Ripples in the water

Folks, we are back to Dreizin Report “regular programming”—for today, at least!

At bottom, is what I feel to be the ***ABSOLUTE BEST*** Dreizin audio message, ever.


Everything you wanted to know about the Individual Ready Reserve… and, why now???

A smart lady to whom I ran this by yesterday, called it a form of “beta testing.” Hmm… Agree? Listen, and decide for yourself…

(Audio file duration: 6:54. Obviously, longer than the “2 or 3 minutes” that I estimate at the start of the recording.)

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(Audio file duration: 4:27)

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This is real. It was also re-run on Yahoo News, with potentially millions of readers.

“Leftists” 20 years ago vs. today

“Military-industrial corporate surveillance state leftists!” LOL.

(Audio file duration: 2:47)

U.S. and Ukrainian armies blaming each other in the pages of the Bezos Post and New York Slimes… is NOT a good look, LOL!!!

Yes, GLOBOHOMO is getting desperate for a quick victory, or at least SOME kind of breakthrough, because, as I said in my last post, the munitions run out by the first few months of next year, at the VERY latest. (More realistically, at the end of this year.) This can’t go on, they need RESULTS.

Also, a little message at the end of this message, for all you misguided U.S. Patriots out there (from my original, Republican mailing list), helping you to cope with another pending loss a la Afghanistan. (Hint: it’s not your problem!!!)

(Audio file duration: 5:37)

Ripples in the water

All the crimes, mistakes, and inanities of the Democrat regime—including the “shot or you’re fired” pseudo-vaccine mandates; “leaning on” and coordinating with the dotcoms to conduct mass suppression of “inconvenient” news and dissident viewpoints on all key topics; forcing trannywoke bullshit on a conservative military; losing their minds over the Ukraine; eliminating the southern border; keeping hundreds of “1/6” redneck trespassers in a shitty Washington, DC jail, beat up and abused by their local black jailers, for one, two, or more years, pending trial (a clear violation of the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution); and replacing July 4th with Juneteenth within the Federal bureaucracy—are, in part or in whole, an attempt to force overwhelmingly their own UNQUESTIONED NARRATIVE AND POWER on a highly divided population.

Their desire and drive to do so, is traceable to their insecurity over Deplorables, the 2020 election, and the “1/6” protest.

This is NOT a sober regime; it is an INSECURE regime, which came to power in a state of FEAR, to include, fear (and their media people said as much) that one or more of the National Guard deplorables called in to Washington, DC after “1/6”, might decide to shoot someone on the Inauguration podium.

Moreover, they have no coherent, affirmative ideology or vision, only a “will to power.”

The steps this regime has taken, and is taking, to alleviate its insecurity WILL have permanent, DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES for the USA.  (We can argue about what those ultimately will turn out to be.  I have my own views.)

(I don’t get into this below, but at a minimum, their suppression of the military, guarantees a catastrophic loss in any war with China, followed, or perhaps even preceded by, mass conscription to make up for continued recruiting shortfalls.)

Whatever the case, their “shove our dick in your face until you can’t breathe” approach, has been SO EXTREME, that there will be MASSIVE blowback.  This is UNAVOIDABLE. 

I DO NOT CARE how entrenched they seem today. Something will come around, because something always comes around.

Most of us here, are old enough to remember the 9/11 attacks, the Global Financial Crisis, and the Chinavirus. SOMETHING will come around, and it will de-cohere the country. Because, “red” state and county elites won’t just sit around and scratch their groins, next time.

In the next, panicked “state of flux”, these people will remember everything, to include, the Democrat party’s drive for total domination after 2020—the censorship; the drive to pack the Supreme Court with extra judges; the attempt to federalize all elections through HR1/S1; make DC a state; etc.—and they will say, “fuck you”, and they will PUSH THE ENVELOPE, just as happened in the USSR in the late 1980’s through the 1991 collapse.

(Although I expect the Dems to steal it again in 2024, this will happen REGARDLESS of who is President after 2024, because the Dems and their media, institutional, and corporate allies will still be running the country, more or less.)


In this context, Trump, the man, the candidate, the defendant, is now a SIDESHOW, irrelevant.

Trump played his great historical role in catalyzing a systemic reaction against him and his supporters, which constitutes A GIANT, DELAYED FUSE BOMB. That’s it.

His own fate, doesn’t matter anymore.

The entire national Republican party (the central committee and the leadership in Congress) does not matter anymore.

It does not matter who is president in 2024 or thereafter, nothing is getting “fixed” from Washington. If you still don’t get that, you’re hopeless.

Please also listen below:

(Audio file duration: 7:56)


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