Ukraine “HR” – The Praetorians

“You won’t hear this in the MSM, but”…..

…..the Ukraine is now re-classifying….. 

…..all SWAT/riot teams, quick reaction forces, and other special units of its police, state security (SBU), border guard, etc….. 

… Interior Ministry “Assault Guard” regiments…..

…..for expected deployment to the front lines….. 

…..wherever those may be. 

(The use of “guard” here is the Soviet/Russian one, connoting an elite or veteran unit.) 

The Ukraine claims to have received over 5000 “bring me over to the Assault Guard“, volunteer applications…..

…..from existing personnel in these units….. 

…..but in reality, if you want to keep your job and pension…..

…..of course, you must “volunteer“….. 

…..(because there’s no purpose for these units now, other than The Front)…..

…..and of course, losing a police or other security-type job, at this time….. 

…..paints a Big Red Bullseye on your back….. 

…..for conscription into the regular army. 

Now, in fairness…..

…..various Donetsk state security and special law enforcement units….. 

…..did participate in the Mariupol operation….. 

…..but that urban battle, required their special training….. 

…..AND, it’s long past. 

What the Ukraine is doing now….. 

… the equivalent of (this never happened, but)….. 

…..sending the Praetorian Guard out of Rome, in response to an invasion of north Italy. 

Organized crime, smuggling, etc……

…..were already bad enough in the Ukraine. 

Now, those “interests” will take over half the country. 

(Some may recall, in February 2022, I predicted the Somalia-ization of what’s left of the Ukraine, after the war.)

Folks, as usual….. 

…..if you want to know what’s going on, a.k.a. THE TRUTH….. 

…..just check the Dreizin Report to see what they’re DOING

NOT what they, or our MSM….. 

…..are SAYING

Of course, the MSM won’t report what they DO

The MSM only reports what they tell the MSM. 

Where’s the journalism?

The Money

I spoke to my webmaster / video editor (and longtime friend)…..

…..telling him, I’m SHOCKED at how, with a relatively small following…..

…..(under 7000 truly regular readers)…..

…..I’ve been able to raise as much as I have…..

… the short time since I put out the collection tin.

In the last eight or so days…..

…..135 supporters have donated close to $3000.

Sure, it will taper off.

It has already, relative to the first two days.

But still, if people keep giving…..

… looks like this blog might now be WELL WORTH my time.

My webmaster said, people are THIRSTY for the TRUTH…..

…..because it’s so hard to find…..

…..and this is how they respond, when you give it to them.

Is he wrong?

If you wish to “join the movement” (hahaha, buy my merch!!!)…..

Please give, here.

If you can’t, no problem…..

…..but please, DO SOMETHING.

I understand if you’re some VIP in a sensitive position…..

…..and you can’t be in the same building as me…..

But, everyone else…..

Share with your friends, whoever can stomach it…..

…..leave a comment…..

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I work VERY hard for your infotainment.

Don’t be a freeloading parasite!!!

Thank you.

The World’s Only “Mercouris and Gonzo Lira Discussion Board


Next Up: ZeroHedge

I will soon shift my attention from Mercouris and friends…..

… a much bigger subject…..

…..the mega alt news-blog, ZeroHedge.

I never really slammed Mercouris, it’s not warranted.

I will be MUCH harsher with ZeroHedge…..

…..because, they are scum.

ZeroHedge is the ONLY website I know…..


…..and puts it behind a PAYWALL.

Typically, three or more times per day.


I can’t say for sure, but…..

…..they do it to SO MANY different content creators…..

…..that I HIGHLY DOUBT they’re paying royalties to anyone.

So, again, ZeroHedge it is.

I’ll be your “ZeroHedge watchdog.

But, for now…..

Here’s a closing statement on Mercouris.

One reader, wrote in the comments as follows:

Jacob, Alexander Mercouris has been very complementary to you on number of occasion and he has not said anything negative about anyone so I am a bit curious as to why you are going after him in public. Very unkind words spoken publicly? Anyway, your blog posts are very interesting accurate and I always look forward to email alerts for new posts. Thank you.

My response:

Hello! Thanks very much for writing. Even if it’s nonsense. From what I’m told, Mercouris hasn’t mentioned me in months, and as for what I’ve written about his show, it was in response to readers CONSTANTLY bringing him up in the comments. I have said nothing untrue or even bad about him, at all. It’s pretty dumb if you’re upset that I called him a businessman, and analyzed his game.

If readers want to talk Mercouris, sure, I’ll talk Mercouris. Why would I not? It’s just customer service, straight up. It seems that’s caused about 150 Mercouris diehards to unsubscribe, but engagement in the comments is up, and most people seem to love it. I’ve become the world’s only Mercouris and Gonzalo Lira discussion board, filling that market niche, LOL.

Yes, he did help a lot with my audience growth, early on… But, he also kept 100% of ad proceeds (probably close to $10,000) from posting, on his own channel, my first 4 or 5 YouTube videos, as well as my guest show that I did with him…..

…..most or all of which, got MORE views, on HIS channel, than HIS OWN vids were getting at the time. In the early months of the Ukraine war, it was a huge boost to his own “war credentials.”

So, he helped me, and I helped him, we’re even, and now I can say whatever. It’s not like he was ever going to invite me back to his show, anyway, since I started talking about the vakkseenz.


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