I Think I’m Going To Die

When I lived in England in 2009, I read of a girl (about 11 or 12) who was in gym class at school, they had to sprint, she keeled over at the end of her sprint, said something like “I think (or I feel like) I’m going to die“, and died. 

An autopsy (done so quickly that it was reported along with her death, not as a follow-up) showed she had an undiagnosed heart malformation, presumably from the womb.

That was 2009.  It was such a RARE THING that it made it into one of the Brit tabloids (a national not local newspaper), print edition.  That’s where I read about it.  And it moved me and I remembered it… in part, because it was just so unheard-of.

I never (never ever, ever) heard anything like this again until 2021.  Somehow, nothing happened to the youth in 2020; the korona didn’t kill them unless perhaps they were “bubble boy” immune compromised.  But since mid-2021, I read about this sort of thing almost every day.

Almost every day, I read of at least one seemingly healthy American pre-teen, teenager, or “college age” person collapsing and dying suddenly (or at least, having a heart attack or stroke), usually during the daytime and often in public, for no immediately clear reason.  Of course, that’s just what makes the Internet news, or what some aggregator found. There must be much more. 

Nowadays, they don’t even report on the autopsy results, but I assume it’s typically myocarditis or “a freak blood clot”, something like that. 

Gee whiz, what could be causing this?  Of course, deaths are up for all age groups, but it’s the youth deaths that make the news (local news, usually, unless it’s an athlete), as it’s so unusual. 

You’d have to be an idiot (of whom there are plenty) not to acknowledge that this is the tip of the iceberg and that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions more…..

…..likely have undiagnosed cardiovascular damage, premature clotting, pending immune/autoimmune problems, etc., that have not yet been brought to light, because the younger the body, the more resilient and capable of functioning despite problems (often without the victim or even doctors noticing anything wrong.)

Of course, the original 2020 korona infected the artery lining—it raised my pulse by 20 to 30 beats per minute for three days, and exacerbated my wife’s minor heart condition, giving her heart pains for the first time in years—and thus, catching the korona (at least, the original strain) can have cardiovascular effects, more likely in older people as the youth were hardly affected. 

But “they” don’t dwell on that anymore, this line of inquiry has been closed (at least, in the MSM.) In fact, all talk of permanent damage from korona, organ damage from korona, that sort of thing, has (if you didn’t notice) been shut down…..

…..as the vakkseen damage is so obvious, they’d rather not raise the topic at all, whether the cause is the disease or the shawtz. And anyway, we’re quite far from the 2020 strain by now. 

I don’t like writing about “vakkseen injuries”, as the vakkseenz themselves are injuries, and it’s likely that almost every vakks victim will suffer to one extent or another, at some point. 

This is not even getting into Variant X, which will far-disproportionately kill the vakksed, arriving (in my estimation, but it will come regardless) sometime between now and the end of this coming winter. 

A lot of people will feel like they’re going to die… and will die.  It will be too much for “the system” to handle.  Be prepared for deranged crazy schitt, like having to shoot your dead neighbor’s three hunger-mad Great Danes who broke out and have no choice but to try to eat pedestrians.

The Show Goes On

News over this weekend is that “someone” targeted Aleksander Dugin with a bomb applied to his car, in the Moscow suburbs. Dugin is reportedly a Russian ultranationalist “philosopher” who did not think much of the Ukraine. Dugin let his daughter borrow his car, and she was killed instead. (He was riding in another car just behind her; they were either going to or returning from an event.)

I’ve been intensively reading Russian news and views (in Russian) for over 20 years, and I LITERALLY NEVER HEARD OF THIS GUY, until this weekend. Never saw his likeness, either. When I first saw a photo of his mug (with a “traditional” Russian beard) last night, I thought it was the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

What’s REALLY interesting is that on Friday, the Ukrainian state TV channel “1+1”, on its show “Groshi” (which means pennies or chump change), ran a special on Dugin, calling him Putin’s brain and the guy who pulls Putin’s strings, etc.

Then, “someone” tried to kill him the next day.  It sounds like they picked a totally undefended civilian target (just an eccentric old coot), and aimed to “blow up” (inflate) his reputation and significance, with the intention of physically blowing him up the next day… Like, hey look, we’re not saying it was us, but we just bagged “Putin’s brain”, woohooo!!! 

Like I said, folks, the Ukraine is a show.  All they really have (besides U.S. and UK “advisors” guiding their artillery) is PR, psy-ops, and entertainment.  If you didn’t believe me when I said this five or six months ago, perhaps you do now. 

If not, well, you’re surely double-vakksed, double-boossted, and when Variant X kills you, your dogs will eat you.  Maybe a crew (if there is a crew) will find your bones six months later, when (if) they finally do the house-to-house cleanup.

Would You Pay A Dime For A Junky’s Remorse?

In a recent post, I showed you “aftermath” footage of a Kherson-region household of five (including two or three children) who had been killed and charred crispy while taking refuge in the cellar of their house, after their house had been hit with a Ukrainian rocket or rockets. You know, democracy and stuff. Here it is in more detail.

Some guy asked me not to use “harsh language” on this website, I guess he doesn’t mind the crispy kids (the worst footage is after about 3:40)…..

Now, here is video of three young “spotters” who lived practically next door, and were in touch with Ukrainian security men to let them know of Russian force movements. You don’t see very much of their own house here, but per the dialogue, it was damaged in the blast (as were other houses in this hamlet, which is quite evident from the video.)

It’s likely they called their Ukrainian handler when Russians were moving down the road, or parked in a field nearby. They basically called fire down on their own heads, risking their own lives and of course, killing their neighbors. (The Russian force was probably untouched.)

Keep watching, you will see them on their knees, begging for forgiveness. These are likely drunks or junkies (basically, a crack house) who were getting paid maybe $50 or $100 a month, to report on Russian force movements and dispositions.

What did they think was going to happen? As if the Ukraine wouldn’t blast them all to hell if it could take one Russian soldier with them, jeez louise. Kids, let the crack smoke itself, don’t partake!

Yeah, the MSM “probably” won’t show you this. Democracy is a dirty business, LOL!

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Democrat Jews Are Losing Their Minds

The last two weeks of summer, my son went to an “academic” camp, with the camp enterprise having rented space inside a large (really, as big as they come) synagogue and Jewish community center in the richest part of Reston, Virginia.

The camp mandated that kids not bring any meat in their lunches. On the last day, when picking up my son, I walked into the first office I saw, and kindly asked an administrative worker as to the rationale.

She mumbled and stammered but ended up sort-of explaining that the congregation probably doesn’t want meat and dairy to be mixed in the same meal (per the Kosher thing), so they simply banned meat (could have just as easily said, no dairy!)

This is a “liberal” synagogue of the Reform denomination. Their website says almost nothing about God, and quite a lot about (what Jesse Jackson would call) communi-tay, and of course, social activism. It’s a typical Jewish Democrat abode. (Turns out, they had some political drama during the Trump years, but the few Republicans among them either checked out, or shut up.)

Anyone who knows any Reform Jews, knows there’s no religion. Most of these people are agnostics, the only ones who believe are the rabbis, and even of those, only some.

Instead, it’s all about being a special kind of gringo, i.e. attenuated to “culture” and “being a 3000 year-old religious civilization“, and of course, getting your kids into the best private daycare, and then later, an extracurricular, second language (Hebrew) program….. which in the USA is a rarity, being on offer only among certain immigrant communities… and Jews.

In fact, I entered “God” into this synagogue’s website’s search function, and the first three results were “LGBTQ Community” (not making this up), “SOCIAL ACTION“, and “Tikkun Olam Campaign” (Tikkum Olam means “repairing of the world”, i.e. social action.) LOL. There is also very little about Israel.

They mention Israel in their youth programming, at least as a place where Jewish holidays are celebrated, but clearly there’s no overarching support for the country, no “Israel activities” that I could find. Ten years ago, they’d have had Israel activities, at least an Israel committee that sends members to rallies and of course, to Israel.

(It’s no secret that Reform has written off Israel in about the last ten years—they finally gave up trying to argue “Israel is not colonialism” while pursuing their precious “progressive” causes side-by-side with people who hate Israel—and clearly, this is reflected in the statements and behavior of Democrats in Congress. What makes this doubly interesting is that organized Judaism had almost died out in the USA by the 1940s (this is borne out by recorded numbers of congregations and congregants), but was reborn only thanks to renewed “identity” stemming from the Holocaust and the creation of Israel. Well, they’ve cut off one of those two legs already.)

And yet, it turns out these schitt-libs….. are the gawd dayyuum Taliban!!!

As a residential landlord, would I tell my tenants what they can’t eat—would I put that in the lease? No. My standard lease terms (per the template used around here) already include “nothing illegal“, “abide by the association bylaws”, and “you are liable for all damages.

Other than that, you pay for it, it’s your space for as long as you’re paying for it. Do what you want. Worship pagan gods, live the homeless sexual lifestyle, I don’t care. I don’t dwell on the unspeakable, Monkey Pox-spreading things that homeless sexual tenants might do to each other in my bedrooms. Just don’t wipe your soiled unit on my curtains. Other than that, it’s none of my business!

As far as Kosher is concerned, there’s nothing “unclean” about kids eating a bologna-and-cheese sandwich in your facility. As long as you’re not the one doing it, who cares? The Holy Instructions are about not mixing these two food types in your own mouth, throat, and stomach. The Holy Instructions say nothing about pushing this on the Gentiles (non-Jews.)

Also, my son’s camp did not rent the Ark of the gawd dayyuum Covenant, it’s just an activities building, not the kitchen or the prayer room. Jeez louise!

I’m sure some of these people own hotels or office buildings or whatnot. Would they push this nonsense on their own tenants? I doubt it. But for some reason, Gentile families paying top dollar for an elite camp, their kids can’t eat any meat inside your facility? Bunch of top, top brats eating PB sandwiches for lunch, like I grew up doing in the ’80s and ’90s (I didn’t even know I was poor and blah blah.) Ridiculous.

These “Jews” are crazy.

Now, separately, let’s talk about Israel, specifically about the vakkseen and what’s coming to them. I lost track of the precise ranking, but Israel is among the world’s three most Pfye-zzer’ed and boosstted (and boosstted again) countries. When Variant X comes along, Israel will be fukked like no one else. At least, other ultra-vakksed countries (such as Portugal) don’t have neighbors who hate them.

Why did Israel volunteer to holocaust itself? Much of it was Netanyahu, who, always being just one step ahead of his own many corruption scandals, wanted to be seen as a savior on a white horse, the only guy who can lead in Israel in crisis (and it’s always in crisis.) Like, who you gonna call? How can you fire and jail me, when I’m the only guy between you and doom? Now, please pull up your sleeve for this shawt… and another shawt… and another shawt.

Another thing is that Israel, as a global hub of biomedical research and pharmaceuticals, is totally plugged in (more than almost any other U.S. client state) to American “funding streams” (research grants, joint projects, etc.) as well as trends and biases in U.S. scientific publications, which publish Israeli authors by the bucketful.

Basically, as the 51st state, they eagerly go along with and amplify every “business trend” coming out of the USA (except the woke stuff, or the Arabs would smush them in five minutes.)

This worked for a long time but, you know, things work until they don’t.

Now Back to the Ukraine…

The average American (and Brit, Canadian, Australian, etc.) has lost interest in the Ukraine war, because when the outcome of a game (however slow the game may be) becomes clear in advance, it’s not so fun to root for the losing team, is it? In this case, dumb-as-schitt subhumanoids turn to other things. Something about the latest outrage, whatever. There’s always something going on.

However, I think the below video is worth watching even for subhumans. I’ve sat on it for a month or more. It’s from the north Donetsk sector, shortly after Russian-led forces took Lisichansk.

In this video, 18 well-equipped, “professional soldier”-looking Ukrainian personnel—almost all wearing modern uniforms, kevlar helmets, kevlar vests, web/pistol belts, some wearing shooting gloves, at least one in knee pads—are being taken prisoner by a smaller group of Donetsk or Lugansk reservists (or possibly Russian volunteers of the Lugansk 6th Regiment.)

The one “Russian” that we get a good (though brief) look at, around 0:32 and 0:35, is unarmored, no belt no gear, wearing a “baseball” cap and an “older”, Soviet-style uniform. It also appears that the reservist in the background at 1:33 is wearing sneakers, which is quite common, as there is a shortage of boots on the Russian side.

(The Russians shout and curse and shoot in the air a few times, to convince the Ukrainians to identify their commander, which they don’t want to do.)

Look, if you don’t want to fight, you won’t fight. At the first opportunity, you will flee, or surrender to goat herders or whoever, just like those U.S.-trained commandos in Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter how many kevlar vests, nukes, knives, or other gear is shipped in from the “benefactors.”

The Russians will ask these prisoners to remove their vests, and all of a sudden, the Ivans are wearing kevlar, who’d have imagined?

At this time, there are at least 6500 Ukrainian personnel in Russian custody, and 3500 Ukrainian personnel in Donetsk custody. (It’s unclear about Lugansk.) Additionally, tens of thousands have deserted their units, and likely hundreds of thousands have moved or gone into hiding after receiving a draft or call-up notice.

Reportedly, 7000 draft-eligible men have fled to the Russian-controlled part of Zaporozhie alone, paying in some cases thousands of dollars to get through Ukrainian checkpoints. The Ukraine Security Service recently busted up an “underground railroad” that was working towards this purpose.

This is on top of several million draft or reserve-aged men having left the Ukraine for economic reasons since 2014. (Almost none have come back to fight for the motherland, LOL.) In short, Ukrainian manpower is not infinite.

Russia has at least four times the population (not even getting into hardware and firepower) and will obviously steamroll the Ukraine, given enough time, unless (as I said repeatedly in February/March) the U.S. hegemonic bloc gets involved directly… which seemed unlikely six months ago, and even less likely today.

Meanwhile, Putin has managed the situation in Russia superbly. The economy is fine (unless you work in the automotive sector, although most of those people still get paid anyway, through state subsidies), there is no mass call-up, and most Russians don’t have to pay attention to the war unless they want to.

Volunteer militia units are raised and sent to fight. No one who wasn’t already in the service, goes unless they want to. Rossgvardia (the antiterrorism and regime security service) units are rotated in and out of the Ukraine, to keep them motivated and avoid overtaxing them. Popular patriotism is at or near all-time highs. Here’s photo and video from a festival in Crimea a few days ago:

Do you think these Crimeans want to go back to living in fascist monkey-farm Ukraine? LOL. Footage like this is why the U.S. and European MSM’s, stopped talking about “Putin” (they hardly mention him anymore) and shifted to Russia is the problem. (For those who didn’t notice.)

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