March 2023 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Dreizin on the “RESTRICT Act”

dreizinreport  -  March 30, 2023

Today, we talk about the pending “RESTRICT Act.” But, before that, a few corrections to recent posts: First: I was wrong to say that EVERY Israeli secular/left-oriented party that existed in 2001, no longer exists. After publishing, I was surprised to learn, the Labor (Avodah) party—which, as itself or its Mapai predecessor, ran Israel for...

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Church and State

dreizinreport  -  March 27, 2023

What’s happening in this video? This is from Chernovetsk province (near the Romanian border), Babin village. Within the last two weeks. Police are raiding the local Ukrainian Orthodox Church….. During a Sunday service….. To remove the priest from the premises….. So as to allow for the arrival of another priest….. From the state-approved, breakaway “Orthodox...

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Only a “regional bank” problem??? Here’s a case study of SVB problems inside a U.S. “TOP TEN” bank.

dreizinreport  -  March 24, 2023

For anyone who thinks “the way of SVB“….. … but a “regional bank” issue: Being a broker-dealer and asset management platform….. Charles Schwab is not a “pure” bank…..  But with its banking services side….. …..which supports, and is inseparable from, the business….. …..(however it’s organized, I don’t care)….. … is effectively among the TEN (!!!)...

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Forget bank runs/failures. The ONLY “real” economic risk is inflation.

dreizinreport  -  March 21, 2023

As usual, the news is not the news. Everything everyone is talking about….. …..TODAY….. … NOT what matters. Allow Dreizin to clear something up for you.  Yes, with Treasury bond yields where they were ten days ago…..  With those yields….. We now know….. The entire U.S. banking system is SHOT.  No, not EVERY bank…..  But,...

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DREIZIN BREAKING NEWS: On 6 June 1982, Ariel Sharon launched “Operation Peace For Galilee.”  On 24 Feb 2022, Vlad Putin launched operation peace-for-Donetsk.  Some people like one, not other, go figure. Key to Donetsk being “livable”, returning evac’ed population, is Russian control of industrial city of Avdeevka, turned by Ukr into a new “fortress Konigsberg” and artillery pad. Typical WEEKLY advance against Ukr positions at any main axis was not more than 1/4 km, or 1/2 to 1km if lucky.  Today, thanks to softening of Ukr ferroconcrete industrial and custom positions with newly manufactured 1500kg precision glide bombs, MoD regular mixed units of Donetsk natives and “mainland” Russian draftees advanced up to 7km from N/NE, almost reaching or possibly even crossing beyond railroad leading into Avdeevka from N/NW. “This is it”, early innings of development of the Avdeevka Cauldron. All you annoying “How’s Donetsk?” folks, have your answer from me. You wanted a Russian offensive, u got it. Have a glass of wine tonight. All haters on wrong side of God & history, u know how this ends in the end. Like Adolf H., u are creating a “monster” that was NOT in the cards previously. Russian industry, new mobilized army with draftee “embed” training model is following sharp improvement curve of 1943-onward. And u all know I’ve not mentioned tactical picture (except Russian setbacks) since July, so u can assume, something’s up. Russian “relative” (other side no better) clusterf*ck has almost been overcome. To the “one or more all-source analysts” from DIA who I’m told read me… Hi, folks!

dreizinreport  -  March 20, 2023

BTW….. If you missed (or misunderstood) my last piece….. It was NOT just another long headline, LOL. Please go back to it and scroll down, you missed a lot of good stuff. Thanks. And, don’t forget to follow and like my Twitter. Uncle Dreizin Wants YOU! If you haven’t already, please sign up to my...

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Shell Game In Action: To Get Around House Republicans & Their Cold Feet, USA Pushing “Stealth” Funding of Ukraine Through International Monetary Fund (IMF), Which Is Based in Wash., DC, & Substantially U.S.-Financed. For Likely 1st Time In Decades (Perhaps *EVER*), IMF Will Provide A Country With Loans Acknowledged To Be For DIRECT BUDGETARY SUPPORT (**NOT** Debt Restructuring or Currency Stabilization As Per IMF’s Charter.) Country In This Case: The Ukraine. Total Aid Package To Be $15.6 Billion, Enough To Cover Entire Ukr State Budget For At Least 2 Months. They “Say” The Loans Will Be Stretched Over 4 Years, With Just $4 Billion This Year… But Watch What They DO! Ukr Is FLAT BROKE & Needs The $$$ Now. Funny How Work On New $10 Billion Congressional Appropriation For Ukr Budget Support (As Reported By Wash. Post In Early Feb) Was “Deep-Sixed”, **No News On That For Well Over 30 Days!** Hmmm… What Happened??? Why Did They Shelve It??? What, You Mean Ukr Suddenly Doesn’t Need The Money? Sounds Like They Simply Found Another Avenue! Keep in Mind, Last Budget Support Tranche of ~$14 Billion, Passed Congress in December As Part of Larger Aid Bill. That Was Ukraine’s Budget for Mostly Jan-Feb, Perhaps First Half Of March. Ukr Needs Its Tank Refilled TODAY.

dreizinreport  -  March 18, 2023

In other news….. I told you about the MQ-9 Reaper surveillance flights (more than once)….. …..well in advance.  Because, that’s what I do.  After Russia took one of these things down….. …..of course, there was not one word in our State Media….. …..on what it was doing, why it was there.  The USA is now...

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