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Dreizin on the “Dive” with Jackson Hinkle

dreizinreport  -  June 21, 2022

In this video, Jacob is interviewed by popular YouTube host Jackson Hinkle to discuss topics ranging from the Ukrainian conflict to the economy. The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on Rumble here. Please follow me on – GETTR @thedreizinreport or Twitter @dreizinreport Website is not updated every day.  Please subscribe below...

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Sorry to sound like Hamas or the late Saddam, but Ukr “opens gates of hell” by bombing/destroying Russian gas platform west of Crimea, killing at least 7 civilian workers – Russia despite all its destructiveness, has up to now avoided targeting infrastructure (e.g. power plants) that does not directly and immediately help the Ukr war effort – this *may* now change, we shall see – list of potential Ukr targets is VERY, VERY LONG – as they say in Russian, “возможно, допрыгались” (“they may have finally asked for it”)

dreizinreport  -  June 20, 2022

You (may have) heard it here first. Please make sure to also see my previous piece on this site. Keep in mind, the emails going to my mailing list, include (for now) a link to the main page only. I don’t want to take attention away from the last post, as I spent much more...

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Signs of the Times near Washington, DC… And, Dreizin Report folds like a cheap suit, caves to reader demands for maps

dreizinreport  -  June 19, 2022

Are elite Democrats burning out? In a big sign of the times, the Ukrainian flags in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia, USA have been disappearing. It seems to me, roughly half of them have come down in the last two weeks. This is an extremely “posh” neighborhood (in the sense of being very expensive—much of it...

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Best Dreizin ever! Plague returns, USA real estate crashes, & why 2 Brit mercs = toast 

dreizinreport  -  June 18, 2022

In this video, in addition to emphasizing the value of love and tolerance for the LGB community, we cover prospects for U.S. residential real estate, why Russia changed its reported number of Ukrainian prisoners, Coronapocalypse 2.0, and other topics of interest to enlightened, intelligent people everywhere. The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here...

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From the Dept. of Interesting Timing: UK arrests Russian “spy” trying to leave country in likely attempt to gain bargaining chip to free its two safari hunters held by Donetsk; increasingly clear the natives on track to hang, cook, eat the white devil ret@rd sahibs; prepare for an epochal shock for Brit trash media; this is what happens when you leave the heathens nothing to lose – they start hanging sahibs!  Dreizin Report will be laughing its a$$ off when it happens; Governments, warn your citizens clear of Donbass safari!

dreizinreport  -  June 16, 2022

Folks, bring me my spear, oh clouds unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire. It really looks like they’re going to do it. I wouldn’t bet much money on it, yet, but it sure looks that way. It seems they’re going to hang (literally) these dudes. What’s stopping them? Everything the USA and its musically...

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Continuing “the big flip” in narrative, Ukr now EXAGGERATING **its own** losses, so as to finagle more nukes, knives, sharp sticks from USA: Axios quotes Zelensky party leader Arakhamia (no military position or responsibility) that “Ukr suffering up to 1,000 casualties” incl. “200 to 500 killed” **per day**, a higher range than the 200-300 long cited by Russia’s Baghdad Bob (Ministry of Defense spokesman) – Predictably, Arakhamia also tells Axios, “we need weapons”

dreizinreport  -  June 15, 2022

LOL. These fools should have stopped at Arestovich’s 100 KIA per day, which is believable. You’d have to be a special kind of dumb@$$ to jump on anything coming out of the Ukraine at this point. In somewhat related news, Russia now claims to have destroyed 51 more Ukrainian manned fixed-wing aircraft than were in...

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