Shell Game In Action: To Get Around House Republicans & Their Cold Feet, USA Pushing “Stealth” Funding of Ukraine Through International Monetary Fund (IMF), Which Is Based in Wash., DC, & Substantially U.S.-Financed. For Likely 1st Time In Decades (Perhaps *EVER*), IMF Will Provide A Country With Loans Acknowledged To Be For DIRECT BUDGETARY SUPPORT (**NOT** Debt Restructuring or Currency Stabilization As Per IMF’s Charter.) Country In This Case: The Ukraine. Total Aid Package To Be $15.6 Billion, Enough To Cover Entire Ukr State Budget For At Least 2 Months. They “Say” The Loans Will Be Stretched Over 4 Years, With Just $4 Billion This Year… But Watch What They DO! Ukr Is FLAT BROKE & Needs The $$$ Now. Funny How Work On New $10 Billion Congressional Appropriation For Ukr Budget Support (As Reported By Wash. Post In Early Feb) Was “Deep-Sixed”, **No News On That For Well Over 30 Days!** Hmmm… What Happened??? Why Did They Shelve It??? What, You Mean Ukr Suddenly Doesn’t Need The Money? Sounds Like They Simply Found Another Avenue! Keep in Mind, Last Budget Support Tranche of ~$14 Billion, Passed Congress in December As Part of Larger Aid Bill. That Was Ukraine’s Budget for Mostly Jan-Feb, Perhaps First Half Of March. Ukr Needs Its Tank Refilled TODAY.

In other news…..

I told you about the MQ-9 Reaper surveillance flights (more than once)…..

…..well in advance. 

Because, that’s what I do. 

After Russia took one of these things down…..

…..of course, there was not one word in our State Media…..

…..on what it was doing, why it was there. 

The USA is now giving a wide berth to Crimea. 

Surveillance is being attempted…..

…..from much closer to the Romanian and Turkish coastlines.

Going forward…..

It will be much harder for the Ukraine to target Crimea. 

In fact, prior to this “incident“….. 

They used to launch drones and missiles into Crimea…..

…..every few days at least. 

Now, I’ve heard of nothing…..

…..since the “incident.”

Obviously, NOT a coincidence. 

ALSO, in recent weeks…..

…..the “Ukraine running out of men” concept….. 

…..has entered the “mainstream.” 

I wrote about this…..


…..last December, perhaps even November. 

Now, don’t get excited.

At the current rate…..

The Ukraine might not fully tap out its draft potential…..

…..until late summer.

But after that, it’s a VERY steep downhill slope…..

… it cannibalizes what’s left…..

…..of its economy and society.

In any case…..

The trend is CLEAR

The mass emigration of younger, employable persons….. 

Caused by the U.S. takeover…..

…..and subsequent economic break with Russia….. 

…..SEVERELY limits the Ukraine’s draft potential….. 

…..and prevents the Ukraine…..

…..from winning any war of attrition with Russia. 

The doom was set in motion in 2014.

The successful U.S. takeover of the Ukraine…..

…..carried the seed of its own defeat.

I wrote about this in January, or early February…..

…..of 2022.

Because, that’s what I do.

The Hegemony now grasps the problem…..

And is now pushing the Ukraine…..

… attack attack attack…..

… break the relative stalemate. 

They are even OPENLY talking….

…..about exactly WHERE (Zaporozhie)…..

…..this offensive should happen. 


As Russians say…..

…..что на уме, что на губах.  

Which, contextually, roughly translates as….. 

“Dumb people can’t help but blurt out what they’re thinking.” 

What’s funny…..

They are pushing their Ukro-clients…..

…..not only privately….. 

But, through their own State Media….

As if it was some leak campaign against Trump…..

…..during his presidency.

What’s the point of advertising your own insecurity…..

…..and lack of confidence….. 

… your own public….. 

…..and the entire world? 

Only explanation I can think of….. 

They are collectively setting up THEIR loss…..

… the Ukraine’s fault.

Preparing to wash their hands of it….. 

In advance of their 2024 election campaign.

Just like they blamed their Afghanistan loss…..

…..on the locals. 

You see, Uncle Sam never loses. 

He gets betrayed by unworthy natives, LOL.  

I Found Him!

Folks, I think I finally found…..

…..the FBI guy…..

…..who, under several different email addresses…..

…..was leaving me “anti-government” comments…..

…..when I first started this blog.

Talking about hanging everyone in Washington…..

Besieging Congress again, etc.

What’s funny…..

These comments had a very “wooden” feel….

…..and, had NOTHING to do…..

…..with ANYTHING I wrote at the time.

(Back then, I was 100% Ukraine war.)

Sure, perhaps it was a few random autists.

But more likely, it was this guy:

No One On The Inside, Ever Sees ANYTHING Coming

I keep hearing from the “SVB should have hedged” people, LOL.

They don’t give up.

Here’s another one.

He’s more “knowledgeable“, but just as clueless.

Nice guy (gave me $15 after I wacked him)…..

…..but, such a perfect “case in point.”

Almost no one on the inside…..

…..ever sees anything coming.

Here’s one of his comments to me:

There is a gigantic market for interest rate hedges (called swaps) that matches financial institutions who suffer when rate go up with those that suffer when rates go down and neither party wants to be too exposed – and the investment banks step in to solve that problem. You are wrong on this aspect IMO.

My response:

Thanks, I also saw your other comment in which you provided more hedging details, and briefly summarized your resume.

Like my wife who also works finance, as a technical specialist, you have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. Of course, one can hedge. It’s technically possible.

But if everyone (or even just, all deposit banks with an overweight bond portfolio) is hedged the same way…..

…..and then interest rates (or whatever else) shift HARD…..

That will blow it all up, to the same extent as if there was no hedging at all, because the losses would be THE SAME, no matter who is called to absorb them.

There’s never enough absorption depth in a situation like this.

Your beloved investment banks (or whatever other counterparties) would be beating down the Fed’s door for a bailout, as usual.

(Alternately, if SVB had hedged and other banks didn’t, you’d now be hearing about the other banks.)

That you STILL refuse to grasp this, no matter how many pictures I draw, is not surprising, seeing as so many large U.S. corporations melt down and disappear, or at least need a bailout at one time or another. Almost no one on “the inside”, ever sees ANYTHING coming.

My wife BTW worked a top financial role at a large entity associated with SunEdison. She refused to see the obvious collapse coming, and we lost $45,000 because she didn’t listen to me and sell her award stock in the narrow window that she had available to do so, before the blackout period that slightly preceded (and overlapped with) the crash.

She was convinced the stock would go up and up. On the other side of the two-month blackout, when the end was upon us, she’s like, “It was a ponzi scheme.” Yeah, babe. A little late. What a difference, two months makes. But it’s the same story, every time.

My advice to you, stick with treasury operations, and leave the Big Picture to the bloggers.

It was ALWAYS OBVIOUS that the Fed would massively blow something up, and then “pivot”, because these rate hikes WERE NOT going to work.

Some of the smartest people in the country, put down huge bets on that. But those smarties work in hedge funds, or they daytrade, whatever.

They’re not people like you.

Folks, allow me to repeat…..

…..(because I love to hear myself talk)…..

It was ALWAYS OBVIOUS that the Fed would massively blow something up, and then “pivot”, because these rate hikes WERE NOT going to work.

If you can’t grasp that…..

… CLEARLY work in finance, LOL!!!


“Should have hedged“…..

… now a firm, Republican / conservative talking point.

Or, more fully…..

“Woke bank… goddamn commies… should have hedged… no bailouts!!!”


Another reason…..

…..why you should check out of politics.

It’s not JUST that Republicanoids…..

…..are subhuman.

They simply have no solutions now.

No one does.

Believe me, I’d have LOVED…..

… see no bailout for SVB…..

…..and the Fed NOT handing out $300 billion…..

… the banking sector…..

…..over just a few days.

Because, I’d LOVE for Mad Max…..

… come to my neighborhood…..

… I can shoot the squirrels in my backyard…..

…..with my special edition, 6.8mm AR-15…..

…..and there would be NO police on the way.

(And, nothing left of the squirrels.)

But, this time…..

It was not to be.

Sorry, Ted Cruz.

Better luck next time.

A Message About My Locals Account

Folks, I’ve got PLENTY more…..

…..for the Ukraine war addicts and lunatics among you…..

But first…..

Among other things…..

If you were waiting for my videos on Locals…..

Please listen to this, below.

(If you were not, please ignore.)

Also, a quick admin note, in writing.

Please, follow my Twitter…..

…..and be sure to “like” everything you’ve read.

Some of you have been great…..

…..about “liking” the recent stuff.

But, please scroll down…..

… the January and December tweets/posts…..

…..and “like” those as well.

If you can’t afford to do that…..

I understand.

Not everyone can do it.

I don’t judge you.


In that case…..

You can always give me some money.

Another Republican Phony

Just take a look at the headline…..

…..on this “tongue bath“, LOL.

Sorry, Rubes.

You don’t get to be the leader…..

…..on fighting Chinese economic…..

…..and lobbying influence.

In 2016…..

…..I read your presidential campaign platform.

80 percent of the economic section…..

…..was about breaking the unions.

As if, unions…..

…..were 80 percent of our economic problems.


Even as a “conservative“…..

I was disgusted.

There was NOT ONE WORD…..

… your economic plan…..

…..about China.

Now, you want to do something?

Re-shore everything?

It’s too late.

Quit posturing.

Like 98 percent of Federal-level Republicans…..

…’re a phony.

And, your comms director…..

…..going to the Amazon Post…..

… sell your new “plan“…..


Yeah, now that the Dems…..

…..realize the China problem…..

Your staff go to their media…..

… line you up…..

…..for a tongue bath.

Have some dignity!

I guess Fox…..

…..or even the Wall Street Journal…..

… not worthy…..

…..of your grand policy ideas, huh.

You’d rather advertise on the Dems’ turf.

And then, people wonder…..

…..why Republicans…..


Even when they’re supposedly in power!

But, hey…..

Perhaps you were just following…..

…..Trump’s lead.

He was, also, constantly looking…..

…..for MSM affirmation.

May have stopped in the past year, I dunno.

I no longer pay attention.

But, he did at least one network news interview…..

…..even in 2021.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Some U.S. Army Units Left Holdings Their Dicks

May I remind everyone….. 

…..that Uncle Sam claimed to have provided…..

…..somewhere between 142 and 158…..

…..M777 howitzers to the Ukraine…..

…..and his colonies, gave another 10.

The VAST majority…..

…..(I dunno, perhaps all)…..

…..of non-Soviet model, towed guns…..

…..given to the Ukraine…..

…..have been M777’s.

At this time…..

There is video or photo documentation….. 

…..of over 100…..

…..Ukrainian non-Soviet model, towed guns…..

…..destroyed or heavily damaged by Russia…..

…..(ALSO, there’s been LOTS written about barrels worn out from overuse, making **MANY**—like, tens and tens—of the M777’s inoperable, even in the absence of damage from enemy action)…..

…..and yet…..

…..the Ukraine still has…..

…..PLENTY more of these things, in action.

Yes, there may be some “double documentation“…..

…..(whereby Russia provides aerial video, and the Ukros show the damage from the ground)…..

…..but any such cases…..

…..likely pale in number…..

… those which haven’t been documented at all. 

In short, as usual….. 

The U.S. Government lies and obfuscates. 

The REAL number of M777’s…..

…..sent to the Ukraine….. 

… probably AT LEAST HALF OVER…..

…..the declared number. 

Why have they not admitted…..

… the REAL number? 

Because, given the REAL number….. 

There are OBVIOUSLY…..

…..some U.S. Army and Marine Corps units, right now….. 

…..who are left holding their dicks, no cannon. 

And no cannon = no training. 

That’s why I say, holding their dicks. 

What else can they do?

And, our authorities…..

…..don’t want to advertise that. 

And our State Media…..

…..won’t report on it….. 

…..without “authorization.” 

As far as I can tell…..

The powers have also NOT announced the provision….. 

…..of Switchblade 600 kamikaze drones…..

… the Ukraine. 

Why not? 

Well, you see….. 

Even though everyone in the fight…..

…..already knows about it….. 

Because these things have ALREADY been used….. 

It’s still, like, officially, a big big secret (LOL)….. 

For the next BIG OFFENSIVE….. 

And our State Media…..

…..would never undercut that. 

The Kids In America

“Sensitivity” lectures at my son’s school…..

…..have been so effective…..

…..that now, for the first time ever…..

…..(or the first that I’ve heard from him, anyway, and he’s in seventh grade)…..

…..there is a veritable EPIDEMIC…..

…..of ethnic epithets being hurled around.

The “N word” is in the air.

Hispanics are “border jumpers” or “taco munchers.”

East Asians are “ching chongs” or “ching chong ping pongs.”

Indians are “golly golly”, or something like that.

And…”whites” are “albinos.”

Folks, I think the sensitivity lectures are working.

What do you think?

I’ve Warned Of the Dangers Of Believing Your Own Propaganda

Here’s Zelensky’s wife on Psycho Joe.

(Please ignore the Russian subtitles, I caught this on a Russian source.)

I’m not sure Psycho bought her tomatoes story…..

But it doesn’t matter.

He’s just the State Media, providing the platform.

No doubt…..

Most of his viewers bought it.

What the hell is Shillary doing here, BTW?

So weird.

Karma’s A Bitch

Or, Don’t Call For the Destruction Of Carthage…..

…..If You Live In Carthage

I’ve got a “longer paragraphs” format here…..

…..and, what the hell…..

…..I think it looks better in italics.

The U.S. and its hegemonic bloc threw everything they had at Russia to try to freeze its reserves, collapse its banks and its economy, and cause street protests and a revolution.  They failed totally, as I predicted to my mailing list (pre-blog) in January 2022. 

They tried to isolate Russia, they threatened everybody, failed utterly.  Most of humanity is not buying it. Even Israel told Uncle Sam to lay off.  There are still FAR MORE people “living under democracy” (remember India?) within the Russian axis or the nonaligned countries, than within the Hegemony. 

They put their Green Agenda on ice. The German Greens, forgot why they got elected. Germany started reopening its “mothballed” coal-fired electric plants, and in fact, its old COAL MINES!!! Greta Thunberg protested the latter, in person, but no one cared. All of a sudden, the Earth doesn’t matter. We’ll all be under water (allegedly), but at least we’ll have defeated Russia, LOL. And, the U.S. made peace with Venezuela.

They blew up 3 of 4 Russia-to-Germany gas pipelines, the greatest act of international piracy in history. They violated their own laws to seize and auction the property of Russians in their countries, simply because those guys were rich and Russian—no crime proven or even (genuinely) SUSPECTED. They unlawfully seized Russian shares in German gas storage and the oil pipeline in Poland.  Hundreds of companies (Siemens among the largest) suspended or otherwise violated their contracts with Russian firms, in the absence of any force majeure trigger. 

In Germany, they closed bank accounts of a Donetsk-oriented blogger and even her mother, ultimately chasing them out of the country despite their German citizenship.  Finnish border/customs officers confiscated cash from hundreds of Russian tourists crossing the border back to Russia… just shook them down, just because. Among other musicians, they fired the greatest living operatic soprano from her job at the New York Metropolitan Opera, because she would not explicitly condemn her home country.  The governor of Texas ordered state liquor stores not to sell anything Russian.  And so on. It doesn’t compare with crimes of the past, but, it was the greatest panic-hate campaign in the USA since the roundup of the Japanese. 

They have since cleared out essentially all U.S. and European stores of antitank weapons, MANPADS, M113’s, and certain other weapons or military vehicles. Even the missiles for the HIMARS are running so low, the State Media is not authorized to write about it. (They’re barely launching any now, saving them for the “Big Offensive.”) Most East European and ex-Yugoslav countries have handed over all of their tanks, and their entire air forces. Uncle Sam is so concerned about his 155mm rounds running low, he had to pay South Korea to send its own. He also recently procured over 160 ocean shipping containers of Grad rockets from Pakistan. He bought Soviet tank optics and electronics from Morocco (had to recognize the occupation of Western Sahara in exchange), and sent that to Czechia, to be installed on tanks for the Ukraine. It’s the biggest international arms juggling operation in history, there’s never been anything like it. They’re sending everything into this Black Hole.

They have over 150 Government and private satellites staring down—they’ve provided detailed targeting information to Ukrainian forces, every day, since March 2022. They advise Ukrainian generals on a 24/7 basis. The UK has admitted to sending hundreds of its SAS and/or Marines into the Ukraine. Poland has sent up to several thousand of its “ex” (nudge nudge wink) servicemen into the Ukraine. The UK’s former prime minister urged Brits to go fight in the Ukraine. Uncle Sam has a secret program to build attack drones for the Ukraine.

The gayest-ever U.S. Senator, called for Putin to be assassinated. They went so far as to put out a warrant for Putin’s arrest, shortly before the Chinese president’s visit to Moscow, just so they can—and they’ve started it already—run with a story about Xi visiting a war criminal, how dare he, what a shame, LOL. (As if the non-Western world cares about America’s PR game, LOLOLOL.)

Just over a year after all this started, the entire U.S. banking sector was shown to be insolvent (due to interest rate hikes) after one mid-sized bank reported a measly $2.1 billion loss in its bond portfolio, and ultimately ended up with about a $15 billion equity hole. 


Folks, as I’ve written more than once, if you call for the destruction of Carthage, make sure it’s not YOU who lives in Carthage. 

This is only the beginning, because as I’ve said (not recently, so here it is again), karma is a bitch, and I think God has finally had enough of the USA. 

We’ve got less than two weeks left on my prediction that a “new and improved” pathogen (some korona varyant, or, as I later added, possibly the bird flu) will arise, and then, quickly tip everything over in the immune compromised, mRNA-vakksed countries. 

It would be funny if that actually got going by March 31st, but regardless, it’s coming, and a lot else is coming.  I think it’s no coincidence the arrest of Donald Trump is coming shortly.  I think 2023 is the crazy year.

I expect this country to be so far in the gutter by late 2024, there won’t be any point to an election, if we’re even able to have one. 

If you haven’t yet, stock up on Ivermectin and Tamiflu.  Both are available from this reputable, New Zealand online pharmacy

No, I have no business relationship with this pharmacy. I don’t get paid to advertise for them.  They are simply, in my experience, very good.  Of course, I am NOT a medical practitioner of any kind.  DO NOT self-medicate until/unless Mad Max is upon us, and you actually get sick, and even then, don’t take it unless you KNOW what you’re sick with.  DO NOT take “prophylactic” doses, that’s crazy.  Research the correct dosage, and DO NOT overdose. Be aware of any potential drug interactions. Lock it up, don’t leave the stuff out for your little kids to play with. Don’t give it to your dog. Don’t be stupid.  If you insist on being stupid, don’t sue me.

PS: My “ridiculous spelling of korona-related terms policy”, is still in effect. Make it korona, kovid, vakkseen, vakk-sin-ayted, eppy-demmik, pann-demmyk, vyrus, imm-yoo-ni-tee, and so forth. Comments not adhering to policy, will not be published. Thanks for your understanding.

Permanent Feature

I will repeat this in every post…..

…..(except “headline only“, quickie posts)…..

…..until it’s no longer relevant…..

…..and/or we’re no longer here.

Assuming we make it to 2024…..

…..and have an election…..

The wonderful governor of Florida…..

Ron DeSantis…..

If elected President of the USA…..

Won’t do much of shit…..

…..other than get us into a war…..

…..with our supplier of everything.

That is, China.

Because that’s the track we’re on.

Trump tried to take the rivalry in an exclusively economic direction…..

But he was removed.


Yes, I’m waiting for another pann-de-mmick…..

But the only strictly “political” issue now that matters…..

… how hard the U.S. will fight…..

…..and risk everything…..

…..(including, me and my family)…..

….to hold on to its Hegemony.

And… the “public” has no say in that.

Will NEVER have a say.

I can’t remember the last time the “public” had a say…..

…..on anything that really mattered.

Because we don’t fucking matter.

Anyone who plans to keep voting…..

…..(above the local/state level)…..

…..and legitimize U.S. Federal politics…..

…..and the destruction of their own country…..

…..and perhaps the world…..

… a “battered wife“…..

…..or just a FUCKING IDIOT.

(However, even if you’re an idiot, you should still give me money, for all the work I put into this blog. Or, at least, follow me on Twitter, and be sure to “like” everything, even the old stuff.)


Please support my work, here.


Comments and any associated weblinks or other references must be directly relevant, tangential, and responsive to specific facts or views within my own published material (not just to other comments), specifically the material above the given comments section that you are adding to.  What this means, for example, is if I wrote about dogs and cats in the Ukraine, and only dogs and cats in the Ukraine, please don’t start babbling about life in Lugansk, or the horrible loss of life in general. THIS IS NOT A “DISCUSSION BOARD.” IT IS NOT A DEBATE PLATFORM TO DISCUSS IRRELEVANT HISTORICAL QUESTIONS, OR TO INJECT YOUR OWN PET SUBJECTS / INTERESTS, PHILOSOPHICAL MUSINGS, OR RANDOM RAMBLINGS THAT DON’T DIRECTLY, SUBSTANTIALLY BEAR ON WHAT I WROTE.  Please, no disjointed / overcaffeinated rambling, which implies, among other things, no mentioning eight different topics in one comment, like a schizoid aiming to connect all the dots (if your mind is racing, take your Ritalin and calm the fuck down before you comment on this site); no “pet issues” or inquiries that have no direct bearing on what I wrote; no unclear/unexplained, irrelevant, or barely-relevant weblinks; no trying to write your own mini-blog news update digest in my comments; no batteries of questions like what about Donetsk and what about Kiev and what about the Big Offensive and how does this all end and where does blah blah blah (I will NOT respond to you, I will BLOCK you); no asking me what I think of some commentator whom I’ve never heard of; no Nazis; no Nazis pretending to be Jewish like “I’m a bar mitzvah boy, but I’m so ashamed of my people who are not the real Jews of Jesus’ time“; no “crypto” Jew-hating (when I have to read it three times before I’m sure it’s about Jews, then I permanently block your wise ass); no dogmatic Marxists; no using anti-Ukraine jargon or other “Nadsat” bullshit-speak that you picked up from The Saker, which no one outside of you and your freaky virtual friends can understand (e.g., Ukrops404, the vimiratis); no calling for the destruction or dissolution of the USA or its government; no calling for the destruction of Washington, DC; no calling for violence against current or former elected or appointed officials of the U.S. Government; no nonconstructive or hateful ranting about Jews (or Swej, Joos, Jooz, Jooze, Juice, Juize, Jewz, Jewze, J-Dogs, J-Dogz, J-Dawgz, J’s, Chews, Choos, Chooz, Chooze, Zionists, Zio-Nazis, Anglo-American Zionists, Amerizionists, Zionist Occupation Government, ZOG, IsraHell, Bibi SatanYahoo, “those of whom we cannot speak”, “your friends whom we can’t talk about”, “a certain small ethnic group”, the chosen, the tribe, the chosen tribe, the thirteenth tribe, tribe of Judah, the Khazarians, Khazarian mafia, Rothschilds, Khazarian Rothschilds, JewTube, JooTube, JewMerica, JooMerica, etc., etc.); no being nasty to other commenters; no trolling the “sysop”; no passive-aggressive needling of the “sysop” (I don’t acknowledge, I just BLOCK and you’re gone, “one strike” and your ass is out, GO GET SOME THERAPY); no dissing or ragging on the Insane Clown Posse, no Chupacabras, no “country music”, no karens or avocado toast, no complaining that your other comment wasn’t published (because you’d didn’t read this Comments Policy), and no claiming “the korona doesn’t exist because vyruses don’t exist.”  Please share your ***CONCISE*** (2 smartphone screens of small font text is NOT concise, I don’t have time to read your dumb fucking manifesto, gawd dayyuuum!!!), relevant, coherent, organized thoughts, and come back for my next post. Also, by commenting, you expressly accept and agree to my “one bullet, one Nazi” policy, and please be advised, this includes Nazis everywhere, even in the Ukraine. Furthermore, if you are a LibJew/DemJew, you are BANNED from commenting on this site UNLESS you acknowledge the extensive presence and influence of Nazis and other fascists in the Ukraine, who don’t give a fuck that they have an allegedly “Jewish president”, because they’re still (in many cases) getting paid by the state, and they’ll “take their country back from the Jews” once they take care of the Russians (can’t slit all throats at once.) If you can’t acknowledge it, then get the fuck out with your “Never Again” bullshit. Also, no scrubs. If you don’t know what a “scrub” is, please consult the TLC video on YouTube. Although scrubs exist in ALL ethnic groups and populations, a very good example of scrubs, is all the poor young black men who get shot dead, and then the moms are like, “He had such aspirations, he was going to be a rapper.” Yeah, they were all going to be famous rappers, all the thousands of them! Sure!

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