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Folks, if you (or your offspring) are about to enroll in a program of study to attain a Master of Arts in International Relations, at a reputable, private university, please, STOP. Don’t do it! Dreizin will SAVE YOU ROUGHLY $70,000.

Below, is EVERYTHING you need to know about International Relations in 2023.

For those who haven’t already seen this in the comments to my last post, here’s a great question from a loyal reader, I’ve “bolded” the key sentence:

Maybe it’s just me, but the thought of going to war with China, that has 100x the engineers, 1,000x the manufacturing resources and a population of 1.4 billion is just retarded. And I’m still waiting for an explanation why we have to do this.

Here’s my response. If you’ve already read it, please read it again, because I kept working on it, on and off, for over 24 hours. It’s likely much improved from what you’ve read:

Thanks for all the money. In my next post, I will publish your comment, and my response to it, because, it’s not “just you.” Very few people understand how our “democracy” works.

At least at the Federal level, policy on matters involving money and/or power, is determined by interest groups. “The people”, or “public opinion”, have NOTHING to do with it. As I mentioned some time ago, this was EMPIRICALLY DEMONSTRATED in a landmark political science paper, sometime in the mid-late 2010’s. (You don’t need to read it, just look at the USA’s southern border!)

Of course, one of the most powerful interest groups is the “Hegemony Complex”, or the broader Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), including all the Pentagon and State Department bureaucrats who broadly share the MIC’s “market expansion” interests (even those who think they’re just doing “democracy promotion”, foreign aid, etc.), and, the shameless, bought-and-paid-for DC thinktanks that pitch its party line.

How does the Hegemony Complex find itself THREATENED by China, and by Russia?

CHINA: If the USA “allows” China to take Taiwan, it would be the end of U.S. hegemony, as we know it today, in the Pacific Rim. That is, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, perhaps Singapore, etc., would have to start dealing with a confident, victorious China directly, constructively, on military-political matters, rather than cowering under Uncle Sam’s umbrella.

RUSSIA: If the USA “allows” Russia to take what it wants of the Ukraine, it would be a severe blow to U.S. hegemony, as we know it today, in Europe. (Perhaps even, the end.) European nations, as well as the Eurocracy, would have to start dealing with a confident, victorious Russia directly, constructively, on both military-political and (once again) economic matters, rather than cowering under Uncle Sam’s umbrella. FURTHERMORE, all U.S. programs and initiatives in the ex-Soviet Caucasus, Central Asia, and Mongolia would be in retreat, in jeopardy, as local elites reorient (or, orient more strongly) around Russia.

In short, a Hegemon is a mob boss. You might be on his “soft side”, if he likes you, but he’s still the boss, with his fingers in every worthwhile pie in the borough. And, the boss DEFENDS HIS TURF.

But, WHY?

Why is maintaining Hegemony so important???

At the Government level, Hegemony provides for countless “job justifications”, career improvement prospects, bureaucratic “turf”, ego trip and legacy-building opportunities, sweet gigs and contracts for useless offspring (e.g. Biden’s and Kerry’s sons), etc. “Hegemony” means having Uncle Sam’s fingers EVERYWHERE… and that’s A LOT of jobs, and A LOT of budgets.

At the private-sector level (i.e. for the “Daddy Warbucks” crowd), being bound “to protect our friends and allies against X country”, is, of course, extremely LUCRATIVE. We’re talking, tens of billions of dollars just to produce PowerPoints about weapons that never even make it to the prototype stage. Likewise, Washington, DC-area contractors getting paid millions of dollars to print and distribute kindergarten-level pamphlets about “democracy“, or to run Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to hype up protests in Iran or Belarus. It’s A LOT of money.

(And, of course, there’s the famous “REVOLVING DOOR” between the civilian and military bureaucracy on the one hand, and the private sector as well as the nonprofits—thinktanks, the National Democratic Institute, etc.—on the other.)

You with me, so far?

Now, where is the “peace lobby”? Where is the lobby for non-intervention?


There’s no money in it.

And, “peace” and “anti-imperialism” don’t turn people on, like abortion, getting Trump, or whatever.

These concepts DID turn people on, at a mass level, in the late 1960s, through the 1980s. But, no longer. Most of those leftists are dead or co-opted. Just look at “AOC.” Retire your Grateful Dead T-shirts, those days are gone! Even the Democrat media that opposed the Vietnam War (only under Nixon, of course), now labels any dissident as radioactive, a Putin stooge. (As I’ve mentioned, we’re at a WW1 or WW2 level of propaganda.)

Now, although the average household would be HUGELY harmed by a U.S.-China war…..

…..(through extreme shortages of goods to include BASIC MEDICINES, etc., and I’m not even talking about nuclear war)…..

…..that threat seems distant, vague, and doesn’t motivate working stiffs, or their save-the-world brats, or industry groups, or BILLIONAIRE POLITICAL DONORS.

So, you have this interest group, that has NO CHECK OR BALANCE.

It’s like some new species of algae, which chokes off a pond.

It’s not like the “fossil fuels vs. renewables” battle, where even Team Biden might lay off the oil guys, when gasoline gets too expensive. It’s not “importers vs. domestic manufacturers”, however lopsided that one is.

Here, there is NO OTHER SIDE.

It’s like an amoeba-blob, that just keeps growing… and growing… and growing. It perceives no limit. It is funded by hypothetically-unlimited deficit spending of “global reserve currency” dollars. It doesn’t care what voters think. It doesn’t even care what politicians think.

The normal, usual brakes, systemic feedback… ARE NOT THERE!!!

Even worse, journalists, staff and Members of Congress, and presidential candidates, now understand they will be, literally, SPIED ON, if they threaten to restrict this blob in any way other than STRICTLY RHETORICAL. (“Dissident” journalists even get stopped at airports, nowadays.) No one wants to be another Trump, let alone, another Kennedy.

(Even when little punk Dreizin started this blog, I had multiple FBI/DHS provocateurs in my comments, talking about attacking Congress again, and killing Federal officials, until I prohibited such talk in my Comments Policy—I spelled this out, legalistically, MUCH more explicitly than in my current policy. Then, they disappeared OVERNIGHT, and NEVER came back.)


But, it’s where we are.

And, it’s why they WILL fight China… if they feel they have to.

The reason they didn’t fight Russia (directly), is because, after the Iraq and Afghanistan clusterfucks, no one, NOT EVEN THE U.S. ARMY ITSELF, will tolerate another major ground “commitment.” Again, even the military doesn’t want it. It’s a “Vietnam syndrome.”

Other than for minor interventions (such as the permanent occupation of Syrian oil/gas fields), use of U.S. ground forces is OFF THE TABLE, thank God, thanks to past “mistakes.” I’ve mentioned this in my writing.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the U.S. Navy was barely affected by Iraq and Afghanistan, and, everyone just assumes that naval operations are quick and (for the USA) painless. So, they THINK they can win a SEA WAR against China. Whatever the losses may be. And, they THINK they can do it WITHOUT nuclear escalation.

Well, who’s to stop them?

They’re the parasitic algae in the pond.

I hope you enjoyed my REALITY-BASED explanation of U.S. hegemonic policy.

Where else can you find this level of understanding? NOWHERE BUT HERE.

Some YouTube show? Tom Luongo’s blog? LOL.

I went to a top school for a Masters in International Relations. It was fun. I learned NOTHING about International Relations. They didn’t even TOUCH this stuff.

It was a “good program”, many top-notch professors, but, it was almost all BS. Just credentialing drones for the U.S. Foreign Service, or (for those not drone-ey enough) other Government agencies.

Granted, this was in the early 2000’s, but, we did not talk about NATO at all. We barely talked about the Iraq war. (Iraq was invaded near the end of my first year.) We barely even talked about the USA, per se! There was no discussion of broader U.S. foreign policy at all, not even retrospectively, looking back at the Cold War or whenever. And, we CERTAINLY did not discuss interest groups.

It was a bunch of useless theory, or, useful lessons on how to negotiate, or write memos… but, nothing like, what are we doing here? Who are we training to work for? Who makes the policy?

The university had a big contract with the U.S. Army, to send finance officers to its business school, for their MBA’s. The Army also sent officers to my program. I had two active-duty Army classmates, and you know the Army pays full price, no scholarships. I’m sure my professors were UNDER ORDERS to not provoke these people. Like, don’t talk Iraq, don’t talk peace, etc.

I doubt anything has changed, since then.

In fact, EVERY graduate International Relations program is like this, has been like this, always, since the dawn of graduate International Relations programs.

They all have active-duty military enrollees. Harvard’s program alone, has graduated MANY HUNDREDS of them, including many later-famous colonels and generals, since the early 1960s at least.

And, these programs are ALL geared towards producing drones for the State Department, etc.

As if, they’re going to talk about Hegemony, and the Military-Industrial Complex? Fat chance!!!

I had to figure out how things work, on my own, years later.

And, now… The Dreizin Report is the ONLY place you can go to, in the English language at least, to actually learn something REAL about International Relations.

Seeing as I’ve just saved you $70,000, please consider sharing some of your savings with me, here. To those who have already donated recently, thank you!!! I’m sorry, I just don’t have time to thank you all individually. But, you are APPRECIATED!!!


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