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In first top-level MI6 visit there in years, British MI6 deputy director secretly visited Minsk, Belarus, this week, possibly yesterday. Possibly acting as middleman, Belarus president then (late yesterday or early today) flew to Sochi (not a secret) for long round of meetings w/ Putin & top Kremlin aides & others, to discuss (this will not be publicly disclosed) use of Wagner but not only. As I’ve said, GLOBOHOMO wants to freeze the war. Meanwhile, Russian reserve forces not yet moved into battle or to forward or near-forward positions, likely roughly equal or even exceed size of entire Russian “invasion force” of Feb/March 2022.

dreizinreport  -  September 15, 2023

Any stragglers, please don’t forget to see my last post, it’s got a ton of good content.

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YUUUUGE mistake to start the impeachment stuff now

dreizinreport  -  September 12, 2023

Folks, we’ve got something for everyone, today. Even a sex scandal. The headline piece is further below, but for now, let’s just say, setting the impeachment stuff in motion, when it looks like we’re about to have the MOST SPECTACULAR (and totally fake) economic growth figure since possibly the 1950s (oh, you missed that? Dreizin...

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Solving the Kardashians

dreizinreport  -  September 9, 2023

Got a YUUUUUGE piece here about the upcoming Caucasus war. But first….. Another offering of the Dreizin Institute of Applied Political Science. I’ve just now changed the “coffee” value to $3.00, and will send another “premium” audio message (of 15:12 duration) to every email address associated with a new donation to me of at least $6.00, that is made between now...

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As Armenian govt of “Soros graduates” prepares to host U.S. war game, withdraw from post-Soviet collective defense treaty, abandon Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, & definitively flip away from Russia towards USA and Turkey (LOL, can’t make it up!!!!!), top pro-Russian blogger Mika Badalyan & seven friends / associates arrested by masked G-Men, all on charges of “illicit arms trafficking” (they publicly fundraised / bought / sent Chinese unarmed $300 quadrocopters to Russia, as show of support.) Not 1st time he has been detained & tried, but, this time they have to put him down for good, “clear the field.” Folks, “the Democracy” is coming to USA, soon enough. It’s all coming here, as I wrote even in 2021. They will eventually HAVE to take a mad shot at “clearing the field.” (You’ve seen nothing yet.) No, I won’t be near DC when it happens. You smug DC-area RINO’s (incl. the top, top RINO lawyer who told me to just give up & get vaxxed) reading me & laughing… can “Save this Tweet.”

dreizinreport  -  September 7, 2023

In other news, in this SHORT feature, we have: “LADIES AT WAR.” But, first: Tenacious “Body Count Retards” just don’t give up! A college-age reader-donor wants to see more Borscht Reich bodies. He wants to hike the sum of KIA’s within the Reich’s 66,000 Great Counter-Suck-Fensive “losses” (dead and wounded) figure announced by Russia’s Defense...

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Three Months

dreizinreport  -  September 5, 2023

Folks, that’s all. Three months, headline map. (The little blue bits are what Russia has lost, in the south, since The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive commenced on June 4th.) Map says it all. That’s all I have for today. Just kidding! I have a LOT more, but, first….. I am temporarily setting the “coffee” value at $4...

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Of villas and power plants

dreizinreport  -  August 30, 2023

The alt-news about Zelensky buying a mansion in Egypt, is half-fake. The truth (as presented by Dreizin) is MUCH more interesting… that is, in the Dreizin tradition of expounding on things you never imagined could be expounded on, snail crawling on a razor, landing on the Moon in fractions and so forth. Read about that…...

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