Got another monster grab-bag for you, with news and thoughts on Ukraine funding, war crimes, Dreizin beating the MSM again (what’s new?), Bitcoin/FTX, the Twitter situation, and the Jewish “never again” being, well, negotiable.

But first… my message to a major subtype of Republicans/conservatives…..

…..known to science as RepubliTARDS.

This video is dedicated to all dumb Republicans (esp. those at “mainstream” conservative media) who took their eyes off the ball…..

…..and now wonder what happened to their Red Tsunami, blaming everyone but themselves.

I’ve already covered the lack of Vision and Agenda from party “leadership”, now I cover aspects related to THE FRAUD…..

…..which (as you recall) I expected and never denied, although it doesn’t explain everything.

But, one thing at a time, you know?

Please watch, below. (CAUTION: ADULT LANGUAGE)

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So Much For “One And Done”

If you didn’t hear, Brandon’s people have asked Congress for another $37 billion for the Ukraine project.

(Why $37 billion? Presumably because, if I’m not mistaken, about $60 billion has already been authorized, and they want to keep it under a “100-handle”, for now, for as long as they can.)

Remember, a month ago, Republicans spoke of writing a “one and done” check for roughly $50 billion for all of 2023.

You may recall, I laughed that one out of the park. $50 billion wouldn’t even last until summer.

Well, that “one and done” went the way of all flesh.

Today, no one is talking about “one and done.”

You know I’m so modest, I hate to toot my own horn, but…..

… the past, I’ve heard from a few people on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the DC policy communi-tay…..

…, I’m gonna chalk this one up to, “They must be reading me.

Hey, who knows, right?

I mean, why was “one and done” relegated to oblivion, with no explanation?

As for this $37 billion, no one is talking about any timeline for it.

It’s just “until it runs out”, as usual.

Now, several Republican “Young Turks” in the U.S. House want to appoint a “special inspector general” to look into the Ukraine funding.

All I can say is, LOL.

All the loopiness documented by the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction“…..

…..What good did that do?

It would have been good for some talking points, except, by the time anyone started writing about the findings…..

…..Afghanistan was already OVER.

Probably, a promise to hire a special auditor for the Ukraine, is one reason why Marjorie Taylor Greene (one of the Young Turks), who was for the Ukraine craze before she was against it…..

…..voted to maintain Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy as Republican boss in the House.

As a politician, it looks like, sure, she’ll get her talking points… but as tends to happen…..

…’s just hot air.

Nothing To See Here

Up to now, there were no known or suspected instances of killing of Russian prisoners in the Ukraine…..

…..that were NOT documented over photo or video, one way or another, some during, some after the fact, because…..

…..why the hell not?

I mean, it’s fun. And, what, is Uncle Sam going to cut off the aid? LOL.

Just one example… Regarding the below supermodel, name is Sergei Velichko…..

Not only was this guy’s Kraken (Azov affiliate in Kharkov) platoon on video, shooting prisoners in late March…..

…..(which Fox News’ Bret Baier vaguely raised in an interview with Saint Zelensky, whose response was, famously, something like, “They are what they are“)…..

…..but he made another video later (which I posted in May)…..

…..speaking in unaccented Russian (because no one in Kharkov city speaks Ukrainian)…..

…..saying it was a bad move, bad idea, he regrets it.

Here he is, still in action, in September, nothing happened to him.

Well, now we have a situation where some Ukrainian soldiers got smart…..

…..But the All-Seeing Eye of Sauron, still recorded it.

The below video shows Ukrainians surrounding a Russian squad near a Donetsk town named Makeevka.

The prisoners were told to lay out on the ground, as per usual practice.

But then, one idiot came out shooting, he wounded one of the Ukrainians (not clear from the video, but that’s what one of the involved, claimed later)…..

…, naturally, of course…..

…..they decided to shoot all the prone Russian prisoners (11 of them), one by one, in the head.

They didn’t upload that part to the Internets…..

…..But a Russian drone recorded the aftermath…..

… follows:

Look, I don’t expect anyone in the USA to give a shit.

These guys were on the “wrong” side.

It’s like a bad long holiday weekend in Chicago, whatever.

What’s PREDICTABLE is, although this is now at least a few days old, almost no Western media outlets have touched it.

So far, as I write this, literally the only U.S. outlet (if you can call it that) that’s covered this, is Yahoo News…..

…..and even they said “Russia accuses” and put everything (e.g., “shooting POW’s”) in quotes. LOL, as if they do that with the other side.

Reuters (Canadian), same thing.

Surprisingly, the BBC (UK) did a thorough job on this on its website, but the last third or more of their piece, was all “but, but, but” hemming and hawing about “how Russia is worse.”

Well, maybe subjectively worse, but, Russia has taken well over 10,000 Ukrainian prisoners, and no one has yet released a video of any getting shot.

So I think, statistically, Ukrainian prisoners do better.

(BTW, Russia has already determined the names/identities of the perps in this case. I’m not their lawyer but, don’t take your smartphone to war, people.)

Well, Well, Well…

Well, well.

Well, well, well.

“How”, indeed?

It’s not as if your favorite, part-time, demonetized blogger TOLD YOU…..

…..that the lights would be turned OFF in the Ukraine (first and foremost, to finally stop the electric trains from bringing in foreign arms and munitions, but everyone will suffer)…..


(It’s still ongoing, on and off, but I expect it to be done by end of month. If I’m off by a few days, don’t sue me.)

And it’s not as if this part-time, demonetized blogger’s prediction, was predicated on Russia having ENOUGH CRUISE MISSILES to get that done… or was it?


You mean, some random, part-time blogger can give you a better picture of reality…..

…..than the NY Times and its “unnamed” officials?

But, but, but… how can Russia have enough missiles…..

…..if it’s “stockpile” is “dwindling”?


Yes, Russia’s arms industries have been working three shifts, six or seven days per week, since June. Some, since April.

(They hardly even needed to hire anybody, because they are normally very inefficient, too many employees, sort of a “jobs program”… but it worked out perfectly.)

And… despite “conventional wisdom” (i.e. mythology) and the claims of European Commission president Ursula von der Leyden…..

…..(some of you Washington and MSM folks might need to sit down before you hear this)…..

…..Russia does NOT need to scavenge electronics from Korean washing machines.

Russia makes its own!

Russia might not be a leader in the latest AI chips, but it can make enough of what it needs. Military electronics almost always lag civilian, anyway.

For missiles, you don’t need “that” level of computing. Propulsion and even more so, thrust vectoring (in which Russia is THE world leader) is MUCH more important.

In short, what “they” have done…..

… measure their (chosen) enemy by their own yardstick.

And now, they will have to carry a suitcase with no handle, the Ukraine, with its roughly 29 million remaining residents…..

…..with no light or heat or water for the winter.

Did I hear “millions more refugees”?

Why, yes, I did!

Capitol Hill, get ready.

You’ll need to write another of those “final checks”, soon enough.

Europe can’t handle all those people, they have enough sucking at their teat already. I see another Afghan-type airlift coming.

Perhaps also a SEALIFT (via Odessa, with Turkish and Russian permission)…..

… you simply can’t move the required volume by air.

(You can’t even by sea, but hey, when it’s “genocide“, you have to “do something.”)

I told the GOP people on Capitol Hill, this won’t end well, you’ll be regretting it forever.

Maybe shoulda listened before you got on that rah-rah train.

But hey, I’m just a part-time, demonetized blogger, what do I know?

They’ve got their MSM as well as thinktanks and military-industrial lobbyists (but I repeat myself) to tell them what to think.

You know… experts.”

All Cryptocurrency is Bullshit Fraud

Hey, I’m going to create my own money, and give most of it out, so it really takes off…..

…..but I’ll still hold on to a bunch, leaving me a billionaire, thank you very much!

That’s Bitcoin.

And now it’s tanked, and one of the weaker dominoes (FTX) has fallen, just like happened with the Madoff ponzi in 2008.

As with the Madoff ponzi, I don’t see any deep political meaning with FTX.

Sure, they gave boatloads of money to the Democrats, but good luck proving the Democrats knew it was stolen (and if you prove it, so what?)

Worst case (unlikely as it is, as they don’t even pretend to give a damn anymore)…..

…..the Dems will scrounge around and give it back, like they did with a few million dollars of shady Chinese money in the late 1990s (does anyone even remember that?)

As for Bitcoin’s origin, I have a story for you.

Bitcoin’s “founder” goes by a fake name, and has never been identified.

It may be one person, it may be a team, it may be a government agency.

Upon creation, the whole project was “laundered” to a skilled but random, no-name programmer named Gavin Bell a.k.a. Gavin Andresen, who took over as lead technical guru and PR prophet.

WHY launder it?

WHY would the true founder, or founders, wish to remain unknown and anonymous, forever?

WHY do almost all online sources (including Wikipedia) not even remotely raise the possibility that Bitcoin was created by the U.S. Government?

(Instead, they’re all, “When ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ evaporated into Heaven like the Buddha, he handed off the keys or whatever to his Prophet, Gavin Andresen.” Yes, it’s like a cult.)

Well, guess what?

Bitcoin was created by the U.S. CIA and/or NSA (or one or more of their contractors)…..

… a means of executing untraceable transfers to U.S. spies/operatives and influence agents (i.e. “the opposition”)…..

… “target” countries such as China, Russia, Venezuela…..

… well as paying off the usual friendly journos and politicians among Uncle Sam’s “allies.”

Don’t believe it? OK!


You can’t.

Another Trump, Thinking He Can Bullshit The World

We can all see, Elon Musk is in over his head at Twitter.

It reminds me of Trump thinking he had what it takes to be president, and getting rolled.

For good or bad, Twitter is a political creature.

If you don’t want politics (or less politics), go to Facecrap.

Other than hyping his “green” cars, politics is not Musk’s strong suit.

Of course, when you fire all the censors, not only does that make it easier for conservatives to come out of hiding…..

… also gives free reign to bigots, including the “I’m going to educate the world about the Jews!!!” crowd.

You know, the ones who will post pictures of ugly Jews eating Christian babies, anywhere they are allowed to do so.

It’s a mental illness, but it’s prevalent enough.

Anywhere they can, they explode like mice in a granary with no cats, spending hours online each day, educating people about those Jews.

Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend, maybe you’re a 25-year old virgin, but doggone it, you got to let people know what those Jews are up to!

It’s not just about “free speech”, it’s also, what kind of audience do you want?

The Jew-haters turn everything into a cesspool, if you let them. They take the fun out of everything, make you feel dirty just surfing your favorite sites.

Of course, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) noticed the spike in filth (it’s what they get paid to do)…..

…..and they had a problem with that.

If you didn’t know, the ADL is the gold standard in “fighting hate speech”…..

… of course, the PR / investor relations folks at some advertisers, saw ADL’s press release…..

…..and some advertisers pulled out.

Musk then thought he could just sweet-talk the ADL (very Trump-like of him.)

He met with them, showered them with his charm.

Nope, sorry.

He can talk all he wants, but he just fired several thousand censors.

Could’ve fired half of them, then made the rest justify their jobs like in Office Space.

But no, he fired essentially all of them, you know, shock treatment, to show who’s boss.


Can’t bullshit your way out of this one, Elon.

This is not rocket science, it’s people.

Just because you’re bipolar, doesn’t mean you have to be tone deaf.

Now it turns out, he’s firing the programmers, or they are leaving of their own accord.

Even the “MAGA until the MAGA ship sinks with me on it” (my words, not his) Twitter star, Jack Posobiec…..

…..says everything’s fine, nothing’s breaking, my account works great… but just in case, “here are my other channels“, LOL.

Ultimately, Musk might be able to keep the thing running (I really hope not, it needs to die), but he won’t recoup his investment in it, come on.

This crap was on its way out already.

Nobody under 20 is on Twitter, period.

Musk is one more bored, attention-seeking billionaire cooking up a shitstorm, to get some thrills, stroke his own ego, prove he can do anything, maintain excitement in his life.

Perhaps he should take a cue from Jeff Bezos, just give his excess cash (or stock) away to charity.

Incidentally, regarding the ADL…..

I’ve already written how they flat-out ignored open Nazism in the Ukraine for years…..

…..because the Ukro-Nazis were NOT (for the time being) in the way of Jewish life and influence in the Ukraine…..

…..(in fact, some were taking Jewish money, i.e. the Ukraine’s “#1 Jew” and richest man, Kolomoisky, was the Azov’s first paymaster)…..

… it was not worth rocking the boat.

Not to mention, many U.S. Jews (likely including some ADL board members / donors) HATE Russia…..

…..for being mostly on the “wrong” side of the Arab-Israeli and Iranian-Israeli conflicts.

So, after initially raising some concerns (not in a big “headline” way) in 2014 and 2015, the ADL mostly ignored stuff like this, below…..

(This is a video of some well-attended “educational” event, likely in fascist-oriented far western Ukraine, possibly some years old. The guys inside the cage are supposed to be “Russian.” The sign on the cage says, “Don’t feed the animals.” Near the start of the video, you can see some Nazi-style “instructional artwork”, showing how to identify Russians by their ape-like, subhumanoid features.)

Nope, no Nazis in the Ukraine, LOL.

Hey ADL, what happened to “never again”? I thought that wasn’t just about saving Jews today, per se, but also making sure that Nazi-type systems and ideologies are not allowed to come back, anywhere, because ultimately, Jews will be targeted.

Well, I guess not.

PS: In my view, anti-Jewish lunatic bigotry is an obsession with Jews as central to all the world’s problems. As I’ve said, this is a mental illness. On the other hand, if you just don’t like “liberal” Jews due to their holy/messianic, “We’re going to save the world (first and foremost to make it safe for our own politics, ideology, and social standing), because our crap doesn’t stink” attitude, there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Their crap stinks, and, guess what, they don’t like you.


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