September 2022 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Checkers?? USA Plays Chess

dreizinreport  -  September 27, 2022

If you don’t care about geopolitics, skip to near the bottom, we’ve got fireworks cooking off here in the USA as well. The above tweet, showing natural gas rising from a destroyed section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, is from Radoslaw (“Radek”) Sikorski….. …..a former Polish defense minister, former deputy minister of foreign affairs,...

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Don’t Fight The Last War

dreizinreport  -  September 24, 2022

    Got plenty of korona, economic doom, a primer on “foreign influence operations” (a case study of The Moscow Times), a link to my recent appearance on James Kunstler’s podcast, the ABSOLUTE BATSH*T CRAZIEST Ukraine war stuff I’ve ever published, and more, further down, but first….. …..a WARNING to those Republican party officials and...

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Total Russian Collapse in E. Kharkov

dreizinreport  -  September 10, 2022

Another special “hello” to those of my readers who said I was delusional yesterday….. …..and to Martyanov and Larry Johnson and the “New Atlas” guy and all the other blind and illiterate alt-pundits who BS’ed you or else just fell silent in recent days (for those who follow that stuff, probably not my original GOP...

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Prepare for Nukes

dreizinreport  -  September 9, 2022

A big hello to all the alt-propagandists (including Russia’s Ministry of Defense) who’ve been strangely quiet or obfuscatory the last few days.  As for me here at the No Propaganda Zone, I only post about once a week nowadays, otherwise would’ve gotten to this sooner.  As I wrote in my last post, the Ukraine war...

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Ask Sarah Palin…

dreizinreport  -  September 4, 2022

Welcome back from August. My readership (and viewership on Rumble) were down by half or more in late August. Hopefully, people will now come out of their summer hibernation. Below, I have A LOT to say about the Ukraine. First, some other topics. You might have missed my last two videos. I think this one...

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Atomic Disaster Averted… For Now

dreizinreport  -  September 1, 2022

Early this morning (local time), a new or reconstituted unit of the Ukrainian special forces (likely UK-trained and organized, as the original Ukrainian special forces have almost all been killed off or hospitalized) attempted a river-borne landing to seize control of the Russian-held Zaporozhie Atomic Energy Station, the largest nuclear plant in Europe, just hours...

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