Dreizin Admits To Drug Problem

When you realize the Ukraine will ultimately be tossed, with two squeamish fingers….. 

…..like a hot loaded diaper….. 

…..the “dispatches from the front” become LESS interesting…

 …..and what comes to the fore….. 

……is the slow, confused, diffuse decision-making…..

…..(or sometimes, lack thereof)….. 

…..and the lobbying, media/PR operations, and public opinion manipulation….. 

……on the American (and allied) side. 

If you haven’t noticed, that’s been my main interest for a while. 

Watching the gears turn….. 

…..all out in the open (at least, to an “astute observer“)….. 


As is, writing about it.

Thank God, they hand me this material, for free…..

…..because if I had to PAY for it, ummm…..

…..I don’t know WHAT I might do.

I should seek help!


As you’ve seen….. 

I’m actually, for the most part, writing about….

…..the USA!

(Who cares about the Ukraine, anymore?) 

In the last piece…..

I told you the information effort around the Ukraine….. 

…..has already failed so UTTERLY….. 

…..that, for the most part…..

…..they’ve STOPPED talking about defending Freedom and Democracy. 

In the context of American propaganda…..

This is a BIG DEAL. 

It would be like Pope Urban II, declaiming, ab urbe ad mundi….. 

…..that the (First) Crusade…..

…..is about letting all the petty nobles and knights…..

…..dump some steam in the Holy Land, so that….. 

….(in the context of Medieval Warm Period population explosion)….. 

…..they don’t kill each other in inheritance squabbles, back home. 

Would be kind of a let-down, no? 

How many of those nobles…..

…..would still sail for Palestine? 

Last time, I very briefly summarized the reasons…..

…..why the MSM and our politicians and generals…..

…..have ALMOST ENTIRELY STOPPED with the high-falootin’ talk. 

The Ukraine is corrupt, the Ukraine is a shameless mooch, the Ukraine is a black hole that will disarm the USA, the Ukraine has become a one-party dictatorship, the Ukraine is slowly shutting down its largest church, the Ukraine has too many Nazis and fascioids running around (many of them, on state payroll), the Ukraine is the last European state to seek to forcibly assimilate “non-titular” ethnolinguistic groups, etc., etc.

Oh, and its soldiers frequently execute prisoners and those trying to surrender, and film and put it on the Internet—because, hey, why not? I’ve posted a bunch, but see a fresh video, below. NOT for the anxious or squeamish, watch at your own risk, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

In short….. 

…..the Ukraine is a PIT….

…..even worse (oh my Gawwwwd, can we say it???)…..

…..than Russia. 


The propaganda still has ONE leg left. 

Something like…..

“The Ukrainians are itching (chomping at the bit!!!) to defend themselves…..

…..and we’re just giving them the tools they need.” 

(Tools, LOL. The MSM knows, but doesn’t dare list all the tools. I’ve skimmed through THOUSANDS of pages of U.S. military documents (viewing through an OPEN/PUBLIC source, virtualized, NEVER in my own possession, and I’m like, you know, a journalist, so Peter Strzok’s replacement at the FBI can relax)….. 

…..with DAILY targeting coordinates for the Ukrainians, DOWN TO SIX DECIMAL PLACES, covering almost the entire Russian deployment. So the HIMARS crews don’t even need to aim, no artillery science to it, they just plug in the coordinates… a mere “data entry” task.) 


That’s not the point here.)

The point is….. 

When THAT’S the party line….. 

As I’ve said…..

You CANNOT report on this reality…..

(See video.)

Yeah, I’ve already posted a bunch of these, and given you DETAILED Ukrainian draft stats for most of January. I’ve told you what’s going on; no need to repeat everything.

After lambasting, ridiculing Russia’s draft FOR MONTHS…..

…..the MSM CANNOT admit this is happening. 

They CANNOT show, describe…..

…..or even allude to, such scenes.

It’s taboo!

(I just now googled for news stories with “Ukraine” and “draft” and/or “conscription”… and found a bunch of crap, something about Russia maybe drafting women, something about Germany, Latvia, Sweden perhaps starting their own drafts. Of just three headlines I found about the Ukraine’s draft… two were from an ARAB source, and one was a Ukrainian propaganda piece, basically just one long, “it’s all good” quote from their Defense Minister, reprinted by Yahoo News.)

The MSM can’t admit that a HIGHER…..

…..perhaps much higher, proportion…..

…..of the Ukraine’s frontline personnel are SLAVES…..

…..than RUSSIA’S.

EVERY publisher and editor involved with Ukraine coverage….. 

…..who knows what’s up…..

…..(I imagine, the ones at larger, “legacy” outlets might have an idea)…..

…..and has SELF-CENSORED this…..

…..because he/she is a True Believer….

…..OR, more likely, because of the kids and mortgage….. 

…..is a PROPAGANDA SOLDIER for the Empire.

For whatever reason…..

…..(“slow news day”, whatever)….. 

…..they have touched SOME OF the other narrative legs…..


…..but they CAN’T TOUCH THIS ONE

Because it’s the LAST leg….. 

…..before the BIG LIE crumbles UTTERLY. 

If the Ukraine is resorting to universal SLAVERY to fight Russia….. 

…..and its men, today…..

…..will only fight, if FORCED….. 

Then, what….. 

…..the fuck….. 

…..is the point? 


To anyone who doubts…..

…..that public opinion may have an impact…..

…..on Uncle Sam’s actions in the Ukraine.

Yes, it’s true, at the Federal level…..

Opinion on many issues, counts for almost NOTHING.


….(like, “proven”, you know, like “trust the science”)…..

…..in a major, “groundbreaking” study…..

…..by some political scientists, about 7-8 years ago.

(Probably the most meaningful, best-publicized political science research of the last 30 years, at least.)

How many Americans, voted for Open Borders?

How many Americans, voted for Outsourcing and Deindustrialization?

Almost NOBODY wanted ANY of that.

The Democracy Myth is strong…..

…..but on issues where Corporate Profits are concerned…..

…..(among some other issues)…..

…..we all know, the public doesn’t count for SHIT.


With likely at least 40 percent of the U.S. voting public…..

…..(not the general public, the VOTING public)…..

…..disdainful of the Ukraine…..

…..and a large fraction of the rest, not giving a fuck, any more (if ever)…..

…..even BEFORE the first U.S. soldier has been sent into harm’s way…..

…..(again, TOTAL FAILURE of the Propaganda Machine)…..

…..The Pentagon is VERY sensitive to unlimited escalation.

They still remember Vietnam.

And… Iraq.


The U.S. Army is still sick, suffering…..

…..from the Iraq—and Afghanistan, but mostly Iraq—fiasco.

It is NOT the same force that went into Iraq in 2003.

Too many good people got out… too much scum came in… too much garbage was promoted.

(If you know, you know. Feel free to leave a comment.)

They DO NOT want to test this force…..

…..in combat…..

…..against a “real” enemy.

They don’t even much want to be on a TRACK…..

…..in that direction.

Like a little PUNK BITCH…..

…..they TALK shit (or leak anonymous shit) about Russia’s army…..

…..but they DON’T plan on showing up.

Now, with China, sure…..

The War Machine is getting ready…..

…..but that’s the fleet…..

NOT the army.

The fleet hasn’t had its OWN reckoning, yet.

Like My Unique Content?

If you haven’t already…..

Feel free to give me a pat on the back.

The “Merch

Folks, it’s clear the West is in a “post-Christian” state…..

…..because it seems…..

…..almost no one got my joke about the “merch.”

Here’s a more complete video…..

…..of the guy who trashed my “merch.” Please see below!

(All the weapons and ammo, as well as the dancing whores, are from the Ukraine.)

New “Podcast” Feature?

My webmaster / video editor, and I…..

…..wanted to do a ‘cast together, for a long time.

Finally, got around to it.

Below is a trial run…..

…..to see if you like it, or not.

We did this on a weekday evening, he was really beat from work.

And, we had a few sound issues.

It’s not perfect.

But, it may interest you.

The subject is more “domestic U.S.” in nature…..

…..for those who don’t need 24/7 war war war.

What do you think?

Worth doing again?

Please leave a comment.


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