August 2022 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Don’t Eat Your Pets

dreizinreport  -  August 28, 2022

Please watch my new video, titled “Don’t Eat Your Pets.” If anything, I understated the Brandon regime’s new heavy-handed “house to house” approach. Having already posted this video, I saw footage of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) coming to some guy’s very large, nice front porch, without a warrant, asking...

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To My GOP Followers

dreizinreport  -  August 25, 2022

To longtime readers from my original 2021 GOP mailing list… all the officials, activists, pundits, etc.  I really appreciate you sticking around, and I know most (sadly, not quite all) of you aren’t high up enough to be “responsible”, but with recent polls and the NY-19 special election results, how are those “Bidenflation” talking points...

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I Think I’m Going To Die

dreizinreport  -  August 20, 2022

When I lived in England in 2009, I read of a girl (about 11 or 12) who was in gym class at school, they had to sprint, she keeled over at the end of her sprint, said something like “I think (or I feel like) I’m going to die“, and died.  An autopsy (done so...

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Invest In shovels

dreizinreport  -  August 14, 2022

Folks, please watch this video and invest in shovels.  My webmaster / video producer (a good friend who is precisely half of the Dreizin Report) feels I understated or glossed over the political and psychological weight of the renewed campaign against Trump.  I understand where he’s coming from. Yes, we’ve become Thailand. IMHO, I understate...

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Cooking The Books

dreizinreport  -  August 8, 2022

For a few weeks already, Brandonites have spun hard to convince us that despite the economy contracting, we’re not in a “recession” so everything is great. But, they are not just talking, they are acting, with the midterm election in mind.  They’ve actually succeeded in hammering down the price of oil (for the short term)...

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The 2nd Dumbest Thing You Can Do

dreizinreport  -  August 3, 2022

One of Russia’s longest-tenured government officials, Anatoly Chubais, who, being Yeltsin’s finance minister, was (still is) a much-despised “young star” of Russian privatization and shock therapy of the 1990s….. …..and who was allowed (due to a commitment Putin made to Yeltsin, and/or because Putin is a “nice guy” who doesn’t purge anyone who’s not an...

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