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Final Battle for the Donbass Takes Shape

dreizinreport  -  March 27, 2022

Ukraine defeated in southern Kharkov, Huge Russian redeployment under way, The Donbass and Mariupol, The biolabs, Death squads pursuing dissidents, ISIS TYPE VIDEO:  UKRAINE NOW SHOOTING PRISONERS ON CAMERA Ukraine posting everything online is about to bite them HARD Poland mobilizes for intervention, Every American will pay the sanctions price, Putin makes Europe his bank, NPC’s for...

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Ukraine is cracking

dreizinreport  -  March 25, 2022

Poland prepares to intervene, Ukraine slides into dictatorship, GOP loses it over the war, Battle of the Fakes, Others Pearls and Nuggets – A Dreizin Report special marathon feature, covering politics, the fakes, and “the front” – First warning:  The LAST video at the end of this post—which shows a more complete view of casualties of the Ukrainian...

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Forget Kiev—Ukraine war will be won in the Donbass

dreizinreport  -  March 14, 2022

First warning:  Do not watch the videos if you are squeamish or easily upset.  Explanations of the videos, and further warnings, are included further on in this post. First off, thanks to everyone who makes it worth writing this newsletter.  A few days ago, I received a kind word from a top blogger who is well...

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Behold the Girl

dreizinreport  -  March 12, 2022

Found her.  The young pregnant lady who was filmed exiting an alleged bombed-out hospital building in Mariupol, is an Instagram local beauty model and self-promoter named Marianna Podgurskaia (by Russian accounts) or Marianna Vyshegorskaia (by the BBC’s account.)  The young lady has thousands of photos of herself on Instagram—many, perhaps most of them taken professionally—where she advertises various...

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The biolabs, and more…

dreizinreport  -  March 11, 2022

Ukraine “frontline” updates follow this section I wasn’t paying much attention, wasn’t going to touch this, it was just “too much.”  But after Rubio’s “teed-up” (I’ve worked on the Hill and seen how this goes) question to Nuland—with the intent of establishing, “If anything biologically nasty happens, it’s the Russians—and with the Ukraine biolabs fully...

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Dumb talking points and comedy don’t win a war

dreizinreport  -  March 8, 2022

. A “war dispatch” follows this domestic review. On February 3rd, I told readers to “brace for impact.”  Later in February, I told readers “they will blow up everything” just to get at Russia, and they don’t care how it impacts you.  Many listened—now, many more are listening.     As I’ve been saying for a...

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