To My GOP Followers

To longtime readers from my original 2021 GOP mailing list… all the officials, activists, pundits, etc.  I really appreciate you sticking around, and I know most (sadly, not quite all) of you aren’t high up enough to be “responsible”, but with recent polls and the NY-19 special election results, how are those “Bidenflation” talking points working out?

Perhaps a deeper, formalized, affirmative agenda would have been preferable?

It’s not as if any chump named “Dreizin” suggested that over a year ago, did he?

It’s not as if in January, any chump named “Dreizin” said, roughly, “Don’t get on board the hate-Russia train, because you’ll be making yourselves equally to blame for gasoline, electricity, etc. prices, because voters are dumb but not THAT dumb”, did he?

Now you’ve got two months left, and there’s no time to play Gingrich 1994.  The GOP has blown it.  As a national brand, the GOP stands for NOTHING, has NO PLAN, NO CLUE, and swing voters KNOW it.

They KNOW the GOP is as much to blame for everything as the Democrats, and—in its current state, if at all—can’t fix anything.

I’m not saying there won’t be a modest shift in Congress (assuming Variant X waits until after the election, and we have a “real” not “virtual” election), which could easily be walked back in two years (assuming we have an election then, too… a lot of assumptions)…..

But where’s that Red Wave?  I don’t see it. Nope, no big “mandate” coming. Good luck investigating Hunter etc. (after 1/10 or more of Congress has died in their homes of Variant X, and been eaten by their hungry Dobermanns) with a slim majority, with the Dems and their media feeling undefeated… no one’s gonna give a damn about your committee hearings. The Democrat witnesses you call, would be fools even to show up.

This is what happens when there’s no leadership, no vision, no understanding, only GAWWWD DAYYYUUUM SUBHUMANOIDS at the helm in Congress and the RNC.

I know I’m holding back. Want to see how I really feel? Watch my new Rumble video here or here:

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About Some Guy

Some readers complained I’m not qualified to blog about Russia if I didn’t know who this guy Dugin was, until his daughter got blown up in the Moscow suburbs by a freaky voodoo-looking Ukrainian spy-wench, who it turns out had moved in (with a 12 year-old daughter as additional “cover”, Jay-susss!!!!) next door and was shadowing her for two months.

(It’s not clear if the target was Dugin or his daughter, but clearly, the easiest possible civilian target was chosen. I assume Igor Girkin a.k.a. Strelkov—for example—was just too cautious. That this went down the way it did, and that the culprit fled the country and was identified within 24 hours, is actually a sign of the weakness, not strength, of the Ukrainian secret service presence inside Russia.)

Hey, freakazoids, who’s the Russia expert here? Do you speak and read the language? If I tell you that almost no one in Russia ever heard of this guy, then almost no one in Russia ever heard of this guy. (“In Russia” does not mean “Glenn Beck.”) Go back to the Duran or Saker or wherever you came from. I’m grateful to Mercouris for having sent me so many followers, but hey, I don’t need the “experts” who think they know the subject matter better than I do.

(PS: Of interest, Ivan Sushko, the local civilian head of the Russian-backed civil-military administration in Mikhailovka, Zaporozhie region, the Ukraine (this area soon to be officially part of Russia) was blown up by a small bomb placed under his car seat yesterday, while attempting to drive his adopted daughter to daycare. She was in a back seat of the car, and survived. You know, democracy and all that. While Kherson has been largely de-terrorized, rural Zaporozhie is still a risky place for pro-Russian officials.)

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