October 2022 – Page 2 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

GOP Likes Hummus?

dreizinreport  -  October 19, 2022

Hey everybody! It’s another installment of plague, the Ukraine (but I repeat myself), and more “Tulsi”-bashing. What’s not to like? Well, Now We Know EVERYONE Is Making New Koronas In the Lab Thanks to all readers who shared news of Boston University’s korona engineering. I’ve read Boston’s defense. They say the 80 percent death rate...

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Shut Up, Dumb Surfer Girl

dreizinreport  -  October 12, 2022

As usual, we’ve got something for everyone this time. Dumb Jews, economics, war, plague, more war, dancing hippos. First… Tulsi Gabbard. This is more interesting than it appears.  Of course, she is running for higher office.  She and (as I covered recently) Elon Musk, among others. It’s funny how the magnets are starting to pull...

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War Crimes

dreizinreport  -  October 9, 2022

Remember I wrote that “Russian collaborators” (those who couldn’t get out in time) were being subjected to repression by Ukrainian forces?  Let’s back up a bit.  The “mass graves” discovered in “newly liberated” areas of east Ukraine have FIZZLED.  As with the last go-round near Kiev, the MSM quickly lost interest….. …..The U.S. Government never...

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Best Dreizin Interview EVER (even better than the last best-ever one)

dreizinreport  -  October 4, 2022

A few days ago, I was a guest on “The Long Way Around” Hosted by Malcolm Burn, a regular show on Radio Kingston (WKNY – Kingston, NY.) This was the most far-reaching Dreizin interview of them all. We are talking about a potential MASSIVE OVERDOSE OF ILLEGAL, HIGHLY DANGEROUS BRAIN CANDY. Links are towards the...

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Кого на расстрел? (1st exclusive video for my Russian audience)

dreizinreport  -  October 2, 2022

If you are in Russia or understand Russian, please see my newest Rumble video, below. Otherwise, just ignore, sorry to bother you. FYI, I just finished a totally awesome, pre-recorded appearance on The Long Way Around Hosted by Malcolm Burn, Radio Kingston (Kingston, NY.) Once it’s broadcast and goes on their website archives, I will...

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