February 2023 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Large attack drone fell on runway at Machulish’i airbase, Belarus, home of Russia’s early warning / electronic warfare aircraft. Belarus (“won’t attack unless attacked”) now has its ‘casus belli’… if it wants one. Who launched the drone? You decide. My take, it was same extradimensional beings who blew up North Sea gas pipelines, kidnapped Elvis, & stole the candy from the trick-or-treat bag.

dreizinreport  -  February 26, 2023

This is a “headline only” post. UPDATE: The claim that a Russian A-50 airplane (or any airplane) was damaged is **FALSE**. PS: Mercouris takes an hour to say what he could in five minutes, because he’s a businessman and he’s keeping you hooked for his YouTube ads. Anyone feeling trolled, please unsubscribe now. Everyone else,...

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Russian Air Power “Mystery” Explained

dreizinreport  -  February 22, 2023

Over the months…..  Many readers have asked….. Why Russian air power has played only a limited role in this conflict.  Clearly, Russian manned aircraft have been largely limited….. …..to frontline “fire support” roles.  They have seldom penetrated deeper….. …..to attack enemy convoys, trains, railheads, field headquarters, etc.  (And when they have, it has often not...

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Post-9/11 “Golden Age” of U.S. Air Safety Is ENDING

dreizinreport  -  February 20, 2023

U.S. readership to my late Friday post was off by at least 10 percent, due to the long weekend. (People tend to “check out” mentally over long weekends.) Please read that one, if you haven’t already. A few other topics, but first….. Below….. My newest “podcast” with my friend, mentor, and webmaster / audio-video editor…...

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dreizinreport  -  February 16, 2023

We’ve got a really “smart” post, this time. Some economics lessons for you. Economics and international finance. Among other things, covering the “Russia/China/BRICS will kill the dollar” nonsense….. …..which readers have brought up, or asked that I comment on. Prepare to be edumakated! But first, a quick admin note….. …..and, I DECLARE WAR on the...

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Dreizin Was Wrong

dreizinreport  -  February 15, 2023

I guested on another “Coffee and a Mike” podcast, please check it out here. I think, this is the best one yet. Please follow Mike on Twitter. He’s like my biggest fan….. …..so, YOU should be HIS biggest fan. Now, as to where DREIZIN WAS WRONG….. Dreizin Was Wrong Remember I told you….. …..that the...

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The Kids Are Not Alright

dreizinreport  -  February 12, 2023

This one is about the most important thing….. Kids! In America, but not only. But that’s at the bottom. First, I take a few “victory laps”, including the usual UKRO-PORN….. …..and a word on Skynet, “irreplaceable” people, and the U.S. Army. Also, I tell you about….. Switzerland, and supernovas. (Anyone wishing to comment, PLEASE read...

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