December 2022 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Dreizin Xmas Special

dreizinreport  -  December 15, 2022

I’m still un-retired, couldn’t get through 2022 without a few more hits. For the vast majority who don’t celebrate any Christian holiday today, I wish you a glorious Germanic pagan winter festival. Got another monster post for you, with a major focus on….. …..Ukraine aid (the next big sequel is coming REAL soon)….. …..”They died...

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Dreizin Un-Retires

dreizinreport  -  December 10, 2022

Folks, I un-retired myself to warn you of the mortal threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI.) I’ve EXTENSIVELY reviewed the new “chatbot” from OpenAI (funded by Elon Musk among others), and it is TERRIFYING. But first, my take on the USA’s unprecedented, total political dominance of Europe (never so strong even during the Cold War)….. ……and...

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