More “Pure Dreizin”

Hello again everyone. I was invited back to the Coffee And A Mike podcast, the one that’s interviewed all those famous names including Trump’s spokeswoman, Kari Lake, Giuliani, Bannon’s daughter, and many others.

The link is further below.

In this one, I’m in TOP form, and you will be entertained. You can skip ahead to 6:10 if you don’t want the intro chitchat.

In this podcast, I slam the low-IQ crowd that blames everyone and everything EXCEPT Republican party leadership for a lackluster election performance.

This is from the weekend, so it predates the reaffirmation of Kevin “Deer in the Headlights” McCarthy and Mitch “The Manchurian Turtle” McConnell to their leadership positions within their respective caucuses.

It also predates Ted Cruz coming out strongly against McConnell.

It further predates the party establishment (in the face of some big donors) coming out openly against Trump and his “MAGA candidates” as the alleged cause of the GOP’s failure to take the Senate.

That’s obviously a “narrative.”

It’s a narrative that ignores McConnell’s (and McCarthy’s) choice, since 2021…..

… NOT nail the GOP down to any particular vision, agenda, or commitments…..

…..instead running on Brandon’s poor record alone, with no solutions…..

…..but even shaky as THAT was, the communications were still mixed, with some candidates more about “fighting the libs”, not even talking so much about Brandon’s failures.

IMHO, if you have a vision, agenda, and commitments, the candidates will sort themselves out, get on the needed track (to one extent or another.)

That gives you a National Brand… and that’s synergy, a “force multiplier” against the Democrats’ perennial, massive advantage in fundraising.

In that case, Trump could be an endorsement, and perhaps a funding stream, but (like in Virginia 2021), he would otherwise be not very much relevant.

With a definite vision and stated agenda (not just “here’s what we’re gonna talk about”)…..

… a minimum, Republicans should’ve picked up at least 40 House seats, in line with the historical norm, given a tough economy.

With no definite agenda, it’s just about personality and voter emotions…..

…..and we know the suburban white female vote in particular, is fickle, emotional, and tends towards Democrats unless given some reason NOT to.

But hey, what do I know?

I’ve only been saying since 2021, don’t count on a big red tsunami if you communicate no agenda and no solutions.

The podcast is here:

Or here.

PS: I also cover other topics, including the mechanics of how the MSM reports about the Ukraine and other things they have no clue about, how they track down their “news”, how that sausage is made. Sort of an insider’s view, based on experience.

PPS: My last piece, “Another Skull Bomb”, was not a top performer. Readership was off by 10 percent. Please, check it out. Among other material, it’s got a “mind-blowing”, original story about the intersection of rock ‘n roll, ideology, false narratives, and fake news in the Ukraine. You literally don’t see this kind of stuff anywhere else. Don’t miss it here!

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