U.S.-dictated strategy of slow creep into Gaza open spaces, farmsteads & suburbs is paying off as Hamas, drawn out from its fortresses, takes heavy losses while Israeli casualties are inconsequential, even as Israeli personnel gain combat experience, to include ground targeting for airstrikes, a crucial skill that is NOT in the usual Israeli repertoire.  Strategy is presumably also designed to achieve “slow boil”, avoiding uncontrollable rage explosion in Arab countries.  Shizbollah/Iran still deterred; Israel-Lebanon/Syria casualties so far are up to 15X in Israel’s favor, due to Israel’s superior attack drones (ask the Armenians); multiple highly credible Arab & Israeli sources state that Hamas is very disappointed in its allies for not joining in big-ly.  New U.S. House speaker = Israel will get the $$$ soon.  Things going surprisingly well for what my most autistic readers like to call “the colonial entity” (LOL.)  But, we’ll see.  The Ukraine, of course, is still toast. 

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