June 2022 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Dreizin on “Viva Frei”

Dreizin Report Team Member  -  June 30, 2022

In this video, Jacob is interviewed by popular YouTube host Viva Frei along with Robert Barnes to discuss Politics, Geopolitics AND MORE! The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on Rumble here. Please follow me on – GETTR @thedreizinreport or Twitter @dreizinreport Website is not updated every day.  Please subscribe below or...

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Ukraine’s Lisichansk garrison has largely abandoned the city; despite news blackout, much of city is in Lugansk/Russian hands

dreizinreport  -  June 28, 2022

Request to all readers We’ll get to the news shortly, but first, please, right now, add jacob@dreizinreport.com to the list of trusted contacts in your email account, so that all my messages go straight to your inbox, and you never miss anything. (If you transcribe rather than copy/pasting, please get the “e’s” and the “i’s” right....

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Ukraine garrison evacuating Lisichansk – Russian or Lugansk forces now reportedly INSIDE the city; also, Karma strikes as Russians claim to bag the bearded Georgian merc shown in the infamous, prisoner throat-slitting video from March 31st

dreizinreport  -  June 27, 2022

We’ll cover the headline material. But first….. A mall with 1000 people!!! Regarding the latest LOL from the Ukraine. Russia is said to have bombed a shopping mall somewhere, “with 1000 people inside”….. but only killing two. OK, how does that work? If the only part that got bombed was the storage locker with the...

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Dreizin & the Ayatollah BLOW YOUR MIND (must watch 2nd half, don’t skip out)

dreizinreport  -  June 26, 2022

In addition to conveying love and respect for the Lets Go Brandon (LGB) community, this edition of the Dreizin Report covers U.S. Government-sponsored racism, the Free Stuff Army, and (most importantly) the deplorable state of the “U.S. intelligence community”… as perceived through the Ayatollah connection.  The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on Rumble...

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Ukr forces & “murder tourists” (foreign mercs) abandon Severodonetsk industrial zone, city is 100% under Russ/Lugansk control; Ukr propaganda shifts hard to “we never needed that place, it was just a sneaky distraction for dumb Russ”; Noose tightens on Ukr in Lisichansk city, birthplace of 2014 Lugansk “Russian Spring”; Ukr withdrawal from Lisichansk west to Seversk and Slaviansk under way, by some accounts; *****NO SIGN OF LINDSAY GRAHAM… SOMEONE DO A WELLNESS CHECK???*****; To prove it is still a drunken gas station and not a real country, Russia launches ~40 cruise missiles overnight June 24-25, hitting as far as Lvov; Russia has massively stepped up its intel/surveillance—has been striking Ukr regional senior command centers & foreign arms marshalling points w/ increasing frequency, has likely already damaged or destroyed *most* U.S. M-777 cannon sent to Ukr; fate of Ukr force in Gorskoe-Zolotoe cauldron unclear, appears most attempting to exfiltrate on foot, incl. thru mine fields, many in civilian clothes—Russ victory here may be a starving bug hunt rather than “clean” mass surrender, nonetheless, many trophies taken incl. hundreds of U.S./Swedish AT-4 bazookas, millions of $ of high-end combat/trauma medical gear, piles of abandoned body armor; Ukr forces in/near Kharkov hard-pressed as Russia counter-advances near city, NOW HIDING IN HOSPITALS TO AVOID AIR/MISSILE STRIKES, *****PREPARE FOR MEDIA SH*TSTORM RE POSSIBLE RUSSIAN STRIKE ON HOSPITAL IN THIS AREA*****

dreizinreport  -  June 25, 2022

Folks, a note regarding those who said that the Ukrainian soldiers shown in the videos on my two prior posts, looked like civilian militia and generally pathetic. Yes, I know one of them (in my last post) had quite a belly. The rest could have been “real” soldiers or at least “legitimate” reservists, we just...

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Lisichansk sector disintegrating, likely 100’s of Ukr prisoners taken, 1000’s more coming, Ukraine General Staff’s new position (not kidding) is roughly “Severodonestk? We don’t know anything about Severodonetsk, not our problem” – meanwhile, Ukr terrorism against “collaborationists” in the south accelerates, regional official blown up in Kherson, someone tell Mitch McConnell what a “real” State Sponsor of Terror looks like; Russia hints it is preparing to strike Kharkov hospital (we can assume it is being used as a command center and/or arms dump – but ohmygod they’re killing pregnant women ohmygod!!!)

dreizinreport  -  June 24, 2022

Regarding the Ukraine’s campaign of Liberal-Progressive Terrorism for Global Democracy in Zaporozhia and Kherson, the above/headline photo shows the blown-up car with a body (some distance away) blurred out; below is a better shot of the body, for any doubters. This is/was Dmitrii Slavuchenko, an activist with the (now banned in the Ukraine) eccentric oppositionist...

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