Out-frauding the fraud… and, riding the tiger

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Now, you might be wondering, what does a Buryat-Mongol cutie, in a “French maid” costume, advertising a Mosin-Nagant rifle, have to do with this post? Well, nothing. I just happen to like it. This post is almost all about U.S. politics. The very best, is closer to the bottom. Also, an explanation of my warporn fetish, is at bottom.

DeJesus is over

I recorded the below, over a week ago, when news came out about DeJesus’ (Desantis’) mega-donors—e.g., Griffin, Lauder—bailing on him. I forgot to publish it before, here it is now. Nothing has changed.

Remember, I “called it” about DeSantis. I said MONTHS AGO (in April or even March) that this fool is going nowhere. But, hey, you don’t have to be Prophet Jebediah Zachariah to have seen that one, huh?

(Audio file duration: 3:35)

Dreizin writing about military recruitment in early FEBRUARY 2021…..

In light of my coverage of the GLOBOHOMO military recruitment CATASTROPHE…..

…..Manny suggested I highlight my prescient writing on this topic, from almost two and a half years ago.

At that time, I sent it to my Republican mailing list, but, since we started the blog, Manny has posted it here as well. A key excerpt is below, read on.

I can’t say I “predicted” the Pentagon’s troubles, because I didn’t write this as a prediction; it’s more of a persuasive essay. Nonetheless, everything I explained and “suggested”, has been borne out.

Calling your attention to a few highlights… The sentence about “democracy”, is pretty sharp. Surely, for most readers at the time, it went in one eye, out the other. (Even today, at least 1/3 of Republican voters are cheering for GLOBOHOMO and the Ukraine.) AND, the line about recruiting Starbucks wokesters is just wild, like, WOW. As I’ve covered at length, that’s PRECISELY who their ads are aimed at, today!!!

Here’s the best part:

(The “bolding” is per the original.)

I’d further suggest that anyone from a small-town “redneck” or Christian/traditional/conservative background who thinks of enlisting now is a fool—even by teenage standards, a damn fool.

Why should the hated Deplorables continue to carry the globalist elite’s foreign policy on their shoulders?

I’d say to the kid looking to enlist:  “They” hate you and your parents, they want you to shut up, some of them want you dead.  They want to tear down the wall and open the borders, and they don’t care that your town will be flooded again with opiates, because you are a throwaway person in a throwaway community, and they want to move the country “forward” without people like you.  They say it openly now on CNN.  Even if you’re a minority or an immigrant, they’d gladly import thirty million more immigrants to replace you and your vote.  They don’t need your stupid little town; they may not even need your state.

At the same time, “they” are back in the saddle, and they never gave up their personal and ideological agendas with respect to Russia, Syria, etc.  They need muscle to promote “democracy” abroad, while they shut it down for you at home.  They still need bodies.  At a minimum, they will need another 26,000 (perhaps 52,000) for their next inauguration.  But why oblige?  Let them recruit some wokesters straight out of the line at Starbucks, or better yet, illegal aliens.  No doubt, many illegals would sign up in exchange for amnesty.

If you have a child, relative, friend, or a friend or relative’s child who is thinking of joining, at least try to steer them into a non-combat role.  Indeed, this is where our African-American brothers and sisters are ahead of many conservative servicemembers in practical good sense.

At 13 percent of the U.S. population, African-Americans have for decades constituted 25 to 30 percent of Army support units (oftentimes a “clean” job with little risk), but not more than 10 percent of the combat arms (infantry, armor, etc.)—and even less of elite units.  For example, the 173rd Airborne Brigade—its combat companies, not the staff and support detachments—is roughly five percent black.  

Evidently, some folks like the uniform but hesitate to kill, die, or be maimed for a system they may feel does not respect or represent them too well.  Your kids should embrace that mindset.

Well, it looks like the Deplorables took my advice, LOL.

Again, you can read the whole thing, here.

Out-frauding the fraud…..

…..and, some thoughts on Riding The Tiger

Manny is of the opinion, that Republicans are so pussified and divided…..

…..(again, just look at Arizona, where the Republican-dominated elections commission in the state’s largest (by far) county, THREW the 2022 U.S. Senate election, CRUDELY SABOTAGING the vote, because they didn’t want a Trumper to win)…..

…..that, short of the economic bottom absolutely falling out…..

…..they have NO hope of taking the presidency, or even the Senate, in 2024.

However, here’s a little “thought exercise”…..

What if they actually get their shit together?

Not with any “poll watching” (LOL, jeeezzuss)…..

…..but actually, trying to out-fraud the fraud?

Let’s game it out, below:

(Audio file duration: 5:28)

I hope you enjoyed that.

Fact is, the more the Dems try to “get” Trump (and his current and former aides, “fake electors” etc., etc.)….. the more they HAVE to get him.

The persecution begets more persecution (just as, censorship begets more censorship.)

They can’t stop.

And, it’s obvious, Trump is the ONLY contender.

If the 2024 election goes to the Supreme Court, DO YOU DOUBT they’d have some mobs attack Kavanaugh’s and Coney Barrett’s houses, and take their spouses and/or kids hostage? It’s not as if anyone at a high level, actually needs to “give the order.” All these Soros-funded activists know what to do, how to get the groupies riled up. As with the 2020 riots, this stuff happens “organically”, unless or until it no longer benefits the Dems. And, you could have masked Antifa’s INSIDE Kavanaugh’s house… and the MSM wouldn’t touch it, just like the Washington Post BARELY MENTIONED (literally, two lines in the June 1st edition) the May 31st riots that terrorized half the city.

Now, imagine what would happen to Chairman Xi, or Bashar Assad, if those guys, with all their crimes and oppressions, suddenly “stepped down”, and let the opposition (such as it may be) take over. What would that do to their physical well-being?

The Dems CANNOT get off the tiger.

They CAN afford (and might even tolerate) losing to a dildo like Tim Scott.

They CANNOT afford to lose to Trump.

Seeing as he STILL gives interviews to the MSM, hoping somehow they will come to like him, I’m of the opinion that Trump is just another dildo—he won’t do shit. I mean, he never did. Why start, all of a sudden?


Why the warporn?

The warporn is not done.

Please listen:

(Audio file duration: 4:38)

Folks, we’ll have more warporn. At this time, I’m simply OVERWHELMED with material for new “installments.” I’m watching the disarmament of the entire U.S. hegemonic blog, its amazing. I will keep passing it on to you.

Please note, even the Soviet-type gear that you see getting burned or blown up, is almost all from the NATO states of the former Warsaw Pact and Yugoslavia. (The Ukraine long ago ran out of almost everything of its own.) In fact, the BIGGEST movement of Warsaw Pact gear into the Ukraine, was run by the CIA in late 2014 and 2015, to make up for the Ilovaisk disaster and other such “cauldrons”, in which the Ukraine lost over 600 pieces of heavy gear in late August – September 2014 alone. Now, GLOBOHOMO is just finishing the job. Keep in mind, all those bootlicker countries NOW WANT NEW (FREE) STUFF, IN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT THEY’RE GIVING UP, HAHAHA. Sure, they might get it… in the year 2045!

For now, I leave you with the below warporn, which is 100% real and genuine. It’s not a computer game. I filmed it MYSELF, in Zaporozhie. Note the Mosin-Nagants:


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