly before and after the Civil War.  Control of leading cities and the allegiance of their populations, ensured Democrat dominance over the “prestige” news and publishing media (later of course, the TV/film/dotcom industries), high finance, and the most prestigious bastions of law—all of which they have retained to this day. 

Later, with Kennedy’s rescinding of Roosevelt’s executive order against unionization of Federal employees (which was replicated by most states), the bureaucracy also swung hard to the Democrats.  Around the same time, the universities became politicized (against a Democrat war), and we all know how bad that’s gotten since.

In short, Democrats are the party of institutions, money, culture, education, and information dominance.  Democrats as a broader complex (including the dotcoms, media, universities, bureaucracies, Wikipedia editors, corporate HR, etc. etc.) are the “party of power” even when they are not in power.  

Republicans, on the other hand, are just there for the ride.  There were a few years under Bush Jr. when the national party got carried away with the Freedom Fries GWOT bullshyt, but since 2007 they have been a bunch of eunuchs.

Most of them are worms who lay low and try to avoid “drama” (a.k.a. fighting aggressively like Democrats do) unless they feel the wind—economic or otherwise—blowing very strongly in their sails. They are afraid of the MSM. They don’t want to take a risk and actually LEAD (like Trump did, clown as he was.)

There is a misconception that Republican politicians are this way, because Republican politicians are this way. Fact is, most Republican voters living in blue and purple areas—and many in red areas—are RINOs. Probably HALF of all Republican voters are RINOs.  We (excepting my foreign readers) all know them.

Most American readers know “Republicans” who grew up quiet around Democrats, are “in the closet”, afraid of their own shadows, just want to get along, afraid of losing “friends” or customers or having problems at work or just neighbors looking at them funny…..

…..and who’d never donate even $5 to any conservative cause, lest their name get out somehow (my God, the horror!)  Nor do they choose to relocate to a red area, because, hey, it’s all good as long as you lay low.

There is no fight in them.  They might talk tough in the basement with their buddies—like the “and I said biiiiitch…” comedy sketch from Key and Peele—but that’s the limit of their bravery.

That’s what a RINO is.  It’s not how someone feels about abortion or whatever.  It’s not an issue-based litmus test.  It’s about having NO FIGHT IN YOU.  RINOs are pussies.  And, RINO politicians get elected and reelected by RINO voters. 

Democrats don’t have this problem.  Democrats in some small Montana town will sign up a gay pride float for the July 4th parade.  They don’t give a fukk.

Until this changes, we will not have a true multiparty system in the USA.  We can lecture foreigners on “democracy”, but when there is a “party of power” that is strong enough to CENSOR the other….. 

….the way that Democrats totally shut down Republican talk radio in the late 1930s and again the mid-1960s (I’m not even getting into what’s going on today, it’s bad but not quite what we’ve seen in the past)…..

…..then we have a perennial power party and a sort of “controlled opposition.” And, both of them funded and more or less controlled by competing oligarchic clans, with very little choice or difference for the rest of us, outside of a few emotional social issues. If that’s “democracy”… LOL.

What Are These People Doing Here?

So funny, I got a mouthful of comments from some dipshytz, to the tune that Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is extremely rare and nothing to do with the korona vakkseenz, so I need to stop spreading misinformation blah blah.

Yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be rare… So rare, that until 2021, likely not 1 in 300 people without an advanced medical degree, had ever heard of it. Even among doctors, even well into 2021, only neurologists knew what it was, or how to diagnose it—other doctors just thought it was a stroke!!! Now, everyone has heard of it.

Just since last December, and this is just who I know about: Former top Russian official Anatoly Chubais (now a hospital inpatient), retired porn superstar Jenna Jameson (she claims she wasn’t vakksed, FWIW), and retired Mexican superstar singer-actor Vicente Fernández (he died of it) came down with GBS.

There are also many web-searchable news stories in “mainstream” outlets, of Americans, Australians, and others getting the shawt and coming down with GBS within a week if not sooner.

The MSM doesn’t even mind reporting on it, because “COVYD is more dangerous so you have to get the shawt anyway.

U.S. medical authorities admit GBS is a known potential side effect of the AsstraZennekka shawt, and possibly the Jay and Jay. Why argue the obvious?

More to the point, why are these fools on my blog? Get the hell off! I appreciate The Duran sending so many people my way, but I thought I had flushed out all the leftist Eurotrash already.

I don’t need people who’ve reached enlightenment on the war agenda but still want to (wrongly) “fact check” others on vakkseen misinformation. That’s so dumb.

That’s like my friend who’s all woken up to the Elekkshun 2020 and vakkseen/lokkdown abuses, but believed that Ukrainian government lady (until Zelensky’s crowd got a tap on the shoulder, and had to fire her for distracting from REAL women’s issues globally) about a Russian army sex slaves dungeon in the Kiev suburbs, and Russian soldiers raping kids with spoons.

Some people see themselves as freethinkers but still enjoy eating schitt, depending on the issue. (Or are these GBS fact-checkers just feeling vulnerable because they got vakksed and double-boosstted?)


My Final Statement On The Pelosi/Taiwan Drama

It is clear that the USA, due to its increasingly chaotic, toxic, self-destructive internal politics, and its search for new “projects” such as the Ukraine and Taiwan (for the financial benefit of the military-industrial complex and the career/turf/ego interests of the foreign policy establishment) to replace Iraq/Afghanistan…..

… now by far, far and away the greatest, gravest, most direct and immediate threat to world peace and in fact, the survival of humanity. Yes, it is the USA that is now the “EVIL EMPIRE.”

On the current track, barring an internal collapse of one or both countries (always possible, do not discount it!), or the second coming of Trump (who might return the rivalry to a strictly economic dimension)…..

…..the USA and China are 100-percent bound to engage in a nuclear exchange within the foreseeable future, the only question being whether that exchange reaches the continental U.S.

I have secured a comfortable “reserve airfield” within driving distance of my home in the Washington, DC suburbs, and will soon enough be 100 percent prepared to evacuate my family there on a dime. (Not that I think it will be tomorrow or the day after.)

I urge everyone in a U.S. major urban area, who can afford to make appropriate plans, or simply to move, to do so.  Do not panic, don’t lose sleep.  Just do what you can.

One more thing, don’t “stock up” on food, guns and ammo, or whatever else, that you’d have to spend days packing and moving, to get out of the “blast zone”, or any chaos zone. Hoarders tend to immobilize themselves.

Shut The Hell Up

Sean Hannity, Greg Kelly, Don Lemon, etc., as well as any parrot-brained subhumanoid who ever came at me like, “Russia is indiscriminately (whatever that means, they’re just parroting) bombing civilians and killing children!!!” can watch the below video…..

…..of charred corpses of a family (including several children) being pulled out of the cellar of their totally destroyed and burned-out home in the Russian-controlled (and soon to be part of Russia officially) Kherson region.

100-percent obvious, this damage was not from cannon artillery. It looks like a direct hit by a large rocket, likely an Uragan.

The official Ukrainian line, anytime this happens, is that the Russians are bombing themselves. And our MSM accepts that, or (much more often) ignores the whole thing.

Why did this (above) happen? How should I know? Who cares? It’s war, schitt happens. With the exception of those instances when they killed Russian prisoners on video, I’ve never accused the Ukraine of war crimes, because I just don’t know exactly.

It could be carelessness, incompetence, bad intel, bad judgement, or just bad luck, is that a war crime? It depends. If it’s Russia, yeah it’s a war crime for sure, LOL. Dumb@$$es.

More Examples of “Russians Bombing Themselves”


To the northeast, in the Donbass, the Ukraine has gotten so arrogant and sloppy that it actually tried to hit the funeral (!!!), held at the main classical theater in central Donetsk city…..

…..of a well-respected, female MLRS batallion commander who had been killed in action, which was attended by a large crowd of Donetsk government officials and military personnel.

It is likely that the munitions used were 155mm shells, fired by the U.S.-supplied M777 howitzers (of which there are not many left.) The main hall of the theater was not hit (or if hit, not penetrated)…..

…..but a number of civilians were killed nearby, including at least three in a downtown park, among them an eight or nine year-old girl and her ballet instructor grandmother.

A few days later, a Ukrainian projectile (likely a Grad rocket, judging by the “moderate” damage and lack of an impact crater) made a direct hit on a Donetsk city bus, leaving this scene:

And then there are the several thousand “camouflaged” (vaguely “leaf”-looking) antipersonnel mines that the Ukraine has sprinkled over Donetsk city in the last few weeks.

It may be the Ukrainians were aiming for some military areas, and that the rockets bearing the mines were shot down by air defense, spreading the contents over wider areas, but these types of weapons should never be aimed at a city, period.

Still waiting for the U.S. MSM to report on this, LOL.

Final Push To Remove The Threat To Donetsk City

If you haven’t heard (Saint Zelensky whined recently about it being “hell”), there is now a big push to move Ukrainian forces beyond cannon artillery and short-range MLRS range of Donetsk city. It appears that hundreds of Ukrainian personnel have been killed in this sector in the last week-plus, however it’s slow going as…..

…..(1) despite massive Russian/Donetsk superiority in artillery, there is a shortage of infantry to perform scouting, assault, and mopping-up duties, and…..

(2) This area is basically Ukraine’s little version of the Seelow Heights 1945, being (as of February 24th) the most heavily and extensively fortified military sector on the planet.

It could be a few more weeks before the threat to Donetsk city is lifted.

Where’s The Big Ukrainian Offensive?

LOL. We were promised a big Ukrainian offensive to throw the Russians back to Russia. It was supposed to be in August. We’re comfortably in August already. I see no signs of an imminent offensive, or that the Ukraine is even capable of one. Where is it?

Many of you remember, I told The Duran on ***June 3rd*** (see below video) that the Ukraine is INCAPABLE of mounting any major offensive because its officers simply don’t have the skills or experience, and because offensive warfare is not defensive warfare, you can’t “just do it” with no competence.

If you listen to Dreizin instead of GAWWD DAYYUUM SUBHUMANOIDS in the MSM and social media, you’ll be well informed.

You Ain’t Seen NOTHIN’ Yet

Some of you have heard the recording that’s been going around, of an American father calling to chew out a pharmacy after his seven year-old son went to the hospital with mye-oh-karr-dye-tiss, after mom took the kid to get the shawt without dad’s knowledge or permission. Allegedly.

Almost certainly, it’s fake, just a smartass set-up for the Internet. The man sounds quite distraught, but there are no names or dates given, he barely says anything about his beloved son’s status or condition at all, and moreover, if my kid was in the hospital and I was that upset…..

…..(1) I wouldn’t think to record the call and post it online, (2) I’d blame my wife, not some anonymous pharmacist, and (3) I wouldn’t spend eight minutes arguing by phone about lack of a syde-effekt warning, when my wife likely didn’t care about any warning anyway, LOL. Really, the guy sounds like some over-the-top, toxic talk radio ranter.

Nonetheless, when VARY-ANT “X” arrives and turns the whole world upside-down, this scene will be repeated (in some form, and genuinely) many thousands of times across every Pfyye-zzered country.

Remember, most kids in 2020 were barely affected by the ko-rona. Now, many of them are vakksed and boosstted, and their immyoonity to new strains (which have been rather gentle so far, but we’ll run out of luck at some point) is shot…..

…..just like that of any other Pfye-zzer victim (especially the boosstted and double-boosstted, which is why many of these people are now taking TWO OR MORE WEEKS to get over the current mild strains, whereas those with “natural immyoonity” barely register the germ anymore…

….and dumb SUBHUMANOIDS still ask me, “Dreizin what’s your PROOF that a new variant will decimate the vakksed?” The proof is all around you, dummies!!! Look at how the vakksed-and-boosstted are getting sicker, for longer. All it will take is a harsher vary-ant. It’s just a matter of time.)

Can you imagine kids (among others) dying from something that would have been no threat to them, if modern medicine hadn’t had its say? It will be nasty as hell, folks. “They” will try to blame the un-vakksed. They will not succeed. I’m afraid there will be violence.

The Dreizin Report Is Now 100 Percent Demonetized

The ax finally came down. A few days ago, Google Adsense cancelled me, and YouTube immediately demonetized me as well, because that’s also Google, because a few dotcoms own the world now.

I had already been subjected to “shadow demonetization”, whereby this blog and my YouTube channel were no longer showing “quality” ads from woke companies…..

…..but I was still able to earn at least $100 per week from the blog (which helped to defray expenses), with those stupid “Trump coin” ads or whatever. Now, evidently, I am so toxic that even “Trump coin” ads can’t be shown on my blog. LOL! I must be a real threat to society.

So, for the time being, at least until we find another ad service (unlikely, as the smaller players in this market seem to “vet” applicants even more strictly than Google does), I won’t be warning you again about any imminent ad blocker installation.

(To be clear, you may see a few silly ads from my blog hosting service, but these will always be at the very top or bottom, not annoyingly in the middle of the text.)

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