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Halloween Massacre

dreizinreport  -  October 30, 2022

Folks, vengeance is mine, and life is great! I have a little personal story to share with you, about why I’m so psyched over what’s going on at Twitter. For those who’ve been with me for more than a couple of months, you already know some of this (perhaps not the financial details.) Anyway, still...

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Return of the Living Check

dreizinreport  -  October 25, 2022

Folks, the way it’s going, the Ukraine won’t be the only one getting blank checks. But first… So much for “the smartest people in Congress.” The “We love the Ukraine, but the U.S. must talk to Russia to end the war” letter to Brandon’s people, signed by the Democrat “Platoon” in the House….. ……has been...

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Blank Check Strikes Back

dreizinreport  -  October 24, 2022

Folks, I’ve worked in the spin business, I know what talking points look like.  In response to Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy’s mild statement that the Ukraine won’t get a blank check on his watch…..  …..Quite a number of newspapers and other MSM outlets on both coasts (yes, even the Los Angeles Times), as...

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Suitcase With No Handle

dreizinreport  -  October 21, 2022

In the “corrections” department, Tulsi Gabbard did NOT vote to impeach Trump a second time. She was newly unemployed at that point, sorry. But, we know how she WOULD have voted, hah! We’ll come back to her… again… but first, another note on the UKRAINE and the GOP. A Suitcase With No Handle It’s obvious...

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About That Blank Check…

dreizinreport  -  October 20, 2022

Holy moly.  This is moving fast.  To avoid writing a “blank check” to the Ukraine after their pending, presumed (but who knows?) takeover of the U.S. House… Republicans are looking to write that check RIGHT NOW!!! They are working with Democrats to appropriate an additional $50 billion for Ukraine aid, to last through “all of...

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GOP Likes Hummus?

dreizinreport  -  October 19, 2022

Hey everybody! It’s another installment of plague, the Ukraine (but I repeat myself), and more “Tulsi”-bashing. What’s not to like? Well, Now We Know EVERYONE Is Making New Koronas In the Lab Thanks to all readers who shared news of Boston University’s korona engineering. I’ve read Boston’s defense. They say the 80 percent death rate...

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