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Military Developments Over the Weekend

dreizinreport  -  May 8, 2022

My below video summarizes: Recent Ukrainian moves off the coast of Odessa, in the context of U.S. direct operational assistance to Ukrainian forces in this area. Developments in the Donbass, with a broader explanation of the tactical picture. Please note, in this video, when I twice said “electronic warfare”, I meant to say “signals interception.”...

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The Script is Flipped!

dreizinreport  -  May 5, 2022

Destruction of the Ukraine’s rail system continues, Mack the Knife won’t be happy…, What happened to the script? DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? Human rights, or something else? Ruble insanity continues—USDRUB drops to near 62, RUSSIAN LIVING STANDARD ON TRACK TO RISE BECAUSE OF THE WAR—PUT A SUICIDE...

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The Supreme Court is Working for Putin!!!!

dreizinreport  -  May 3, 2022

Moooooove over, Ukraine! Ghost of Kiev gets Infinity Gauntlet-ed, Izium-Slaviansk front, DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: If Russia’s “plan” was so perfect…, Chili comes to Jesus! My statement to the RNC, Putin’s thugs infiltrate the U.S. Capitol! Again, the ruble . Folks, I really appreciate the nice emails.  I no longer have time to respond to...

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Here comes the second front

dreizinreport  -  April 29, 2022

NEW VIDEO AS OF MAY 1ST — UPDATE ON RUBLE SITUATION, Ukraine looks to open a second front, The thin red line between Ukr and Russ, The Empire goes all-in, The ruble runs victory laps, A case study in fantasy, Send more javelins! New video as of May 1st (Sorry, in the below video I...

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The prophecy has been realized

dreizinreport  -  April 26, 2022

Russia commences dismantling the Ukrainian rail grid, Your vote requested! Wait… what? The latest on the Bucha Butchery, Nuland, where’s the beef? No, the Ukraine will NEVER deal with its own Nazis Who could have foreseen this? Per an Ancient Prophecy from the musty scrolls of the Dreizin Report, on the night of April 24th or the...

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Russia’s Plan A and Plan B, explained

dreizinreport  -  April 24, 2022

Russia’s original war plan vs. the new plan, Sooner or later, one of the Ukraine’s nuclear reactors will rapture, Civilians blessing and waving to Russian soldiers in Kharkov, War crime or TV crime drama? No, Russia won’t use WMD’s in the Ukraine, Russia targeting NATO arms shipments, A lesson from the Russo-Turkish war, Azov cries...

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