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Three Months

dreizinreport  -  September 5, 2023

Folks, that’s all. Three months, headline map. (The little blue bits are what Russia has lost, in the south, since The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive commenced on June 4th.) Map says it all. That’s all I have for today. Just kidding! I have a LOT more, but, first….. I am temporarily setting the “coffee” value at $4...

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Of villas and power plants

dreizinreport  -  August 30, 2023

The alt-news about Zelensky buying a mansion in Egypt, is half-fake. The truth (as presented by Dreizin) is MUCH more interesting… that is, in the Dreizin tradition of expounding on things you never imagined could be expounded on, snail crawling on a razor, landing on the Moon in fractions and so forth. Read about that…...

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Don’t get your hopes up

dreizinreport  -  August 27, 2023

Folks, the headline piece here, “Don’t get your hopes up: The “We Don’t Give a Crap” Regime can go on for a LONG time”, is at bottom. Also, some other great material, before you get to that. First….. If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough...

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The Total War Speech

dreizinreport  -  August 25, 2023

Folks, the best time and place to bend time and space, fly to the Moon on fractions, see the future and the past and the spaces between places, oracle stuff, there is no spoon etc…… … at home with family. Normally, Dreizin’s epiphanies come when he’s vaping THC (legal in my state) with his four...

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“You have no authority…”

dreizinreport  -  August 24, 2023

Folks, being a Prophet of the Lord is NOT easy.  The PRICE of telling you what’s gonna happen… I have disorganized thoughts, hair shirt, six different meds, inpatient 3-4 times a year, screaming at pedestrians, ponds the bong fire, give me your money, clouds zing be put sideways, wife walked out on me (she’ll be...

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SUICIDE LOSER PARADE gets mowed down one by one – “Mr. Rogers” next on deck

dreizinreport  -  August 23, 2023

Folks, even some of the quality ones among you, got lazy with the Dreizin Twitter likes again. Anytime I don’t say anything, it falls off by 50% OVER JUST ONE POST. Come on!!! How hard is it? Get off your butts, thank you! Also, you’ve GOT to sign up for my mailing list. First off,...

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