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Behold the Girl

dreizinreport  -  March 12, 2022

Found her.  The young pregnant lady who was filmed exiting an alleged bombed-out hospital building in Mariupol, is an Instagram local beauty model and self-promoter named Marianna Podgurskaia (by Russian accounts) or Marianna Vyshegorskaia (by the BBC’s account.)  The young lady has thousands of photos of herself on Instagram—many, perhaps most of them taken professionally—where she advertises various...

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The biolabs, and more…

dreizinreport  -  March 11, 2022

Ukraine “frontline” updates follow this section I wasn’t paying much attention, wasn’t going to touch this, it was just “too much.”  But after Rubio’s “teed-up” (I’ve worked on the Hill and seen how this goes) question to Nuland—with the intent of establishing, “If anything biologically nasty happens, it’s the Russians—and with the Ukraine biolabs fully...

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Dumb talking points and comedy don’t win a war

dreizinreport  -  March 8, 2022

. A “war dispatch” follows this domestic review. On February 3rd, I told readers to “brace for impact.”  Later in February, I told readers “they will blow up everything” just to get at Russia, and they don’t care how it impacts you.  Many listened—now, many more are listening.     As I’ve been saying for a...

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MTG is dumb as s***

dreizinreport  -  March 2, 2022

MTG is as dumb as Gregg Abbott trying to get “Russian food” banned from Texas stores.  How many of you have ever seen Russian food?  I have, but you’ll never even know where to look. 

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Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0

dreizinreport  -  February 27, 2022

Probably ten or more European countries (e.g., from leaders Germany and France to little Czechia, Slovakia, and Estonia) have said they will ship or fly high-end weapons into the Ukraine in the very near future.  Previously, Germany and other countries were committed to sitting it out, but you see, “no one” (besides the Dreizin Report) expected Ukraine to start folding so quickly.  They’re panicked, and they have to “do something.”

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Army of Darkness

dreizinreport  -  February 26, 2022

You might have heard on CNN that the Russians are surrounding Kiev.  You won’t hear this on CNN, but Putin’s Army of Darkness, in the most complex and ambitious ground maneuver operation since World War 2, following the Soviet “deep war” playbook, is also working on cutting off the Ukrainian army group in the Donbass from Kiev. ...

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