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Ukraine “HR” – The Praetorians

dreizinreport  -  February 4, 2023

“You won’t hear this in the MSM, but”….. …..the Ukraine is now re-classifying…..  …..all SWAT/riot teams, quick reaction forces, and other special units of its police, state security (SBU), border guard, etc…..  … Interior Ministry “Assault Guard” regiments….. …..for expected deployment to the front lines…..  …..wherever those may be.  (The use of “guard” here is...

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Dreizin Follow-Up

dreizinreport  -  February 3, 2023

Turns out….. Friday morning is NOT a good time to send a new post. Readership on my last one (“Dreizin Explains Govt Finance“) was off by 20 percent. Please check it out, if you haven’t already. You’ll find a detailed explanation as to why the U.S. national debt, per se, ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT MATTER….. …..and,...

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Dreizin Explains Govt Finance

dreizinreport  -  February 2, 2023

Today, we cover Uncle Sam’s fiscal clown show, and the Ukraine, in that order. The first item will blow your head off, even if you’re in politics and think you know something. (Actually, those folks intuitively know what I’m writing, but no one EVER comes out and says it openly.) I highly urge you, to...

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Ukraine Aid & “HR” Update

dreizinreport  -  January 28, 2023

This installment has some very serious discussion of the Ukraine situation, which YOU KNOW you won’t find anywhere else. As usual, it’s more concisely informative (none of that mealy-mouthed, “we assess...” bullshit)….. …..and more PREDICTIVE….. …..than being on a U.S. Senate committee, and getting an intelligence briefing… and it’s free (unless you wish to donate.)...

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Dreizin Asks, What Is GLOBOHOMO?

dreizinreport  -  January 26, 2023

The headline is bold, but the content is as mind-blowingly informative as you’ve come to expect from the Dreizin Report. I’ve got much to say about inflation, STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN NOW, the “alt” commentary business, and other matters….. …..but first, a little more about GLOBOHOMO and “human resources policy” in the Ukraine.  GLOBOHOMO and Ukraine...

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Dreizin Takes On The Church Of Homo

dreizinreport  -  January 21, 2023

Welcome back! In this installment, not in precise order: …..Why no riots? And, the deeper global meaning of the Rainbow flag….. …..”Not so secret” intel from the Ukraine… yet you’ve NEVER heard it, unless you’re on a Congressional intel c’tee, behind closed doors….. …..Analyzing “expert” bullshitters, with case studies of Zeihan and Colonel Macgregor….. …..”Hans,...

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