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There is no embassy

dreizinreport  -  February 19, 2022

. This is just unreal.  It’s not that the U.S. Embassy, Kiev, was evacuated and relocated to Lvov in northwest Ukraine, near the Polish border.  “Relocated” implies it’s still functioning and open for business.   In fact, the Embassy—now in Lvov—has no known address in Lvov.  This is confirmed by local media in-country.  At this time,...

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The last days of Hitler

dreizinreport  -  February 16, 2022

. Despite the subject line, this is not about Justin Trudeau.  Latest news is that, having evacuated most U.S. Embassy, Kiev personnel to Lvov in far western Ukraine, Washington ordered the last few staff (probably Diplomatic Security Service guys) on their way out to destroy embassy computer desktop and server equipment (also, the internal phone...

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Surfing into calamity

dreizinreport  -  February 13, 2022

Russia’s navy claiming to have discovered a Virginia-class attack sub inside Russian territorial waters, just off the island of Urup in the Kuriles chain, halfway between mainland Russia and Japan. I am sure that, at a minimum, the Russians thought the sub was in their waters.  And, frankly, no one believes the U.S. Government anymore, anyway. 

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Senate cracks on Ukraine

dreizinreport  -  February 10, 2022

Bottom falls out on “tough on Russia”? U.S. Senate backing for the “tough on Russia” agenda has just suffered a possibly fatal blow, from an unexpected direction.   “Bernie” has published an op-ed in Britain’s left-wing Guardian newspaper (evidently, our Amazon Post and New York Times wouldn’t run his pacifist views), asking for a pause on hot talk over the Ukraine.  Although...

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Brace for impact

dreizinreport  -  February 8, 2022

(The Famine Year, update 4) The top half of my below bulletin was picked up by the Gateway Pundit today, here.   Their chosen headline is a bit “off” (the U.S. won’t be fighting Russia directly), but it’s good to see some other people recognizing where we are going.  I received feedback from several farmers, and it’s not pretty.  On his...

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Nukes, knives, sharp sticks

dreizinreport  -  January 21, 2022

Russia vs. Ukraine:  Not quite how it’s been presented File this away in the “Pooty already won” folder:  Notwithstanding Brandon’s rambling speech, a top German business newspaper (Handelsblatt, very credible) claimed that in a confidential discussion with the Europeans, Uncle Sam backed down on his threat to cut Russia off from dollar transactions in the...

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