November 2022 – Your "Great Reset" HQ

Dreizin Retires

dreizinreport  -  November 25, 2022

I’m retiring… until January. Hanging up my hat for 2022, got too much other stuff to deal with. Here’s another monster mash-up, MY LONGEST-EVER, to keep you busy. We got juicy stuff for POLICY MAKERS, JOURNOS, and AMATEURS alike. The addicts who come back for my Ukraine material, like a guilty dieter hitting the fridge...

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dreizinreport  -  November 18, 2022

Got another monster grab-bag for you, with news and thoughts on Ukraine funding, war crimes, Dreizin beating the MSM again (what’s new?), Bitcoin/FTX, the Twitter situation, and the Jewish “never again” being, well, negotiable. But first… my message to a major subtype of Republicans/conservatives….. …..known to science as RepubliTARDS. This video is dedicated to all...

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More “Pure Dreizin”

dreizinreport  -  November 16, 2022

Hello again everyone. I was invited back to the Coffee And A Mike podcast, the one that’s interviewed all those famous names including Trump’s spokeswoman, Kari Lake, Giuliani, Bannon’s daughter, and many others. The link is further below. In this one, I’m in TOP form, and you will be entertained. You can skip ahead to...

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Another Skull Bomb

dreizinreport  -  November 11, 2022

Got a mind-blowing story here about rock ‘n roll in the Ukraine. Also, my thoughts on what to do about Trump, and, the weak prospects for any “ballot harvesting” by Republicans. Stay with me. First, a few “I told you so’s.” Finally (days after the election), a handful of top Republicans / conservatives are admitting...

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Why GOP “Lost”

dreizinreport  -  November 9, 2022

If you enjoy hearing a two-bit, part-time, demonetized blogger say “I told you so“, because he saw everything more clearly than people who get PAID to see for a living….. …..keep reading. As I predicted a few months ago, the GOP win—if there is any win at all, perhaps we’ll know before winter—was NOT going...

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Pure Dreizin

dreizinreport  -  November 7, 2022

Below please see my recent podcast appearance on “Coffee and a Mike.” Previous guests include Jim Hoft, Rudy Giuliani, Kari Lake, Liz Harrington, Sharyl Attkisson, Maureen Bannon (Steve’s daughter), George Papadopoulos’ wife, “Prime Time Alex Stein #99”, Brandon Straka, James Kunstler, and Tom Luongo. Now, my turn. Although sick with a cold, I was able...

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