July 2023 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Bootlicking the Pet Sematary

dreizinreport  -  July 31, 2023

Folks, I did NOT INTEND for a visual connection, linking the first two below audios. I only realized the dead cat angle, when I googled for “Pet Sematary” images (thinking of the 1989 movie poster zombie/ghost with the head injury), after having recorded the second, longer audio, and deciding to make it the headline piece....

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Dreizin estimate of Ukr. losses – June 4th to July 29th… and… To show you what Dreizin sifts through for you: Material from July 29th **ONLY** (post-June 16th “Big Video Dump” – Installment #11 – 19 vids, 5 photos)

dreizinreport  -  July 29, 2023

Yes, this is just one day (July 29th) of GLOBOHOMO junk getting blown up or captured, prisoners, bodies, etc. AND, only the “quality” material, not the “I can’t be sure what happened here” stuff. AND, not the petty, “one prisoner here, one body there” type stuff (unless it’s somehow interesting.) AND, keep in mind, not...

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HIGHWAY TO HELL, or, 5 days in Zaporozhie (post-June 16th “Big Video Dump” – Installment #10 – 38 vids, 4 photos)

dreizinreport  -  July 28, 2023

Well, it turns out that most (or all) of the 38 “dead from symptoms including fever and loss of appetite” cats at the Korean shelter, were cremated, no samples available. The shelter boss sent the last two dead cats for testing, when he (she?) fiiiinally got his head out of his butt. The cadavers came...

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Death by cat?

dreizinreport  -  July 27, 2023

Several weeks after 25 of 34 H5N1 bird flu “positive” cats succumbed or were euthanized across eight Polish provinces, two cats have been confirmed dead of bird flu at a shelter in Korea, with 36 other dead cats (or samples thereof, allegedly) being tested (allegedly) after having displayed the “same symptoms.” The 38 total Korean...

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The racism is not fixable

dreizinreport  -  July 25, 2023

No, I’m not talking about problems with the policing of poor areas. That’s in every country. You been to South Africa lately? LOL. They must have a hundred George Floyds every month. The cops are black and the victims are black, so they don’t whip themselves over it. And, they have bigger problems to worry...

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Out-frauding the fraud… and, riding the tiger

dreizinreport  -  July 23, 2023

Folks, sorry for the slow approval of comments, I’ve had a rough week. A huge “thanks!” to those who came through and put me back above my minimum $$$ threshold to keep this blog running. It was quite a rush of donors. Of course, it will dip again, it always does. If you haven’t given...

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