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The Ukraine and You

dreizinreport  -  January 4, 2022

The formal, face-to-face, U.S.-Russia and then NATO-Russia talks over Russia’s proposed non-aggression pact (a key condition of which is NATO members not pursuing NATO membership for the Ukraine or any other country) don’t start for some more days, but already they are not looking promising.  Uncle Sam came out publicly to the effect that he...

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Ukraine of the Brain:  A Case Study in Losing

dreizinreport  -  December 11, 2021

Nothing has changed from my initial Ukraine war factsheet from eight months ago (click here), except that President Zelensky’s approval rating has fallen squarely below 20 percent, he has been outed for helping launder $40 million to Cyprus in his prior career as a comedian and TV producer, and he has commenced jailing the opposition...

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The Famine Year Approaches

dreizinreport  -  November 16, 2021

2022 is shaping up to be the first-ever “global” famine year, and that won’t bode well for prices in our supermarkets.  Let’s take it one step at a time and see how we got here, also with an eye to what Republicans can do or say about it. Global energy shortage The wind turbines that...

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Let’s have another war! 

dreizinreport  -  November 10, 2021

Senator Hawley of Missouri has introduced a bill to give Taiwan $3 billion a year in weapons.  Not sell, but simply give. 

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What’s your inflation story?

dreizinreport  -  July 9, 2021

Trillions of 2008-2010 bailout dollars did not lead to price inflation.  Does this mean the Government can keep “printing” and spending trillions more (all of it deficit spending) with no side effects, indefinitely?  Democrats—looking to the next election—think so.  They are wrong.  What does this mean for you and your family?  What does it mean...

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July 4th is CANCELLED

dreizinreport  -  July 2, 2021

When “Juneteenth National Independence Day” (it’s a great idea to celebrate Emancipation, but why that long, bizzare, irrelevant name?) was established by law a few weeks ago, a writer named Jeff Charles over at mocked those few true conservatives in Congress who said this new holiday is a leftist plot to supplant our actual, real Independence...

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