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The F-16’s

dreizinreport  -  May 21, 2023

I’ll get to the F-16’s….. …..further below. As usual….. You’ll learn more from me….. ….in a few minutes….. …..than you would from the MSM….. …..in six hundred years. Get with the program! The last week-plus….. I’ve been posting every day….. …..or close to it. As I wrote….. …..(for those who were paying attention)….. If you’re...

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Around the world

dreizinreport  -  May 19, 2023

In this installment….. Dreizin takes you around the world….. …..to remind you of “Trump” characters….. …..and their haters….. …..in other countries. Specifically….. Pakistan and El Salvador. But first….. Pentagon writes its own Ukraine appropriations Or: “The Constitution is the people” In war….. The “living document” joke….. …..that is the U.S. Constitution….. …..goes out the window....

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Anatomy of a psy-op

dreizinreport  -  May 18, 2023

For those who read my last piece….. I was wrong….. …..about the Polish university webpage “spoofing.” The truth is even more interesting. (Read on. I’ll tell you about the GREATEST psy-op ever carried out by the Ukraine.) Turns out, it’s a real webpage….. It’s just not searchable. Not even from the university’s main page. Because...

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INFOWAR MILESTONE: Russ psy-ops finally competitive, reach world-class Ukr Psy-Ops Command (“TSYPSO”) level, seeking to ride on Khmelnitsky-area uranium fire panic by creating, widely disseminating spoof/mimic webpage pretending to be from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland. Page purports to track atmospheric contaminants, claims brief but HUGE spike in bismuth level. No doubt, 1/2 my dear readers have fallen for this already. 3 problems: (1) Page is spoof, not searchable from univ. main site. (2) Polish govt already monitoring atmos. radiation w/ tens of stations, all readings normal, AND no one monitors bismuth, what they monitor is microSieverts/hour of actual RADIATION, (3) High school chemistry, folks!!! Look at periodic table, uranium does not decay into bismuth within days. More like, hundreds of millions of years.  LOL.

dreizinreport  -  May 17, 2023

This post is literally back-to-back with my last one. I’ve never published two posts so close together, time-wise. Please don’t miss the last one. “Housekeeping” Please give me a financial pat on the back, make this all worth my time, here. If you haven’t already, and you’re not conceptually opposed to the medium, please sign...

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College girls and Fallujah

dreizinreport  -  May 16, 2023

Folks….. Thanks for liking my Twitter. With only one exception….. We’re over my “likes” goal….. …..for all recent entries. So….. I’m coming off my hunger strike. We’ve got the usual hot hot hot….. …..Ukraine war stuff….. …..further below. First….. Please watch the below (or here) Rumble video. It’s mostly about “the border.” (Yes, “College girls...

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Dreizin half-confirms the rumors: Enormous, multi-hundred-million-dollar arms depot in Khmelnitsky in west Ukraine, totally destroyed in colossal fireball due to Russian strike, contained (inter alia) a large store of munitions for Western tanks, to include what the locals (FWIW) widely believe to have been depleted uranium (DU) munitions. That’s all we know for sure. Yes, in a Ukraine first, ***there was footage of multiple large robots being used in the firefighting response.*** Dust from the blast/fire is all over the province by now. No, it’s not Chernobyl, but there goes the local real estate market.

dreizinreport  -  May 15, 2023

Commenters: Please don’t comment on depleted uranium, per se, unless you know what you’re talking about. Thank you! “Housekeeping” If you’re not giving me money, please at least “like” all my stuff on Twitter. I’m not going to publish anything else until ALL of my Tweets (which are just my blog posts, nothing more) SINCE...

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