“Counteroffensive Edition”

As strange as it sounds…..

Without even showing up…..

Russia has already won the Information War.

Stay with me.

I have few thoughts on Russia’s pending “Big Offensive”, other than….. 

(1)  As I’ve written, there will again be something coming from Belarus.  At least major diversionary raids, perhaps more. 

(2) There is something big coming in northwest Lugansk and east Kharkov, where (no secret) the Ukrainians are stretched very thin, having largely redeployed to other, more intensive sectors.

(3)  Some Brit tabloid just predicted another Kursk battle, LOL. The Big Offensive likely won’t be as huge (or hugely transformational) as some of you think.  It doesn’t need to be.  All Russia really needs to do, is push the front some credible amount, and demonstrate strength in a way that renders ridiculous all further talk of Ukrainian counteroffensives, “taking back Crimea”, etc. 

As for the Information War…..

…..one NEVER needed to convince people that Russia is nice.

One ONLY needed to demonstrate…..

…..(hell, the Ukraine does a good enough job of this, on its own)…..

…..that the Ukraine is a LIE.

As borne out in polling (especially in Europe)….. 

…..the West has already lost interest in this thing…. 

…..and the “ideological underpinnings” of support…..

…..for the shameless welfare mooch, corrupt black hole…..

…..repressive, neo-fascist, ethnic purist-exclusionary…..

…..Ukrainian “Maidan” regime….. 

…..are GONE.

Thanks, in part…..

…..to many outspoken anti-GLOBOHOMO’S, people like me.

…..(Some of them, much, much, much more well-known and influential than me… but, I do have some “top people” on my mailing list, and I saw at least a sliver of my material—”original” to me, having been covered prior to me in no other English-language source—being picked up by a top, top name.)

Yes, without entering the ring, or pulling any strings…..

…..with no “influence operations” of any consequence…..

…..without “rigging elections”…..

…..without even trying, or knowing how…..

Russia has WON the Information War. 

You don’t believe me? 

Aside from, perhaps, the USA’s muppet “president”….. 

Who, today…..

…..still speaks of “defending democracy” (LOL) over there???

WITHOUT the ideological rah-rah….. 

…..you know, the stuff Americans learned to jump to attention for, like trained dogs….. 

…..over two generations of Cold War…..

…..it becomes dry, “great power games” bullshit….. 

…..and Americans are NOT interested in that….. 

…..and the U.S. military will NOT go along and get involved directly. 

After Iraq and Afghanistan, it can no longer motivate its still-traumatized ground forces to die for oil, bananas, guano, etc.

Much less, for the Rainbow Flag.

(Don Rumsfeld is dead, but be sure to “thank” Dick Cheney. 7000 American military personnel (RIP) DID NOT die in Iraq and Afghanistan for NOTHING. We now know, they died to REMOVE the U.S. Army’s ten active divisions from world affairs, for a generation.)

And, Uncle Sam needs to save some weapons for other baddies.

Now, the ONLY thing keeping the Empire going here….. 

…..is hope for “another Ukrainian offensive“….. 

…..more successful than the last, “shocking” but strategically-failed one. 

And if that hope is finally BURIED….. 

…..and all the Empire can look forward to…..

…..is losing all its weapons in the Ukraine….. 

…..and being unable to rebuild its arsenal until 2029, 2032, or whenever….. 

Well, that will be a different world, won’t it? 

You Read It Here First

Remember I wrote, on January 21, that Western tanks…..

…..including the present “great white hope“…..

…..the German Leopards…..

…..are TOO HEAVY to traverse Soviet bridges?

And thus…..

…..their utility in Ukraine combat, is in great doubt?

You probably remember.

A reader just sent me this link.

The MSM has caught on.

As I’ve said, on this conflict…..

…..I’m always WEEKS OR MONTHS ahead of the MSM.

This is why you pay me the Big Bucks!


As to what I wrote about Russia taking out the electric grid…..

As I said, the grid is now so weak…..

…..it can no longer power what’s left of the Ukraine’s heavy industry…..

…..(first and foremost, the big steel plant in Krivoi Rog)…..

…..or much other industry.

The one exception being, military repair workshops…..

…..which are a priority…..

…..but even then, it’s sketchy.

Even relative to four months ago…..

…..tax revenues have COLLAPSED…..

…..and it’s very likely that Brandon’s people will have to ask Congress…..

…..for many more billions in direct budgetary support for the Ukraine…..

…..within the next 30 days or so.

I said all that.

What I ALSO said, is…..

…..utilities could be turned off, to such an extent…..

…..that there’d be a HUGE refugee crisis…..

…..WORSE than what we’ve seen to date.

(To date, not nearly all, but MOST, of the Ukro-“refugees” have been economic migrants, welfare mooches, frauds.)

This HAS NOT happened.

Russia has chosen NOT to go this far.

It has largely targeted electrical DISTRIBUTION (much easier to fix)…..


…..as it evidently senses, that its battlefield performance will be sufficient…..

…..as to make its case, reach its goals…..

…..without completely ruining the country, in physical terms.

Nonetheless, politically at a minimum…..

…..as I’ve said for a year now…..

Unless Uncle Sam backs down…..

The Ukraine will be DESTROYED.

Pep Talk

Look here, folks.

The “alt’s” among you, the majority here…..

I understand…..

You are outcasted, you are dejected, you are occupied….. 

Some of you were born in proud, great nations….. 

…..(e.g., Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia… or what used to be France, or Canada)….. 

…..and now you’ve been swallowed, stripped of pride.

You live in perverse, fake “democracies”….. 

…..in many cases, states that count for nothing, bizarrely vassal to multiple masters….. 

…..and even, to private corporations…..

…..(such as, the one that starts with two consonants.)

And you see your coworkers, relatives….. 

…..perhaps even your CHILDREN, or SPOUSES….. 

…..turned mental hostages to power-mad, freak professors of social bullshit at American universities. 

And you can say nothing, or you may lose something…..

Perhaps even your job, your business.

Or, if you do speak…..

…..it’s like talking through a gag, from underwater….. 

To a deaf-mute, standing on the shore. 

The shame! 

This is not the future you wanted. 

To be a Stranger in your own land… No. 

And so, you want to know…..

You want to see beyond THIS future….. 

You want HOPE….. 

…..you want COMFORT.

Damn it, you want to lower your blood pressure! 

And for those of you, who are older….. 

……you want to know…..

…..that History has NOT stopped…..

…..that you can leave this world…..

…..knowing yours’ will NOT be the Last Generation before Ever-Night…..

…..and whatever Gates and Soros and Schwab…..

…..and the AI programmers, have planned for us. 

So… you grasp for any straw….. 

…..you elevate any vague, rough, crude hope (e.g., Putin) onto a Pedestal….. 

And you look behind you, to Cape Finisterre….. 

…..your figurative Finisterre, wherever you may be….. 

…..and between it and you….. 

…..stretches out, what you perceive as the Twilight Realm of Crooked Mirrors.

And then you look eastwards….. 

…..(לְפַאֲתֵי מִזְרָח, as the Jews would say)

…..and you want to know…..

…..”figurative” as the question and answer may be….. 

…..you ask, as did once (for at least some of you) your ancestors….. 

…..with a pinch in the throat….. 

…..like a forlorn child, waiting for mummy or daddy to come home….. 

My God, when is the Red Army coming? 

(Because there seems to be no one else, in the fight.) 

How far are they?

When will I see their air machines?  

When will I hear the echoes of cannon? 

When will they start giving instructions on the shortwave? 

When will the Gauleiter’s office, be seen piling bags into cars….. 

…..and screeching out of town? 

My friends….. 

We will always have problems, we will always have enemies foisted on us.

Time never stands still. 

The good guys become the bad guys become the good guys. 

“The captains and the kings depart…” 

All we can do…..

…..is live in our own time, and seek our own dignity. 

Well, today…..

Russia will be fine. 

GLOBOHOMO will be destroyed

The whole thing will flip like 1812 to 1813… and then 1815. 

It will make your head spin. 

DO NOT lose sleep for Russia. 

As Russians say….. 

Наше дело правое.

Враг будет разбит.

Победа будет за нами!

(“Our cause is just, the enemy will be smashed, Victory will be ours!”) 


Take all care for your OWN self. 

As your unlicensed psychologist and cult leader….. 

…..did I just make you feel better? 


Now, send me money! 

(NOT if you are retired, please, not five dollars and not one cent.  You ride this bus for free.) 

And, buy my “merch“! 

Oh, wait…..

Regarding the “merch“….. 

See below….. 

Merch” Delay

I was just about to start selling Dreizin Reportmerch“….. 

…..when, per the smartphone video below…..

…..(sorry, there’s a problem with the sound)…..

…..this angry Israeli busts in, and trashes the place….. 

…..claiming he works for the original landlord….. 

…..and that the premises are zoned for religious use, not commercial. 

As an American, I DO NOT understand people like this. 

This is NOT what our country is about.

I’ll need to clean up.

I’ll let you know when the merch store opens. 

Russian State Finances

Folks, what you might have read about Russia’s huge budget deficit for January…..

…..is semi-fake news.

Yes, they got the numbers right.

What they DID NOT tell you…..

…..is that Russia front-loaded essentially all…..

…..of its military procurement for this fiscal year…..

…..into January (the first month of its fiscal year.)

And that’s it…..

…..because Russia’s military-industrial order books are so heavy right now…..

If leadership wanted to throw more money at them…..

It wouldn’t make any difference.

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