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2023.09.25LockheedClick Here
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2023.09.07Rules Based OrderClick Here
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2023.08.27Trump PredictionClick Here
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2023.08.24Total war speechClick Here
2023.08.23When you shape reality…..Click Here
2023.08.23Desantis falls through the floorClick Here
2023.08.22Critical ThinkingClick Here
2023.08.14Almost at a paywallClick Here
2023.08.12Jewish position on the UkraineClick Here
2023.08.09180 DegreesClick Here
2023.08.07Push PollsClick Here
2023.08.04Watch the HandsClick Here
2023.08.02GDPClick Here
2023.07.31No room for debateClick Here
2023.07.31Services InflationClick Here
2023.07.31US Negotiating with RussiaClick Here
2023.07.31BootlickingClick Here
2023.07.30Korean CatsClick Here
2023.07.29RitterClick Here
2023.07.25The-racism-is-not-fixableClick Here
2023.07.23Hold on to your assesClick Here
2023.07.21War PornClick Here
2023.07.20LeftistsClick Here
2023.07.19U.S.-and-Ukrainian-armies-blaming-each-otherClick Here
2023.07.19ReminderClick Here
2023.07.19IRRClick Here
2023.07.19Reminder-July-19thClick Here
2023.07.17RipplesClick Here
2023.07.15Age-StructureClick Here
2023.07.14DeSantis is DoneClick Here
2023.07.13The EndClick Here
2023.07.05Slow RevolutionClick Here
2023.07.04Polish Kitties UpdateClick Here
2023.07.04AdsClick Here
2023.07.03France Dead EndClick Here
2023.07.02Fake NewsClick Here
2023.06.30CuesClick Here
2023.06.28Evidence Click Here
2023.06.27BoomerangClick Here
2023.06.22What a difference a year makesClick Here
2023.06.20I EndorseClick Here
2023.06.20Total GimpsClick Here
2023.06.18Zulu CooliesClick Here
2023.06.18UFO-Follow-UpClick Here
2023.06.18Is Trump an alcoholic?Click Here
2023.06.16TaiwanClick Here
2023.06.14Inflation Click Here
2023.06.14What is GLOBOHOMO?Click Here
2023.06.12NDIClick Here
2023.06.12Not credibleClick Here
2023.06.103rd WorldClick Here
2023.06.10$200 Billion Dollar QuestionClick Here
2023.06.08EliteClick Here
2023.06.04ISWClick Here
2023.06.01ReminderClick Here
2023.05.31Musk and MeClick Here
2023.05.29Next Bock-mootClick Here
2023.05.27IndiaClick Here
2023.05.27The Stupid DanceClick Here
2023.05.26Nazi MigrationClick Here
2023.05.25Pro-WrestlingClick Here
2023.05.24Ex-PatsClick Here
2023.05.23Tim ScottClick Here
2023.05.21PrescienceClick Here
2023.05.19F16Click Here
2023.05.18Pakistan Click Here
2023.05.18BukeleClick Here
2023.05.18McCarthyClick Here
2023.05.13Timing ProblemClick Here
2023.05.11NeglectClick Here
2023.05.05AsymmetryClick Here
2023.05.05YardstickClick Here
2023.05.04Canola OilClick Here
2023.05.032nd PandemicClick Here
2023.05.03Trump EffectClick Here
2023.05.02KirbyClick Here
2023.04.30BakhmutClick Here
2023.04.30SidelinesClick Here
2023.04.26MercClick Here
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2023.04.25State OwnershipClick Here
2023.04.25AmnestyClick Here
2023.04.25DezaClick Here
2023.04.25Tucker CarlsonClick Here
2023.04.22What if 9/11 happened today?Click Here
2023.04.21Fox News settles Dominion lawsuitClick Here
2023.04.21Russian Bombs Click Here
2023.04.21Jeff Flake and U.S. Interference in ElectionsClick Here
2023.04.17Is the Avian Flu, the start of next pandemic?Click Here
2023.04.17Tax Day SpecialClick Here
2023.04.14RiverineClick Here
2023.04.14Russian ReservesClick Here
2023.04.12Historical JesusClick Here
2023.04.12San Fran Freak ShowClick Here
2023.04.10Quick thoughts on DeSantisClick Here
2023.04.08Artificial IntelligenceClick Here
2023.04.07Ukraine Counter OffensiveClick Here
2023.04.05Ukraine Machine SoulsClick Here
2023.03.29Short commentary on TrumpClick Here
2023.03.25A message for my Russian speaking audienceClick Here
2023.03.18No more TheDreizinReport videosClick Here
2023.02.23Aviation MishapsClick Here
2023.02.08Processing Food Destruction Click Here