Atomic Disaster Averted… For Now

Early this morning (local time), a new or reconstituted unit of the Ukrainian special forces (likely UK-trained and organized, as the original Ukrainian special forces have almost all been killed off or hospitalized) attempted a river-borne landing to seize control of the Russian-held Zaporozhie Atomic Energy Station, the largest nuclear plant in Europe, just hours before the station was due to be visited by a senior delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA.)

The landing was to involve at least two waves. Russia was aware of the plans and killed almost the entire first wave (also taking a few prisoners) on their beachhead, a few kilometers from the reactors, while sinking or otherwise killing the second wave on the water, and attacking by air a potential third wave at their point of origin. At least 200, possibly 300 of the most elite Ukrainian personnel were killed or otherwise knocked out of action within just a few hours.

It’s not clear how the Ukrainians intended to run the nuclear power station even if they did seize it, seeing as everyone who works there, commutes to and from their homes in nearby, Russian-held Energodar (which BTW took some damage from “imprecise” Ukrainian artillery that was trying to support the landing.) And you know, all it takes is one tired worker to push the wrong button, as at Chernobyl…..

In short, the scheme was totally harebrained and insane. It is likely the operation was planned with the help of the British (SAS or whatever)—the USA would not do anything this stupid (feel free to disagree, leave a comment.)

For those of you who were wondering why Russia never bombed the Ukrainian Armed Forces HQ or Ukraine Security Service HQ in Kiev, here’s your answer. You don’t bomb your own spies and informants.

For anyone who doesn’t believe this madness actually happened (because it’s not on CNN), God bless you, just wait and see, it’s embarrassing but it will start seeping out into the MSM soon enough, then you can come back and thank me, or at least acknowledge (quietly, to yourself) why you still read this blog…. AS USUAL. How’s your Ghost of Kiev and Bucha Rape Dungeon coming along?

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