FWIW, the “map people” at the Institute for the Study of War (hopefully more reliable than ISW’s “Jeniffer-iffic”, who said on NPR, in early June, that the Ukraine’s “Russian Liberation Army” — with its **U.S. Humvees** shown abandoned/captured on a raid inside Russia — had little or no connection to the Ukrainian state, LOLOLOL) claimed late on Monday, Nov 20th that Israel is possibly as close as 200 meters (from the north) to main E-W thoroughfare Saladin Street, but in any case at least 2 miles inland from the Gaza coast, centered on main N-S Omar Mukhtar Street, ****ALL AS I STATED IN MY NOVEMBER 16TH (YES, 16TH) HEADLINE.**** Looking at ISW’s map, the downtown higher-rise core of Gaza City is ALREADY largely in Israeli hands, despite obvious Israeli military censorship, which may (I’m guessing) be intended to throw off the Iranians, keep them from getting desperate & more involved, by making Israel’s progress seem slower than it is.) At this rate, ALL of the Strip north of the Israeli cordon should be completely secured & cleared out of “72 virgins people” before mid-December. (This does NOT preclude Israel moving against the south prior to that.) MORE MATERIAL BELOW…..

The relevant map from ISW, tweeted at 10:14 PM US ET on November 20, 2023, is here:


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